Kess 2PCS Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light Welcome Light Laser Emblem Logo Lamps Kit : Awesome

I have goten so many compliments on these. They look awesome and the image is very bright and large so trust me it’s very cool at night. Easy to install, just may sure you prep the area or it may not stay in place. Applying to a dirty area will cause the 3m to not stick properly.

Great way to show your allegiance to our fearless leader. All hail megatronit may take a little bit to find the right height and position for proximity to the magnet, but i think i nailed it. The symbol looks incredible at night, and is a perfect size. My only issue is that the picture shows a red symbol, but the one i got is a light purple. A little ‘deceptive’ if you will. Not really an issue, since the decepticon theme color is purple, so if anything it is more authentic. Looks amazing on my 2006 pontiac grand prix.

The colors are sharp and bright even more than the pictures shows. Great as a giftyou just have to be careful when setting it because once its stuck on you can’t get it off which is kind of the point.

These are so fun and they look great. Definitely works for the 2013 volvo s60 and can be installed with no problem. I opted to attach the units to the metal frame of the door as it is more easily hidden with the door closed and, honestly, this is the best spot for it to be able to reach the magnet so it will turn off when you shut the door. (i circled where the items are attached in the photos/see photos) to make installation easier, get some scotch/masking tape and tape the unit in the spot that you want it. Put the magnet in place but don’t attach it yet. Close the door slowly to make sure the unit will hover over the magnet and is close enough to it that it will shut off. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. I did not get lights for the back doors, but if you do just keep in mind that the back doors are slightly different than the front doors and there is not as much space to work with.

I had to use my own 3m tape and glue cause the adhesive it came with is not the best. Even one of my good friends who thought it would be corny had to admit that it was hot.

I have a cx-9 suv, so the door is a little higher, thus i can’t get the light far enough down for the entire image to show on the ground (but that’s not a product fault). Extremely good image for the price and it’s an easy/simple install.

2PCS Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light Welcome Light Laser Emblem Logo Lamps Kit for VOLKSWAGEN CHEVROLET TOYOTA FORD AUDI all Cars (Alabama)

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  • NOTE: Keep door panel clear and dry , stick it with all your power ; .Projection design can warn others to avoid an accident
  • It will be brighter at night or at dark place,effect is not obvious at daytime.Light to open doors. Projection design can give others a warning to avoid an accident.
  • It can be installed in both left and right doors.door light will make your car look artistic.
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Easy to install, just make sure you clean surface with alcohol or something especially if you are like me and had armor all on it lol. The adhesive seems strong, its been 4 days and its still there. The light is brighter then i expected and very clear. (crappy cell phone pic but you get the idea).

I thought the pictures were misleading because the images the lights were projecting were so clear. I ordered the batman set and they look great. Easy to install, took about 10 minutes on my toyota tacoma, worth every penny.

These are bright and more awesome than i thought they were going to be and super easy to install just ordered another set for my back doors.

I liked how simple it was to install it. It’s plenty bright, even on my ol f-150. I gave it 4 stars only because i had to make up some lil platforms to attach the magnets to cuz on the doors of the f-150, you have to place them up higher cuz the door skin is bout 3 inches away from the sill plate. Made em the same color as the interior so it’ll be aight.Definitely recommend it to all who want to represent.

Put the batteries in and stick it on the door. To make sure everything works use gaffers tape first to line everything up. Before you use the provided 3m tape they provide. That way you don’t have to pull on and off again trying to line it up.

My wife got these for her car. She had a relatively easy time installing them. I am impressed how they look, i really wasn’t sure what to expect before i saw them. Guess i’d describe the effect as more classy than blingy, which was a pleasant surprise. Brighter and with better clarity than i expected as well, and the color is brilliant. She’s pleased with them, and so am i.

At first i thought that this light will not have much effect, did not expect to have such a high brightness, the picture is very clear, very satisfied, if there is a dynamic picture that is great.

They stick on to door panel with 3mm tape so they stick out and i hit my leg on it all the time. The 3 aaa batteries ran out within a month. Light comes on when doors are open so during the day, its awaste of batteries. When the batteries are new, they look great.

These things are head turners. A 100% custom improvement that takes any car to the next level.

Looks exactly like it does online. Everybody’s been asking where i got it from.

 i was excited to see something different to add to my car. These logo courtesy door lights are very nice. I wish i’d gotten a second set for my rear doors. But i don’t mind mixing it up a little and getting another like batman. If you’re skeptical, don’t be, this is a great buy. The only warning i have, is to do a placement test before you use the 3m tape to adhere the pieces to your vehicle. It will help determine proper placement of both the projector and the magnet so that the light will go off when the door is closed.

2PCS Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light Welcome Light Laser Emblem Logo Lamps Kit for VOLKSWAGEN CHEVROLET TOYOTA FORD AUDI all Cars (Alabama) : Sorry for the blurry picture. Hopefully it has long battery life. It’s been a week, so far so good. Installation wasn’t bad either, although it comes in chinese on the back. The pictures are good enough. Just have to make sure the metal piece is lined with the sensor to be sure the light cuts off when the door closes. The sticky material that comes with it wasn’t too reliable either, i ended up adding a dab on the corners with gorilla glue.

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2PCS Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light Welcome Light Laser Emblem Logo Lamps Kit for VOLKSWAGEN CHEVROLET TOYOTA FORD AUDI all Cars (Alabama)
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