Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves, Generally the gloves are good comfortable light weight gloves

This is an excellent light weight motor cycle glove. The palm has a couple layers of good leather (not split leather) that seem to be thick enough to provide sufficient protection in a motorcycle crash (have not tested, knock on wood). The back of the glove is breathable, and offers some protection with the rubber knuckle covers, similar to a mx glove. I haven’t had much luck with their touch screen functionality, but that’s really not an issue for me. I’d rather have the thicker leather for protection. Would recommend as a summer riding glove.

These are some pretty decent gloves for the price point and i would deem them as ”manageable. ” i wasn’t ready to invest in a more expensive pair of gloves, so these will do for now. I got a chance to try these out on my bike before it recently just started getting colder and i will say that they do the job. I have a large hand and got a 3x. The one thing i can say is that they are a little looser than i prefer which caused a lot of free play as far as handling the controls. Simply a driver control issue and i adjusted. I will probably be investing in a different pair once riding season comes back around but they will do for the time being.

These gloves have a very nice feel to them and a very nice quality to them. They have held of for the last few months wonderfully and having that ability to use my phone when i stop is great. My only gripe about mine are that the finger seams ride just under my fingernail which can become uncomfortable after a while of riding. Kept hoping that they would loosen up or break in and this wouldn’t become an issue but it still becomes uncomfortablle after a while of riding. I tend to use these for colder mornings or short rides and carry another pair for later in the day. Great quality gloves though.

I just received the gloves and i love themthe material is very nice, they don’t feel cheap, which is already a plus for such a low price. I purchased them to replace an expensive pair of motorcycle summer gloves that was crumbling into pieces. I was attracted from the positive reviews, especially from a customer who had a chance to test them during a fall and got his hands saved by this gloves. Just a warning, as already stated by other customers these gloves are small. The size chart suggested that i would fit between the medium and the large sizes, i bought an xl to be safe and they fit just right. I could safely have purchased a 2xl.

Gloves are comfortable and i can use my smartphone w/o taking off the glove. I do like the extra rubber over the knuckles. Be careful when first riding with them as they are slick when you have a chrome/rubber hand grips. Issue went away after several rides and the texture was ‘scuffed. ‘ i do wish they come up higher on the wrist as they are low-cut. If you thinking about needing a large, order xl b/c they are tight on my hands.

Thrown off of bike going between 20-30mph.

**** update ****my original pair purchased in 2017, maintained touchscreen functionality their entire life and i never had a problem. The pair spoken about below were returned after a month because the touch screen capability no longer worked. The new replacement pair lost the touchscreen function after about 2. Review changed from 5 to 3 stars. Still a great pair of gloves with lots of airflow, yet still warm. But do not buy if you expect touch screen capability. *** original review ***this is my second pair. I use them as summer gloves, but rode comfortably with them down to about 50 degrees. First pair protected my hands perfectly in a low speed 25 mph crash. Only a scuff on the leather palm and 1 small popped stitch. I was very happy with them and bought a second pair. Second pair is slightly different and smaller in size. I am hoping they stretch and hold up as well as the first.

Key specs for Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves (Black/Brown, Medium):

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  • Conductive material at the index fingers for instant touchscreen access
  • Utility grade span/poly chassis
  • TPR reinforced knuckle
  • Pre curved ride friendly design
  • Padded leather palm

Comments from buyers

“CRASH TESTED AT 70 MPH (Updated Review)
, Slid a good distance with gloves on
, Joseph R. Ocket Black Gloves

Sucha great 20$ joe rocket glove. Going on 2 years of use with about 5,000miles of riding. They fit great breathe welll and are comfortable. Slightly padded palm helps with comfort on longer rides. Good in hot weather but the coldest ive used them in was for 35degrees for about 20mins and my fingers would just be starting to get numb haha. The knuckle protection is decent could be better if it was actual real hard knuckle but the thick rubber still helps. For 20$ this is your best glove.

