KINGOPT 2Pcs 70W Opt-26 – Working great in cold wet environment!

Easy install (it’s an h4, why would it be hard?). Product looks and feels high quality. My only critique is that it needs better high beams. Great for city driving, but if you go on long trips where there are a lot of animals, this may not be the best choice. I’ll keep my eye on this manufacturer. If i see they put more effort into their high beams, i’d love a pair in my jeep.

These are very good little led pods. Couldn’t imagine better for the price.

I purchased these for my log truck i hung them from the mud flap hangers where there is a bunch of shaking and abuse i have had them on there for a few months now and they are still working great i only use them when backing up in the dark they have exceeded my expectations.

Very bright and sturdy, definitely worth the money. If i had to complain about anything, i wish the cord was about 12in longer ( and only comes with 6 inches). Also it would be nice if the cords would coincide with the side of the machine the light is on.

We mounted these to the bow of our 24’ pontoon boat to make night cruising less stressful. They provide great light and are highly visible. The complaint is that they require an allen wrench to adjust them so you have to monkey around in the dark to get the angle right for the conditions, or if you’re trying to light up something onshore. They work great and we’re hapy we bought them to replace the old ones.

These are terrific lights that really cast a wide, bright white light across a wide swath. I’ve always had trouble with my tandem axle trailer when backing up at night. The factory back up lights don’t really shine very bright and other than letting those behind you know you’re backing up, they’ve been useless. I got a pair of these to add onto my trailer and they have made backing up my trailer so much easier to see what’s back there before i back up. The light is bright, white, and really makes is so much easier to see a much larger distance behind my trailer than before. These are extremely good quality and mounting was relatively easy with the included hardware. I will probably be adding these to my truck, just because they’re that good.

They seem to be well made, and are very easy to install. The lights are very bright, brighter than i thought. My wife said they were to bright.Yes, i would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for led off road lights.

Not wanting to spend the $400+ for special motorcycle lights i went with these. Easy to install, wish the wires from the light were longer. Moto light wires are much longer making it easy to run the wire splice up in to the frame work somewhere. These are only about 6inches so the splice is under the fender in stead of being in the headlight housing or under a fairing somewhere. I solderer the wires wrapped well in tape and heat shrink wrapped the splice it will not be an issue. Not sure if taking off one star on that is fair?. I mounted the lights up side down so we will see how well the housing around the wires holds up. Lights feel surprisingly solid for the price and i think i will get years out of thesethese are super bright.I like that they throw a wide flood but still have a very strong center that spots a long wayreally for the price of the popular brands of motorcycle lights these hold their own and then somethe photos are all take with the same setting on the camera for each set, no editing straight out of camera. Sorry about the quality it is cold and foggy 🙂 probably shows the lights off better to have the fog, shows the pattern but shortens the light maybe a little. So long story short, these kick ass.

I installed a 35’s and needed additional clearance for the third brake light over the tire and this fit the bill. Since i already had aftermarket extension the screws from my moryde kit didn’t work very well with this, they were too long, even with the supplied spacers. So i ended up having to dig into my screw junk drawer to find something to install with a couple extra washers. The reverse light wiring was a bit of a pain too, i can’t see the light being emitted at all from inside the car, but i think it’s a good warning to unsuspecting drivers. Overall i’m pretty happy with this.

For me and as advertised it is bright. I installed this on my 50cc honda ruckus and it works great. Dipending on your application and needs where to install this spot/flood lights and it will work for you. The only thing that i notice is its more flood than spot. Make sure to install this the wright way and try not to blind the other drivers.

I purchased 6 of these little beauties to supplement my light bar. Now i can turn on light for 360 degrees when needed.

Had them for 8 months and they’ve already got condensation in them and they’re supposed to be ip 68 waterproofupdate they sent a new set with in 3days thank you very much for your help.

Great combo fog\spot led lights. Highly recommended for motorcycle or car use. Here are the specifications for the KINGOPT 2Pcs 70W Opt-26:

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I bought the 140w (70each) flood/spot style. They light up the sides of the road well and have great distance. They performed better than i even thought. They put off more light than low beams in my 85 c10. They came with stainless hardware and seem very strong.

I ordered this before and it works perfectly for my car. That is why i ordered again. I’m hoping it will perform the same way as my first one. The good thing is the price went down compare to my last order that is why i ordered 2 pairs.

I installed them on my john deere riding mower/snowblower attachment. They have been covered in wet snow and rain and sub zero temps yet they are showing no signs of moisture penetration or fogging. They are plenty bright for seeing what i’m doing and even help to see the contour of the ground in flat light conditions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • great lights of fire!!
  • Easy install (It’s an H4
  • Nice quality, bright LEd lights – worked great on my trailer and makes backing up so much easier now

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