KOBRA Products OBD2 Scanner & Bluetooth Car Code Reader – Clears Check Engine Lights Instantly – Diagnose 3000 Car Codes – Wireless Car Diagnostic Scanner – Auto Scanner For All 1996 : Nice gadget to have

Received the product in two days, just as advertised. It is very easy to use if you just follow the step by step instructions to pair it to an android phone first, then start the car to get readouts from the car’s computer. I used the free torque app from the google play store to diagnose a check engine light on both a nissan and a buick. Both times it gave me the code and sent me to a web site with car model specific information on what the problem was.

This obd2 scanner is a really cool tool. The android app allowed me to see the error code and research what the error code means. You can also set up information screens to obtain real time information about your vehicle diagnostics. There are a lot more features that i have not gotten into with this device. I read my error codes, learned what the possible causes for the code and cleared the codes to see how soon it returns. For the price, i took a chance on it and so far i have been pleased. I would recommend giving it a try. I am not a mechanic, but am willing to try and fix issues depending on the difficulty.

Great little device, though it’s a little wonky with the software i’m using (torques pro). Sometimes it will lock up some of the readings and others work, requires a hard reset to fix this (unplug and plug back in with the car off). I’m in the process of my first data logging but no issues so far. I would highly recommend it if you want to have something cheap and easy and that works great. It does report codes that do not throw a cel, i found this out when i had two codes going for my fuel pump relay going in and out and then my powertrain management relay going out right after it. Was a major help in this situation.

A bargain device that costs little and performs big. If you have a problem with your vehicle and maybe, or maybe not, the engine light is on, this device will tell you exactly what is wrong. It works in conjunction with your smartphone or iphone and is a simple plug-in to a jack easily reachable inside your vehicle under the steering wheel. You have to download an app to your cell phone and use bluetooth to finish the install only once. The information this device supplies will help you know in advance why that little yellow engine light on your dashboard is on. If you cannot fix the problem yourself and need to take your vehicle to a shop, you can avoid getting ripped off and overcharged.

Every obdii scanner below about $60 does the same very basic thing: it reads codes and other outputs from the car’s computer. Among the bluetooth versions, the main differences are durability and cost. Some have three little circuit boards cobbled together. This has one single board, which is much sturdier. It attached easily to the port and was easy to link to my smartphone, and worked immediately in torquepro, the app i bought for five bucks. You can also use the free version, with less ability to read data outputs. This will let you see problems, but it doesn’t fix them; for that you need much more expensive units. You do have to download an app for your phone or computer to connect via bluetooth, but there are many options and this device works well with them. I got this on a very sweet lightning deal. I should have bought several, and just put one in each of my cars.

I don’t have a fault code on any of my vehicles right now, but i did plug the unit in and powered it up and connected the bluetooth on my app and it appears that it is going to work fine. For the casual user this unit seems to be about the least expensive way to read and clear fault codes.

I bought these to use them on my 2016 and 2017 camaro’s. I was a bit worried about knock-off elm 327 readers, but was pleasantly surprised when this worked *exactly* as the instructions suggested the first time. I used this with the torque application and was thrilled with the results.

I purchased one of these from e-tech distributors, and could not be happier with the information it allows me to access. I’ve downloaded the odb fusion app from the play store, and this tool quickly connects to it and provides a wealth of data. Additionally, the company selling this, e-tech distributors, was a pleasure to work with. They sent proactive emails with information on how to use the tool, and replied very quickly to any inquiries that i sent them. If you want to buy one of these, i recommend going with this distributor.

  • Know the real cause before going to mechanic.
  • Great little ELM 327 adapter, no worries about cheap-knock offs here.
  • Nice gadget to have

OBD2 Scanner & Bluetooth Car Code Reader – Clears Check Engine Lights Instantly – Diagnose 3000 Car Codes – Wireless Car Diagnostic Scanner – Auto Scanner For All 1996+ Vehicles (Android Devices Only)

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  • ✔ ACCURATE RESULTS – Remove all check engine lights instantly! Transform your car into a Smart Car with this car diagnostic tool by KOBRA. With a database of over 3000 code definitions, this premium bluetooth OBD2 Scanner reads generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes and diagnoses your car like a pro.
  • ✔ CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ELIMINATOR – This ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner and Car Scan Tool retrieves both generic, as well as car manufacturer-specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), helping you overcome any troubleshooting with ease. You will be able to clear the “Check Engine” light indication and other trouble codes, effortlessly!
  • ✔ DIAGNOSE IN SECONDS – Don’t be taken advantage of again! Know what is wrong your car before taking it to a mechanic. Unlike other car code readers, our bluetooth obd 2 scan tool connects to multiple devices including Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. All you need is a bluetooth connection and you can diagnose any car problem in seconds!
  • ✔ DIVERSE COMPATIBILITY – The KOBRA OBD2 car diagnostic code reader works with all 1996 – 2016 vehicles and seamlessly works with the Torque app, OBD Link, ScanMaster Lite, OBD Car Doctor and many more totally free or paid apps on the Google Play Store And Windows Phone Store to turn your car into a truly Smart Car!
  • ✔ 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE – Providing you with the friendliest customer service is our primary goal. This is why we offer you a 1 year money back guarantee in case our automotive scanner does not live up to your expectations, no questions asked!

