JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs : Nice, high quality lights, very bright.

First off, i am not using these bulbs as described. I installed these on my 2013 victory cross roads as a headlamp bulb replacement. I had been running sylvania silverstar ultra’s. The problem was that the sylvania’s went out every 90 days. If you are looking to illuminate the road a block away, these are not the bulbs you want. If you are wanting to be seen a block away, i recommend them. Led bulbs require a focal lens to cast light in a general direction. These are best described as turning on a light in a room. You don’t get a beam of light, but instead you get a flood of light. These jdm’s are really bright and very eye catching. My bike has h7 ultra’s installed in the highway lights which i use for road illumination. Will update post later after seeing how long these last.

These are super bright, i’m quite pleased with them. I only rated them a 4 though because the “projection” quality isn’t completely there. Yes the light up a larger field of view but i don’t feel that they project out any further then the stock bulbs did.

Very bright and easy install. One of the bulbs wasn’t quite seated completely but it still went in and hasn’t caused any problems yet. These are a much better match to the hid and led lights on my hyundai azera than the stock halogen bulbs. You can’t really see it in the picture but they are just a little bit blue compared to the hid and led guidelines, but it’s much better than the halogens. In this picture the left fog light has been changed and the right still has the stock halogen bulb.

Just installed in a 2014 mazda 3 sgt with bi-xenon headlights. I used these to replace the factory fog lights. They are very white, near perfect match to the headlights. They seem very bright while sitting in my driveway. I’ll give them a test tomorrow. You will not get any benefit from the projector lens that is made onto the bulb, at least not on the mazda 3. The 3 has a metal shield built into the housing that blocks the end of the bulb. I’m not sure that it will make any difference. Install was plug & play, no modifications necessary. Took maybe ten minutes to change out both bulbs.

I advise from everyone to buy from this jdm astar because of allot reasons:1- his delivery it’s on time. 2- his packaging is good each light came in deferent plastic bag and over them a bubble page for safety. 3- the items inside the package it all in one piece and brand new nothing is broking. 4- the lights inside the package is very good high quality. Now i well talk little bet about it :since i am overseas delivery and amazon doesn’t sport thati had to use two ways for shipping 1st from amazon to my email boxin u. S (aramix) and 2nd from the us box to saudi arabia in the beginningi thought it well take more time than the normal shipping shows butit didn’t and i have been charged 61 saudi ryals witch is equal to 15. 64$because of wight second thing i didn’t expect that kind of quality its very niceand very good and extremely bright like xenon now i well but some pictures at same time i receive and after install and some comparison between old stuck and the ones from jdm astar and the pictures well tell what is besti well give an update after trying the lights on my car for long term and tellhow long they well last on a car installing date 05/aug/2016. I well buy the rest of interior light and plats light and signals light from jdm astar since i know their quality right now and i will do the same review on them with pictures.

These are easy to install and completely change the look of any vehicle. Great product no issues*****update: after 2 months of use the lights stopped working. First it was one light that stopped working, then the second a day later. Figured i was just unlucky but when the second stopped working i think its clear they aren’t meant to last.

If you are considering to get these, go ahead and get them. They work perfect with the hid xeon lights. What were they thinking when they put in the yellow fogs with white xeons?.You can tell a difference when they are off and on.

Impressed i putt these on my 2007 acura mdx their good solid fog lights def is a major difference between oem one and this one. The only reason i’m not giving five stars is i feel like they could be built a little better their not cheep flimsy lights i’m just picky i guess but for 25 bucks you can not go wrong i deff buy them again.

  • Awesome upgrade
  • 2016 Toyota Tacoma
  • Extremely bright like Xenon

JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs with Projector for DRL or Fog Lights, Xenon White

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  • (set of 2 bulbs)144-pieces high power EX chipsets per bulb with projector. Buy with confidence, We offer “ONE YEAR” warranty on item(s) that confirm to be manufacturer defect.
  • Color:6000K Xenon White. Working Voltage 12v-24v. Lighting output: about 1200 lumens for each bulb.
  • Fitment:H11 .Size: 1.80″ long and 0.8″ in diameter(LED part)
  • Lighting Output:2400 raw lumens, 1200 lumens for each bulb .
  • Used for Fog lights or DRL only. No high or low beam function.

These bulbs matched the led headlight color on my nissan leaf much better than the stock bulbs. The new bulb is in the lower right compared to the stock bulb on the left side of the picture. The next picture is up close on the installed bulb.

I had a set i put in 2 years ago from vleds, who make awesome products. One of them lost 1 led and the rest stopped working. Ordered on friday and came today- sunday. I came home from church and was very surprised to have them on sunday :)they are very bright and i am very satisfied.

We’ll see if the brightness holds up over time as led’s are known to lose output if they overheat, but they do look nice. My stock bulbs were h16’s so the wattage is lower than h11’s, however they are still much brighter.

Installed these in my 2016 toyota tacoma. I’m very pleased with them so far. They match the day time leds perfectly so now it looks good driving around with the fog light, parking lights, and drl on. Installation was easy and they fit perfectly. These were one of three led purchases i got from jdm astar and so far i’m very happy with all of them.

Will see how long this last compared to stock and last lights i had on. The lighting matches the hid lights, no yellow tint like most after market lights.

Bright, but light is scattered. Due to the large area covered by the led’s, and the reflector being designed for a pinpoint source of light, the light beam scatters in all directions. The look bright up close, but don’t penetrate down low, where fog lights need to work. Can’t recommend for tacoma fog lights. They are also delicate – i broke the cover on the back of the bulb just twisting it 1/8 of a turn.

Installed these in my acura tl-s fog lights. Match the color of my stock hids.

They are a little longer than a conventional bulb by half an inch, and so do not work with the reflector like they should but do produce quite a bit of light. Overall, they do provide a nice amount of light up close to the car, but if you’re looking for fogs that provide actual range, make sure to use a conventional bulb. Very happy with them as i was just tired of the yellow look of my fogs compared to the hids in my 09 genesis.

I was sick of the dull yellowish fog lights on my acura. So i saw these and figured it couldn’t hurt to try them. No error code, no issues, just amazing and pure white light performance. Just very simple plug and play, no modifications, resistors, or re-wiring needed. I just unscrewed the old bulb socket from the housing and took the old bulb out, put this one in, re-screwed the socket into the housing and done. You will be very impressed with the quality and look. I would recommend these to anyone.

Just installed these on my 2016 nissan frontier and i really like them. They are a great compliment to my led high/low headlight lamps. Install was simple and took only about 10 minutes. They are really bright but not so harsh that they are annoying. Nice needed change from the standard fog light bulbs that put off a yellow tint. **** updatei purchased these february 21, 2016 and installed them immediately after receiving them. It is now mid september and one has already failed. I wouldn’t have known, but my wife was outside in the yard one evening when i was pulling into the driveway and she pointed out that the driver side fog light bulb was out. They state there is a 1 year warranty so i have sent a message to the supplier and hopefully they will just take care of it and not run me thru the mill over it.

Really bright but the o-ring seal leaves something to be desired. Every time i go through a car wash the fog lights get soaked inside. My oem bulbs didn’t have this issue.

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JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs with Projector for DRL or Fog Lights, Xenon White
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