Kingsdun T8 T8H Torx Screwdriver : Perfect!

Excellent tools that enabled me to replace the battery in my mid-2012 macbook air.

Pros- comes with pentalobe screwdriver to open macbook enclosure to get to the innards- the torx t5 screwdriver can be used to undo the single screw securing the ssd onto the circuit board- there is a tool inclito help pry open small components which can be helpfulcons- the packaging is a bit annoying since the size is just about the same as the length of these screwdrivers. So closing the packaging is a hassle.

Bought this because i wanted to clean out my day one ps4, but didn’t have the right bit. This little guy worked like a charm, and made the whole process a breeze. Now my ps4 doesn’t sound like it’s ready for lift-offalso works on the ps3, but i haven’t gotten around to cleaning it yet.

Exactly what i needed to open up my macbook. I spilled coffee on my late-2015 macbook air and it stopped turning on. I put the laptop in rice and ordered this kit because i couldn’t get the back paneling off without the pentalobe screwdriver. After it arrived, i looked up a mac disassembly manual. The spudger was also really useful for prying apart the tiny parts inside. After cleaning the corrosion off the motherboard with alcohol, i reassembled it and the macbook came back to life 🙂 i’m typing from it now, it’s like nothing ever happened to it.

I needed this as the screws on my eleaf pico were coming loose and after doing some research online found this to be the right size. Perfect fit and now my ecig is working fine :).

The torx screw that i needed the tool for was deeply recessed close to a plastic housing and i wasn’t sure if the tool would be long enough to grip it but it was. The top cap pivots and allows you to press down while rotating it, which is helpful. The shank and tip look like good quality hardened steel that will last a while.

Kingsdun T8 T8H Torx Screwdriver, Security Screwdriver Set for Xbox One,Xbox 360 Controller,PS3, PS4 and Macbook Repair

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  • T8H security torx screwdriver bit, 6-point star screwdriver used to repair Xbox one, Xbox 360 controller, PS3, PS4 and necessary screwdriver for all types of Apple Macbook screen assembly.
  • Magnetic Screwdriver, T8 torx head driver perfect for handling tiny electronics screws.
  • Premium quality, the bit is made of CR-V steel with plastic handle, durable for long time use.
  • Flexible head,non-skid design and professional repair tool.
  • One piece for sale, get what you exactly need,money saving for useless tools.

I needed the p5 screwdriver to tighten and loosen the screws on my 2013 mac book air and it worked just as i wanted it to. I did not run into any stripping issues. If there are problems with stripping screws, it is probably due to the fact that the person is not familiar with using hand tools properly and i would chalk it up to user error. This also came with a nice case that i can just slip into my desk drawer.

I was told that to work on my laptop i needed this screwdriver. It fit and was quite nice to use without having to remove and replace to turn. Plus it is magnetic and made that portion of putting the screws back in easily. I was able to replace the failing hard drive with ease.

I bought this product cause i needed to get into my playstation 4 too clean it and this was the right tool for the job and now my playstation runs way better now cause i got this tool too get into it.

Bought this to open up my ps4 and dust it. Couldn’t find the hollow end at the stores and this is was just the right fit.

Used to take the back cover off my dell xps 15. Should work with other xps models.

For anyone who opens macbooks, you know how some tools strip easily. The one from this set is made much better.

I ordered these after my ifixit p5 and t5 stripped after not even using 5 times. Those were really fragile and poor quality. These i can tell are made with high quality material. I have been using it more than 5 times and they are still like new. These are the only thing needed to get the job done removing my mac ssd. I would recommend purchasing these.

My venerable macbook pro 13′ battery died. I ordered a battery replacement kit and took the chance to repair it myself to save $$. The kit was ok, purchased elsewhere, but the pentalobe driver for it failed, basically the ‘screw’ rounded off the tip. Completed the repair with this driver. Looks to be a quality tool but hard to gauge based on limited use, hence the 4 star rating vs 5.

Kingsdun T8 T8H Torx Screwdriver, Security Screwdriver Set for Xbox One,Xbox 360 Controller,PS3, PS4 and Macbook Repair :

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Kingsdun T8 T8H Torx Screwdriver, Security Screwdriver Set for Xbox One,Xbox 360 Controller,PS3, PS4 and Macbook Repair
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