K&N KN-198 Polaris/Victory High Performance Oil Filter, on RZR 800S

So, i’m not a mechanic though i do my own work whenever feasible. This worked great on my victory 2007 hammer s. One thing in particular i liked was that it has a nut on the end of the filter. Working under the bike it was easier to tighten with socket/ratchet and came in really handy since i could not find my stupid oil wrench. Plus you can tighten to torque with socket and ratchet too. The filter fit perfectly with no leaks (i checked multiple times including placing paper towels under bike to see even slightest drip). Prior to performing my first oil change on this bike, i was having problems with my bike stalling with oil light due to overheating. This was fault of previous owner (and perhaps mine for not doing oil change immediately after purchasing bike), but i mention it to give you a baseline. I switched to this filter and mobil v-twin 20w-50 synthetic (amazon had a great price with free s&h on oil too). I’m in az desert where its been over 100 degrees (again, context).

The only oil filter i will use on my motorcycle. Easy to remove with a wrench.

I have tried the standard polaris filter and it’s a pain to get on and off the 800 twin engine. I love that i can use a socket and extension to take this off. I will make this a yearly purchase from now on.

Great item, love the nut on the bottom.

I love k&n filters, they perform as well or better than oem. Motorcycle filters are not always the easiest to remove and with the hex nut on top it gives you one more option. The hole through the hex nut is very valuable for safety wiring your filter if you plan on taking your bike to the track.

Yea, it’s a filter all right. Fits fine, motor hasn’t blown up yet. I like the nut on the end, although it’s still not at all easy to get off the bike, even with the nut on there. I guess i need to line up all my extensions and just come in from the other side of the quad.

The oem filter is much more difficult to remove and install. The k&n has a nut on the back making removal and install much easy. As far as quality it is k&n. I have never had a single problem with k&n. Installed on 2011 rzr in seconds.

Key specs for K&N KN-198 Polaris/Victory High Performance Oil Filter:

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  • O/E replacement oil filters for most cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, & ATV’s
  • 17 mm exposed nut designed for easy oil filter removal
  • Heavy duty construction for extreme conditions
  • Resin-impregnated filter media traps 99% of harmful contaminants
  • Anti-drainback valve (where applicable) eliminates dry starts, prevents oil from draining back into crankcase during engine shutdown

Comments from buyers

“Well designed
, K&N on RZR 800S
, ease of removal

Love the bolt on the end as this makes is so much easier to change the filter.

Best oil filter on the market. Has a hex key for easy removal in installation. I would never buy a different oil filter other than k&n.

Love the fact that this oil filter comes with a nut on the end at i believe 17mm size. Had to hammer a screwdriver through my buddy’s bike to get his off, mine was sweet.

For any owners of polaris general this filter is a must. The lug on the bottom makes removal much easier. It is impossible to get a filter wrench on the polaris original filter.

Much higher quality than original equipment. K&n filters are on all my vehicles, off-road and on-road. The nut-head-weldment makes installation very easy given the filter location on the 800s is in the worst possible location on the entire engine. Plan on a 20 minute change-out and visually verify that no debris has entered the oil galley on the face of the engine. Make absolutely sure the entire area is thoroughly washed very very clean of debris prior to removal of the existing filter. Don’t waste money on a filter-wrench — just drive a flat-head screwdriver through the side of the original filter and spin it off that way — it’s messy – but there’s no way around that either given the horizontal orientation of the filter. The new filter will be tightened with a socket and about a 6′ extension with the passenger’s seat and access panel removed. You also have to remove the right-rear tire to access the filter. I think the designer of the engine should be required to travel around the country doing nothing but filter change-outs.

Working okay on my polaris ranger 900xp. I like k&n filters with the added nut on the bottom which provides another removal option should the need arise and i use these on most of my vehicles.

Went on very easy and i loved the integrated nut on the end i hand tightened it and gave it a little bit more with my wrench worked great should be very simple to remove when the time comes for the next oil change.

Been a k and n user for many years and not once have they let me down. The added wrench fitting on the end is just a nice bonus but for atvs isn’t needed since you only touch the surface then 3/4 turn for the new oil filter to be secure.

I changed the oil on my victory cross country last week. I’ve been using wix filters which i believe to be excellent. I decided to try the k&n because of the nut on the end. The filter appears to be of excellent quality construction. I liked that the rubber gasket is pre-lubricated. This isn’t a big deal, just good attention to detail. The nut on the end made snugging easy and will make removal much easier than using a small filter wrench.

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