They allow great air flow and grip. The soft armor i like as it allows the gloves to go into my jacket easier. I punched a wall and i could feel it more than the kevlar knuckles but wasnt bad either. If you are always above 80 mph you might want the extra protection of the hard shields. The smart finger is a little jumpy but to select map points works fine, would not want to swype with it for long periods of time. Probably not great for cold weather riding.

As far as motorcycle gloves go, these are as good as most. There are two things that kept them from being great. The touch screen material did not work at any time. Also, when you fasten the velcro closure, there is an open loop that exposed a part of my hand below the thumb to the sun. I have really bad sunburned circles on both hands. I eventually stopped and bought another pair of gloves that covered the whole hand. They were comfortable to wear and were not hot. I did sweat in them some and the black dye came off on my hands. It did wash off so i didn’t consider that a big deal.

The product looks quite nice for the price point, but the x-large i got is not that large. Really too small for my big hands. Perhaps i’ll give it away and try an even bigger size. Edit: i got the xxxl size and it fits. However, the touch-screen function is almost nonexistent in this pair. Sometimes it works, more often it doesn’t. Also, while riding in the rain, my hands were stained (see photo). It washed off easily, but it shouldn’t happen. Nevertheless, these are very comfortable, inexpensive gloves for summer riding.

These gloves are just tacky enough that i can relax my grip on the throttle and still maintain speed, the throttle doesn’t slip when i relax, yet not so tacky that i can’t let go when it’s time to stop. I have had no problems with dye bleeding out and staining my hands (as i have seen others mention) even though i have been using them in texas in august, 95+ degrees. These breathe well and are definitely not a cold weather glove.

Generally the gloves are good comfortable light weight gloves. The problem is each time i wear them they turn my hands black from the die in the material. I hope this stops after i have worn them a bit more.

Exactly what i was looking for here in florida. Glove does the job as intended, and material breathes extremely well. However, i someone stated in another review, someone purchasing this for riding in colder weather would not be happy with this product. Gloves are extremely well made. Sizes do seem a bit small as i consider myself as a man with small/medium sized hands yet the large fit almost perfect. Very happy with this purchase and props to the vendor for lightning fast shipping.

(updated review 4 out of 5): i was involved in an accident and went down doing 70 mph on the highway. Very surprised at how little damage my hands sustained while wearing these gloves, as i was trying to stop myself from sliding and tumbling. I walked away with a cut on my left pinky finger, where the fabric part of the glove came in contact with the asphalt. (original review 3 out of 5): solid entry level glove, if you’re looking for something that’s gonna get you started. Very thin, so don’t bank on these offering much protection in a skid.

**update**i dropped a star because the new pair of gloves are not quiet the same as the first pair i ordered. I cannot get the gloves to work on my smartphone which worked fine with the same old pair. Maybe they changed manufacturers or something but they even dyed my hand black like other reviewers have posted. The first pair i ordered did not do this. Since it no longer works for touchscreen i consider this to be average at this price compared to similar gloves in this price range. I will not be ordering this again since it does not work for touchscreens anymore. ****4/5i ordered this a second time after using the first pair for over a year. At this price, these are great gloves. They have minimal protection but in return you get a lot of air flow. I actually had an accident on the highway wearing these and they held up alright which was unexpected.

Sizing chart is spot on, so unless you like a skin-tight fit, order a size larger. Like many have described, the wrist part is somewhat shorter (1. 5 inches) than the photos show. The padded leather palms and fingers are soft. Can work a touch screen with them. They’re good for hot weather. August 10, 2018 update: just returned from 7000 mile, 30 day trip across canada. At one point, a grape-sized rock thrown from an oncoming truck struck me in on the left ring-finger knuckle.

These gloves aren’t too bad. I was looking for some to use while motorcycle riding. Pros:i like the rubber on the knuckles instead of the hard plastic on some. They do not get too hot when riding in the summer as air goes through them pretty easily. Good for riding in the cold down to about 50 degrees. Cons:they have no little tab to help you pull them on so you will be undoing the velcro every single time. They were really slippery for the first 15 times wearing them so that made it hard to use on the bike. They were a little bit smaller than i was hoping they were.

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