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The first one of these i purchased from my a/c wholesaler about 12 years ago and paid $45. This is the same tool from amazon for $24. If you install flex duct, you really need this tool, makes a leakproof seal with a couple squeezes of the of the handles, then ust press the cutter and get a flush cut of the excess wrap.

Not good for commercial use. I only used this a few weeks and the end started to spread apart and would not cut the nylon ties anymore. The end needs to be one piece. If you use a tensioning tool for hvac buy malco.

If you use nylon cable ties and tighten them by hand, then cut off the excess with something, you are (like me for many years) an ignorant fool. Why did it take me so long to get one of these?. Quick and unbelievably easy – it simply works great. You can adjust the amount of tension on the tie simply by squeezing softer or harder. – the excess is neatly cut off. The tools is ever-so-slightly counter intuitive in that one (me, duh) would think the red cutter handle toward you – you know, use your thumb?. No, red handle goes toward the tie. A gentle squeeze and off the excess comes.

Until a few days ago i never knew such a tool existed (i saw a reference to one in comments for a diy video). I ordered it for my project, using zip ties to attach vinyl lattice to 3/4″ pvc pipe to make a trellis. The ties were fastened securely and the “tails” were cut off neatly without protruding with the exception of a couple out of many which is attributable to user error. I do have to admit though, when the tool first arrived and i tested it quickly in the house i wasn’t successful at all in my practice attempts. The how-to-use instructions on the back of blister pack didn’t really help me. Then i found a youtube video that was unintentionally filmed in slow motion, but the first minute was about all i needed to see to know exactly how to insert the tie in order to make the tensioner work. Also someone in an earlier review cautioned about making the tension too tight, so i knew to be careful. I’m looking forward to making another trellis, plus several other projects involving pvc pipe and zip ties.

This tools works exactly as it should. I am a sheetmetal apprentice and i was able to purchase this tool for half the cost of the competitor. I used it all day today installing flex duct and it tensioned nicely and cut the straps nice and flush. Another fine tool from klein.

I have about 500 cable ties i need to install on an indoor playground. These are heavy-duty, in-line cable ties. The company that makes the cable ties also makes a gun to install them, which costs over $350. So, i thought i’d give this tool a try before breaking the bank on the panduit gun, and i’m so glad i did. 39′ wide cable ties with no problem. Like all tensioning tools, you must first start the cable tie by hand. With this tool, i only need to get about 1′ of tie through before i can use the tool. If i were using standard cable ties instead of the inline ones, i’d need to get even less through. This was important because my ties barely fit around the foam tubes with which i am covering the steel tubing. With this tool, as long as i can get the tie through, i can tighten it. Doing it by hand, i’d have to use two ties in place of one. When the ties are 50 cents a piece, and i’m installing 500 of them, using one instead of two is a huge cost savings. This tool has no problem tensioniong over 60lbs and is the best way to cut off the excess tie.

This works well with the longer and slightly wider zip ties. It is awkward and difficult with 4′ ties. It does a great job with the longer ties (8′ and up). I like the cutter that lets you determine when to cut the tie. However, if you continue to tighten a tie to its limit, it will snap the tie and leave about a one inch end.

Got them, used them, love them. I actually had to be careful when using them. I was using them to attach large zip ties to my 12′ flex air round air duct. I crushed the metal adapter with the zip tie. I didn’t realize they could apply so much tension to the tie. Very good tool, just pay attention to how hard you squeeze them.

  • Too Bad You Can’t Find This in the Hardware Stores.
  • Not the best design
  • Perfect design that makes it very easy to tension cable ties and remove the excess material quickly and easily

Nylon Tie Tensioning Tool Klein Tools 86570

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Tensions up to 65-pounds (29.5 kg)
  • Maximum tie width of 15/32-Inch (12 mm)
  • Designed for work with ties rated at 120-250-pounds (54.4 to 113 kg)
  • Handle grips for comfort
  • Feed end of tie through tip of tool

I’m a diy user, not commercial use, and this tool seems sturdy enough to last a long time for me. Easy to pull ties tight and easy to snip off the tag end. Leaves a little exposed end, not perfectly flush but way better than cutting with dykes.

