Klein Tools Lunch Box : Hubs loves it

The upper storage compartment (which some competitors have too) is priceless. For the price of the cooler, it is a travesty that it’s not made in america. I can get a cooler with a storage compartment, for half price that is made in america, it’s just a little too big for my taste.

I love the fact that it was correct in keeping everything cold for long periods of time. However i would have liked it with a pocket or an extra inside container for like salt and pepper and spices other than just the utensils other than that though it is fantastic.

I like that i can sit in this thing and that my stuff stays cool. It’s dosent scream, rugged because the handle and hinges seem cheesy, but not not like junk.

My boyfriend is an apprentice and he’s been needing something to keep his meals fresh when it comes to lunch. I bought this and have it to him early and he loves it. Plus for it being plastic, it feels very durable. I’m really glad i bought it.

I bought this lunch box for my husband. He works outside and said he needed some chairs to sit on during lunch. He also mentioned he needs a new lunch box. Well, i was able to get it all in one.

Will hold 11 cans and not much bigger than a small playmate cooler that holds 6 cans.

Lunch Box, Insulated Cooler Tote Has 9-Quart Capacity and Seats up to 300 Pounds Klein Tools 55625

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  • Cooler keeps items cool for up to 30 hours
  • Industrial exterior body design supports seating of up to 300 pounds (136 kg)
  • Main compartment has a 9-quart (8.5 L) or 11 can capacity
  • Lid stays open at 90 degrees for unobstructed main compartment access
  • Open the lid to 180 degrees in order to access the interior compartment perfect for smaller items

Keeps ice cold all day in 90 degree heat.

Bought for father’s day and hubby loves it. Sturdy holds a lot and slim so when he carries it, it’s comfortable.

This is a great cooler, and carries some workplace swag with the klein name. Only problem is that the interior dimensions are too narrow to hold any standard-sized food container. This would be great for pop cans (ok; soda cans) and long, thin items, but not for food containers.

Take the ice packs out after being in the cooler for 12 hours. The cooler is in my truck that’s over 90 all day. The ice packs are 3/4 frozen. Old cooler was lucky to keep anything cold for the entire day.

He also loves the little compartment on the inside, he uses to hold silverware or cigarettes. All and all, sturdy and great.

I received this product in 3 days (2 day shipping selected), when it came it was free from damage or defects, and seemed to be a solid cooler. However, the medium sized arctic brand ice packs that i have, will not fit laying flat on the bottom, it is not deep enough for the ice packs to fit. So, i would have to use the smaller ice packs, which might not be a big deal, but i ended up returning the item. Appeared to be good quality, and i wouldn’t hesitate to buy a klein tools product in the future.

This review is for the plastic handle version of the klein tools cooler. Pros (+):• it will keep the inside contents cool all day• the cooler is sturdy, and you can sit on it and eat your lunch under a tree. • it has a loop to add a pad lock if you need one. Cons (-):• this cooler is big, and a bit heavy even when empty for a workman’s lunch box. (please see picture of cooler with 20oz. )• i wish it came with a cool pack designed specifically for it. • the plastic handle does not lock in place like the lid, so it flops around banging on the front or back, you have to carefully balance it on center if you want to grab it later for a quick pick up. • the storage compartment in the lid is small, shallow, and barely holds two plastic fork and knife sets. • the two nubs that lock the knob for the small inside compartment lid dig into your fingers when attempting to open or close the small compartment.

I use refreezable ice cubes. The compartment in the lid is very handy. Full size cutlery will not fit in the compartment, i have a camping fork and spoon in it. It will hold the ice for a 12 hour shift. I’m sure it will go way further, that’s all i needed it to do. If you are looking for a light weight, rugged lunch cooler, this is the one. If you also need a lot of drinks, step up to the larger size. This review is for the 9 quart hardside cooler.

My husband loves it and my son saw it and had to have one too. Very sturdy and has nice features.

Some reviews said the larger size has a shoulder strap that doesn’t stay on. This one is a solid plastic handle and looks great. I’ve been looking for something that would hold up on a construction worksite. It’s narrow and taller than the standard size, but it’s made to hold up to 300 pounds if you need a nice place to sit when nothing else is available.

My husband loves this lunch box. It keeps his energy drink, 2 16oz waters, all his food and an ice pack with room to spare. His other lunch box he always had to carry his water on the outside because it didnt fit. It’s pretty heavy duty and sturdy.

Lunch Box, Insulated Cooler Tote Has 9-Quart Capacity and Seats up to 300 Pounds Klein Tools 55625 : Absolutely the best cooler on the market today. It holds a 20oz bottle of soda, 12oz juice bottle, sandwich, 1 full-size ice brick and a small brick, a 6oz yogurt and a fruit cup with no problem. It could take more if i rearranged everything but that’s all i need to carry for now. If i took out the small cold brick it would hold a lot more. Second, it will sit in the hot car half the day and the ice bricks are just starting to melt a bit. The bricks probably have another 20 hours of hard core chill in them. I drink the soda about 5 hours after packing it and brain freeze will occur if i drink it too fast. The only drawback is it’s not made in america.

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Lunch Box, Insulated Cooler Tote Has 9-Quart Capacity and Seats up to 300 Pounds Klein Tools 55625
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