JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 9006 LED Fog Light Bulbs : Fits perfectly on 2007.5 Dodge Ram 2500

Honestly can’t really tell much of a difference while i’m driving but haven’t driven through any fog since installing them so who knows. I’ve never noticed much of a difference from any fog lights so i would so these do what they’re supposed to as well as they’re supposed to do them.

This is the 2nd set i’ve bought. Liked them so much in my truck got them for my car. Although they seem a little brighter in the truck i have no complaints. The ones in my 06 f250 have been in for 6 months now with plenty of night time driving. All leds are still burning bright. Noticed other brands on amazon have had issues with that. All in all no complaints tho, great product.

I believe we got about 40,000 miles before one of the bulbs died. I give it 4/5 stars because that seems like a relatively average duration for a halogen bulb and this is supposed to last much longer. As far as fogs go, these put off a lot more light than my original bulbs and i like that. For the money, definitely worth it. I’ve got a new pair heading to the house now.

I used these in my smoked fog lights. They’re still super bright, even in daylight.

Really bright and matches your hid’s perfectly. No error code when used on 2013 ram 1500. Don’t let the pic fool you it realy is 6000k color temperature.

Awesome lights, very bright clean white light. Direct plug n play replacement for both my 2003 and 2004 toyota 4 runner fog lights.

JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 9006 LED Fog Light Bulbs with Projector for DRL or Fog Lights, Xenon White

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  • (set of 2 bulbs)144-pieces high power EX chipsets per bulb with projector. Buy with confidence, We offer “ONE YEAR” warranty on item(s) that confirm to be manufacturer defect.
  • Color:6000K Xenon White. Working Voltage 12v-24v.
  • Lighting Output:2400 raw lumens, 1200 lumens for each bulb .
  • Fitment:9006. It is perfect for customers who are looking for a extremely bright output.
  • Size: 1.80″ long and 0.8″ in diameter(LED part)

We installed these in the fog lights of an old ford expedition. They work really well in this application. Very bright and the color matches the cfl halos and leds in the new spyder projector headlights we installed. Btw, we added a dpdt relay that is powered by accessory power and turns off when the low beam headlights are on–thereby converting the fog lights to daytime running lights. These bulbs are perfect for this application, as they are very bright, making them visible in daylight. But, they would blind oncoming drivers at night. So turning them off when the low beams are on is appropriate. Then, because the low beams turn off when the high beams are on, these lights turn one with the high beams–perfect.

I can’t necessarily say they’re brighter than the 9006 halogen fog lamps in my car, but they shine differently. More of a flood light where the halogens were more directed by the housing.

Installed these into my daughter’s 2008 prius daytime/fog lights and they look awesome. We’ll see how long they last but i’m thoroughly impressed with the brightness and color. The previous halogen bulbs were yellow and dim in comparison to the hid headlamps. Now they match almost perfectly. Fyi, the service manual states that the front bumper needs to be removed but i was able to replace both in about 20 minutes simply by removing a few splash shield screws and then folding the splash shield back out of the way.

Really bright on my dodge ram, no flickering, no lamp out warnings like i’ve got in the past with led’s for this truck, almost brighter than my headlights.

Good quality product but i returned them. The toyota oem fog light assemblies use a bulb reflector. Half of the leds end up inside the reflector, which has an id about the same size as the od of these bulbs, so about half of the light output is blocked. Perhaps your application will work. Again, quality product, just will not function in my application, which was a listed ‘it fits’ application.

They work perfectly and i really bright. No canbus error eliminators required.

I installed these 6000k led fog light bulbs on my ‘07 prius over labor day weekend. Not a trivial job, but ok for a moderately handy person. They have a lot of led chips, compared to another set i’d used years earlier, and the brightness is even. Too bright to look closely to make sure every single chip was lit, which is good enough for me. I installed these at the same time as a pair of 6000k xenon hid headlights and you can see that the color tone is very close. I chose them for the color, because the stock incandescent ones look bad compared to hid bulbs and i’m satisfied.

The first thing i noticed when these bulbs arrived was the high quality packing job. They were in a bubble shipper and came in another bag as well. I took them out and went to my car and unplugged my old bulbs and replaced them with the jdm a star led’s. The whole process took less than 20 minutes. They were bright and most importantly they were consistently lit all around. These are the perfect replacements for fog lights or drl’s. Just for chuckles i took them out and put them in my headlights. The fogs and the headlights were both 9006’s. Because the headlights have a shroud over the tip of the led’s they were not bright enough to safely use them at night. In the description it clearly states they are not for headlights,but for fogs and/or drl’s.

I have these installed in my 2005 bmw 330ci fog lights. They match the 5000k hid bulbs i have in my main lights real well and actually project some light too. The fog lights in this car have never been very useful in fog, but i live in a mountain community where i run these as drls for oncoming vehicles to see me in the shadows. These bulbs are excellent in this application as they are very bright and visible even in full sun areas. A nice quality product with real gains, highly recommended.

These lights are very bright and are a reasonable match to the hid lights on my prius. The pic i’ve attached shows a comparison to the oem fog lights. The one on the right is the led, the left halogen.

I installed these to replace the old fog light bulbs on my 2006 ram 1500. These are super bright, perfect white and an incredible improvement over stock. No flicker and didn’t need to do anything special – just plugged them in.

JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 9006 LED Fog Light Bulbs with Projector for DRL or Fog Lights, Xenon White :

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JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 9006 LED Fog Light Bulbs with Projector for DRL or Fog Lights, Xenon White
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