Just replaced all the heat/ac ducting in my basement. This tool worked fabulously in tieing down the inner coiled tube and the outer insulation as well. It’s is not plastic or cheap looking or feeling. Feels like a real tool in my hand, like something a finished carpenter would use. I would definitely recommend this. I did quite a bit of research when looking for this tool.

The “tool klein tools 86570” and the “hs-519 cable tie gun” are almost identical. The klein tool is currently about $22 versus $10. Its handles are coated versus bare metal for the hs-519. This appears to have been an issue for many high use reviewers. I was initially very disappointed with the cutter since, even with carefully repositioning the tool prior to cutting, it left a 3-6mm sharp tag. I found that if your other hand is available: first tighten to the desired tension, then reapply moderate tension, and use your other hand to press the cutting lever. This is producing a flush cut for me.

I lost a 35 dollar pair of malco tensioners under a house and for the life of me could not find them. I wasn’t about to spend another 35 dollars on something when this was like 22 on sale. Lightweight, easy to find under a house or in an attic, and it cuts through zipties like butter. I was extremely hesitant considering the price difference of the two, but i figured if i’m going to be losing them in the dirt in crawls i should at least see what the ‘cheap’ version works like. I’m impressed, everyone who uses it says how easy it cuts, the malco ones i had it felt like i had to white knuckle it to cut zipties after a couple weeks, but this one still cuts fine. I’d recommend it to anyone just getting in, more than likely someone you worth with has a pair of malcos that you can try out and see if you like them better.

For large cable tie straps this tool works perfectly at tensioning the strap and then has cutter that makes it easy to trim the excess strap material. It does a better job than any alternative set of tools and techniques and works with the use of one hand so you can have the other hand free to position the cable tie if it is needed. It takes very little hand strength to operate this tool. Cutting blade is designed to provide a guillotine cut and is angled which reduces the effort needed to make the cut by depressing the orange lever. The trimmer also makes it easy to cut off the excess cable tie without needing to get diagonal cutters into what may be a restricted space. I questioned the value of buying this tool for a deer fencing project at my house but having used the tool i would not hesitate to recommend it even for a one time use if you want to get cable ties tightly tensioned with little effort.

If you have never tried a zip tie tensioner before you are in for a treat. This can tighten a zip tie so tight it will break it. Most people reviewing this tool are not using it right. It’s not their fault – there are no instructions. When i got it i said which end goes where?. What you do is assemble the zip tie like you normally would and pull it tight by hand. With the zip tie in place place the tool over the tail with the little orange lever facing the connection or closest to the item being tied. Squeeze the big lever until it’s as tight as you want it. After each squeeze push the tool inward (toward the work) to take up the slack.

Awesome tool, compared to the cheapo competition. Easily handles very large zip ties right down to tiny 4′ types, pulling them very snug, and most importantly, making a completely flush cutoff when finished. Anyone who has had fingers or knuckles shredded open by the sharp tabs left on poorly applied cable ties will understand why this is so important. Klein makes excellent tools, for sure.

Intended to complement the other hand tools in my (diy-er) electrician’s bag, i purchased this tensioning tool. Already own a couple of handgun-like (in resemblance) tensioning tools for our home work shop and my all-purpose hand-tool bag, so looked for something different, motivated by amazon reviews. The tool, as anticipated for klein tools is well-built and performs its intended purpose flawlessly. My main reservation (and 1-star deduction) is due to its size. It’s a rather large item (certainly for the size of the nylon zip ties i customarily use. ) admittedly, amazon has the tool’s size posted. I didn’t consult the specifications when ordering. Nevertheless, even to effortlessly generate the necessary leverage to tightly fasten the nylon zip ties, i believe the size of the tool could have been reduced slightly. If the quality and functioning of the tool is all that counts, this item deserves a 5-star review.

I bought this panduit gun last year when i used to do duct work. It served its purpose for the few months i had it before quitting. Pros:it is light; efficient designeasy to cut straps and easier on your hands compared to other onesthe orange helps if you need to find it in a crawl on an atticcons:it began to jam in my second month of use, probably due to dirt and pookie thoughlastly, it’s a good buy. If i had to do that work again, i’d purchase this again.

This zip tie tool is great, it works so well you can actually make things too tight, or break lower quality zip ties without even trying. Good side effect of this is i only use quality ties now, and find all zip tie work i do on wiring harness and tube routing looks top notch. Definitely a good tool to have if you do much work with zip ties.

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