KFI Products ATV-SB Snatch Block, Buy this Snatch Block – You’ll be glad you did!!

Haven’t used it but initial thoughts: nice paint job and appears well built and heavy duty.

I will admit that i don’t know too much about pulleys and snatch blocks, but this seems to be very nicely made. I bought it to use on a davit to pull pwc off the beach and on to the lawn and it worked great.

This snatch block is exactly what we needed. Item is well built right here in the usa and it has some heft to it when you hold it and you can feel the quality. We used it to two-part a winch cable to load a gun safe into an enclosed car trailer (4000lb superwinch). Pulling straight on with the winch cable would have been too fast and risk making for a bad day. Using the snatch block slowed the rate of travel and increased the pulling capacity. The massive gun safe we were pulling was well over 1,200lb. And thus not the cheap kind you buy at a box store. The transport dolly-wheels were tested in this event, but all in all a success. Needless to say, all that were involved in this event were impressed with the quality of the kfi atv-sb snatch block. Additional sales soon followed.

I initially bought this because i’d bought a 1 ton winch for my four wheeler, and i liked the idea of being able to double the pulling power. I didn’t think it was a big deal since 2,000 pounds is heavier than my atv. However, if you actually read the winch manuals you’ll find that with most winches power rating drops the longer you run the motor and the farther out you run the cable. So now the idea of mechanical advantage really made sense. The block is stout and heavy with powder coated steel plates and what looks like an aluminum pulley. I’m sure it could hold up to a half inch cable no problem. When you get one you’ll start finding all sorts of other uses. I’ve attached a photo of me using mine with rope to pull a broken lawnmower up a ramp into my pickup using my atv. These really make tough jobs a lot easier. Combine with a tree strap and you have many more options if you get stuck.

Just finished winching a heavy load out of a gully using this snatch block and a winch. Saw some reviews that it fell apart. Still ready for the next job.

Used it once so far, held up and worked good. Only issue is the slop where you hook your clevis, but my clevis was decent sized and even though it moves around it isn’t enough that the cable could fall off the wheel. I actually prefer a bigger mounting hole for more options.

I have used this snatchblock in multiple recoveries of stuck vehicles, from rock ledges to snow embankments, and it has worked well every single time.

Key specs for KFI Products ATV-SB Snatch Block:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3/16in. material.
  • Doubles your winches lbs. rating.
  • Dark grey powder coated.
  • 1-1/2in. diameter holes for hooking onto.
  • Over-all Size: 3.00in. W x 5.75in. L x 1.375in. D.

Comments from buyers

“Wow what a handy item to have around. I love it.
, Good deal
, Buy this Snatch Block – You’ll be glad you did!!

I have ordered these before, and found them to be so handy i ordered another set. They cost more this time, but they are still a good buy. I use them on my atv winch, etc. , and have even used them on a jeep with no problem. I would opt for a larger unit (16000lb) if you are looking for a truck accessory.

This is the perfect size for atvs and should be carried on it at all times. Use it even when you don’t think you need to, as it cuts the pull on the winch by half and will help it last longer.

This is quite heavy duty, so it will last a long time. I have only used it once, and it worked perfectly, as expected. This will go with me on my quad, wherever i ride. This works very well with the winch on the front of my polaris. It seems we often have to pull other quads out of the muck, or up the hills, or on the dunes.

Pulley has a snap ring on both sides. Pin should be flared on one side, with snap ring on the other side, or flared on both sides would be best. Not sure if i trust this thing.

I am impressed these are actually made of a thick high quality metal and does not bind up like the cheap ones have done tome the paint does come off easy but i am very rough with things lol but i would recommend this if you play in the mud on your atv just make sure to purchase a book and tree saver. And if you run your winch back to your atv it doubles the pulling power of your winch i hope this helps someone.

Used once so far to pull a 1940 chevy on to a regular car trailer. No problem with the snap rings like posted on other reviews but only one use, so, we will see how it holds up.

Works great – i also use it to run the steel cable through to our utv snowplow and back to the front utv bumper; this lessens wear and slow down the travel.

I have used this to replace my big game gambrel and hoist. I simply tie this to a tree branch, use my atv winch attached to the gambrel, and up my dear, elk, or antelope goes. I recommend using this with a chain when hoisting an elk. It is strong enough to hold and simple enough for my 10 year old son to help me set up and install. Well made and is one of the products you really do not need, but is sure great to have along. Luckily i have not had to use it for the intended purpose.

If i give 5 stars enough said.

I use this not for atv winching, but to cut firewood. A good snatch block is an essential tool for skidding logs around stumps, getting widow-makers down, helping with stuck saws, and felling trees in a direction they don’t want to naturally fall. For all of these i hook rope to a farm tractor and either use the tractor or lift the bucket to pull on the tree. If you don’t have something to change the direction of your pull, you pull the tree on top of yourself. The only block i found locally was a 3. 5 ton monster at the tractor store that sold for $40 plus tax. This is the right size for what i do in every way. It’s the ‘goldie locks’ of snatch blocks. There is no way i will ever be able to damage or wear out this kfi model using it the way i do. Works with rope up to 7/16′.

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