A nice tool to help you learn about your vehicle and even perform some diagnostics on it. However, it’s not a mechanic and so you gotta know a little something about cars to get the most out of this. I give this 5 stars because it works and provides quite a lot of data on my 2000 ford taurus’ systems. It reads and tells you everything about every system on the car that is tracked by the car’s computer. And using apps to translate that data into information you can see and put to use is invaluable. The best app to use with this is probably the torque series of apps. There’s another that also works well too, but the name escapes me at the moment. But beware, there are a few apps out there that haven’t been updated or presumably have been abandoned and so they’re not current and won’t work with this. So make sure you use an app that is current and has active support/updates to keep it current. I give this tool 5 stars in everything except ease of use.

Inexpensive and worked really well. Downloaded the free app to my phone, plugged into socket in my car (2005 hyundai), sync with bluetooth android, read code. Now i know what the problem is and don’t have to worry too much about it when i head to the service station to get it fixed.

Resets that engine check light. Leave it connected while driving and you can log any code that pops up. It tells you what part is associated with the code. Keeps you from being scammed by mechanics that swap in parts for no reason. My repair was a crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor. Googled the repair, ordered the parts from amazon. Parts arrived, got a socket set and screwdriver and was done in about 3 hours. That’s with me taking breaks, watching the video and eating a sandwich. I went by a mechanic before all this and was quoted 600 bucks.

My first time owning one of these. I was a bit nervous that i would mess up my electrical system or something when using it. I found the plug in my car quite easily and it plugged in with no problem. I then synched it with my phone. I downloaded ‘torque’ appto evaluate the reading. It reported the error codes and was able to go to my mechanic with an idea of what was wrong with my car,causing the check engine light to be on. This is a great and inexpensive little tool for car owners. Mechanics can take advantage of us sometimes and if i have an ideaof what’s going on, then i am not as worried about what the mechanic tells me.

Works great with my 2014 ram. Found the code right away, and was able to clear it easily. Bluetooth connects quickly and easily to the torque free app on the android. Definitely recommend this for those that either just want to clear codes or to troubleshoot their own issues.

This works exactly as the listing said. I use it on my 2005 dodge ram 1500, and on my wife’s 2013 dodge dart. I downloaded the app on my cell phone, and there are some user customizable selections there. I was able to read any/all dtcs and clear them. It also can data log to your phone with the app. It will not clear the ‘oil change due’ light though, we still have to go to the dealer for that. But everything works as it should, and is very easy to use. And so much cheaper that a full on scan tool. I would recommend this to everyone working on their own cars, and i think it’s even a good tool for the professionals.

This this does exactly what it should. I have used it on 3 different vehicles with no issues.

I used the torque lite app on my android phone and it connected with bluetooth within 10 seconds. Got my faulty codes and what they meant. Fixed the issue and cleared the faults, still hasn’t come back so that’s a good signfurther details of my issue:we knew the engine was misfiring but not which ignition coil, turned out it was 2 of them. Thanks to this deviceit was misfiring so bad we couldn’t even drive it to autozone to get it scanned, and didn’t want to call aaa to get it towed. Fixed it our-self, super easy on the vw eos + doing it, we also saved on the labor cost which would have easily landed around $150 usd. Amazingcleared the faulty codes after we fixed it and no more check engine light and the car runs 10 times better than before. Amazing device and easy to use little device.

A year later, in just the last month this thing has saved me a few hundred in diagnosis alone. My truck fault came on possible 02 sensors on the driver side ( you have to google the codes, not big deal). Replaced both at less cost than just the dealer diagnosis fee, fixed the problem. A week later my wife came home with a fault on her car, five minutes later i tightened her gas cap. 13 bucks a year ago saved a lot in just a week. This is just a couple examples of many. I am not a major fan of the driving display of the app. Not sure how different it is if i paid for it. Does not seem as user friendly as the photos. Which is why i am not paying for it.

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OBD2 Scanner & Bluetooth Car Code Reader – Clears Check Engine Lights Instantly – Diagnose 3000 Car Codes - Wireless Car Diagnostic Scanner – Auto Scanner For All 1996+ Vehicles (Android Devices Only)
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