Kolpin UTV Side Mirror – Pair – 98315 : Well made but truly a 1.75 inch OD tube mount product, No convenient bushing strips provided.

I bought these mirrors, they were not provided for review. These mirrors work well and are a great accessory to our utv. I took away one star because the forward and backward tilt adjustment on these is difficult to set, you need to undo a screw, move the mirror through detents and then reassemble it and then mount it to the utv. If the angle is not quite right then you need to unmount it and go through the process again. I got better at it by the time i mounted the second one. My mirrors came with brackets which would allow them to mount to either 1. 75′ pipe (which my lm-500 landmaster has) or 2′ pipe, a little rubber anti slip piece is provided to keep the whole thing in place. The mirrors swing in and out without any dismantling, it’s great having these when backing up or looking to see if anyone is behind you. They are very useable while bouncing down our driveway at 25mph in our utv, they stay where they are supposed to. My gf (who actually bought the utv and loves driving it around) really liked these mirrors a lot.

Works perfect for a 825i john deere gator. At 40mph driving over corn stalks they dont even wobble. Takes a little time to adjust them so that they mount straight but once they are on they work like a charm. May need two people to install- not so easy trying to hold mirror in place and secure them tight to the posts at the same time due to the way the screws are designed. Price was right for a simple rear view set to check blind spots, whats behind you, and to improve visuals when dumping the cargo box.

I ordered these for my honda pioneer 500. They will require modification. When you put them on stock they slip because the honda roll bar is smaller even when tight. Do not use the gasket it came with. What i did was i used a piece of rubber hose and cut it the length and size of this gasket. The hose will be double in size of the thickness of the gasket. They are really tight and don’t move. Be sure to tighten down all the screws under the mirror once you align everything. The black rubber hose i bought at home depot was $5.

Difficult mounting on 610 outside roll bar because of roll bar angles, and inside set screw must be tighten before attaching mirror. Hard to explain but the mirror has set screw that is mounted inside for the axes adjustment so you have to guess. This is two person job, had to take it on and off 3 times before getting it adjusted. However, once mounted they work perfect.

It mounts way too far forward on a profit cage. Had to turn them way back to even be able to see out of them. Not a bad looking unit though. The mirror doesnt stay that great into position at highway speeds while towing, but otherwise isnt terrible.

The utv mirrors arrived this morning and in about 40 minutes i had them on. They look good and will help reduce my neck pain. I found them to be very adjustable and was happy the clamps were thin enough to fit between the roll bar and the windshield. My kyoti mechron 2200 was not listed as a fit for these mirrors but they worked just fine. I ran the diesel engine which has a bit of vibration but the mirrors are very stable and only vibrated a very little. And i think they look pretty good. I am happy with the purchase.

Kolpin UTV Side Mirror – Pair – 98315

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    by entering your model number.
  • Set of 2 mirrors (Driver’s side and Pasenger side)
  • Convex mirror provides wide viewing range and image stabilization. Shatter-proof tempered glass.
  • High Impact ABS Housing. Ball Socket Joint for unlimited viewing angles; Break away feature
  • Mirror Dimensions: 4.125″ x 7.75″; Includes all clamps and hardware to fit 1-5/8″ – 2″ round tubing
  • Low-Profile clamp compatible with most windshields and doors

Better that expected for the price, easy to install, looks like they are original equipmet. Very clear and no vibration. Much better than the wide angle rear view mirror. Fast delivery well packaged. If you have a rzr or other similar utv, these mirrors are a must.

Installed on our rzr xp4 1000. Fits the rollcage perfect, adjusts just right and keeps it’s position while riding, but is loose enough when i hit a bush, the mirror folded in and didn’t break. Large view of what’s behind you making it safe to move from one side of the trail to another without taking a motorcycle out.

Kind of a pain in the ass to install. But after i got the first one, they second was easier. I gotta say i’m very impressed with these. You can adjust the tension of the folding ability (which is good, because if you drive fast, if it’s too light they’ll slowly start to fold in. Not a problem on the driver’s side one. Is hard to reach by the driver). But they do also fold in easy enough when they hit a bush or something, as to not break them off. All in all a great side mirror that came packaged well (very important) and worth the price.

I like them better than the middle mirror as i often have stuff stacked in the back and can never see out of it. I don’t honestly think they are worth 40 bucks. I would say the quality is more around 25 but everything for these rides is over priced so what are you going to do?.

We drive a john deere gator and live on a farm. Sometimes we have to be on the road so we need to be able to see what is coming up behind us when we go from pasture to pasture. We can adjust the mirrors to see behind us, even if we are loaded down with feed or hay. For the price i paid for these, a bargain. I would encourage anyone with an atv to try these.

On my little mule they sure help when spraying as i can watch the spray tips to make sure they are working. Off road they do not vibrate they hold their set also on my friends big atv really off roading they hold their set.

The right hand mirror works just fine, but the left one is loosey-goosey and cannot be tightened satisfactorily. — it will move while on a rough trail. I suspect that it is a factory defect, unique to my unit. I think, though, that it might be a design flaw and the good mirror may go bad.

I have a honda pioneer 500 and the mirrors came with two sizes of clamps. My roll bar is 1 5/8 in diameter. The smaller clamp with the two rubber inserts were a perfect fit.

Don’t listen to the people who claim they don’t fit on an rzr, because they ‘look down at the dirt. ‘ these people are not bright. The mirrors are fully adjustable, there is an bolt behind the mounting bracket that allows the mirror angle to be adjusted as needed. I’m running these on my ’17 1000 and my wife’s ’17 900, works great on both machines.

As with any kolpin product these are well designed/made. The product description states ‘1. 75 inch od clamp to fit most major brand utv’s. ‘giving it a 4-star rating because in our assessment, this product (ideally) should come with a pair of rubber bushing pads strips for installation on incrementally smaller diameter rops/cage tubing. We used several spiral layers of heavy duty gas pipe pvc tape to build up the tubing diameter in the area we mounted the two mirrors. After the pvc tape mod, the mirrors clamped on satisfactorily.

Ordered for my polaris 570 rzr and fit perfect, very impressed. Use the smaller clamp and thin shim and you will need allen wrenches. You need to adjust the angle of the mirror mount before clamping tight. The small screw inside needs to be loosened enough to allow the two pieces to click adjust. A little trial and error to get the correct angle. I had the oem full windshield installed and no issues.

Kolpin UTV Side Mirror – Pair – 98315 :

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