Krud Kutter KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner/TSP Substitute, not a deglosser

First, this stuff cleaned like a beast. My cabinets were buttery smooth(20 year old cabinets). What it did not do was etch the surface like some had said. However, it didn’t claim to do so. Highly recommend for painting prep.

There was some grease on top of my kitchen cabinets (8 feet in the air) that i had given up on after many cleaners and attempts. This got through it in 2 passes. Also it worked great for cleaning the cabinets before painting them. I am so much happier with my kitchen now.

I’m using it to clean stained cabinets to get ready to paint them. I will go ahead and sand the cabinets a bit anyway just so the primer will adhere better, but i really could skip the sanding because this stuff took off all the gloss from the stain as well as all the kitchen grime.

I had a bathroom that needed painting, but someone had smoked in it, and there were nicotine stains that were literally dripping down the walls. Fearing that the nicotine might bleed through new paint, i set out to clean the walls. I tried several products like 409 and fantastik, but nothing seemed to work. At first, i balked at the $9. 00 price tag, but wal-mart sells it for over $13. It did a great job on the nicotine, and cleaned so well that the only reason i am going to still paint it is for a different color. It also cleaned the trim work, base molding and crown molding, which all appeared to be a light beige, but were actually white.I already ordered two more bottles for future use.

Works great on painted drywall but like the bottle says, test the product on the wall first. I used it on my real wood paneling and it was ok, but when i scrubbed hard it took some of the stain off. Luckily you could not tell on those walls that i did. However i used it on the fake wood paneling that we had and it left white stains all over in the wall. We had to paint the whole wall white. I bought the product because we were selling our home and the previous owner was a huge smoker. I wanted to try and relieve some of the smoke smell and tar stains on the walls.

The name of this product holds true. It definitely cuts the krud. Cleaned years of nicotine and cooking grease with little effort.

Sometimes you can’t believe the reviews because you can’t please everyone but i love this product. I sed this on my cabinets before staining and was amazed and the yuk stuff that came off them. I then decided to try it on my kitchen floor grout lines with a small brush and wow. Great product for hard to clean areas of the house. Did not leave any weird filmy residue afterwards.

Key specs for KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner/TSP Substitute, 32-Ounce, Original Version:

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  • Cleans and etches surface providing excellent adhesion, even on high gloss surfaces
  • Removes tough stains like grease, smoke, mildew and dirt; leaving a clean, fresh surface
  • May be painted over anytime after 10 minutes, and up to a week
  • Water based, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and xylene-free
  • Safe for use on all paints, varnish, lacquer and polyurethane

Comments from buyers

” was going to refinish and it’s just never a fun task! But with this stuff it literally slid
, Cuts the krud
, Excellent product!

I have scrubbed my share of share of products i was going to refinish and it’s just never a fun task. But with this stuff it literally slid right off and left kind a gritty surface that grabbed the paint much better. We actually just refinished our kitchen cabinets and it gave them a whole new life that a highly acredit to how clean and smooth they were prior to doing so.

Did not ‘cut my crud’ better than anything else. Using it on nasty old cupboards w/ grime on them so i could paint. Still had to use maximum elbow grease and way too much time scrubbing them to get it off.

Used this before painting my kitchen cabinets. It cleaned them really well. After using it, the cabinets had a smooth, clean feel. The odor is very minimal and not at all offensive. Much better than the actual tsp where you would have to move out of your house for a week while it fumigates.

I would say to wear gloves when using this. I did not and my hands got pretty dried out. It worked so well on my nasty kitchen cabinets. Previous owners put some type of primer on the cabinets and never painted them correctly. I was constantly trying to wipe them down and they never came clean. Brought this stuff out one day and i couldn’t stop wiping. I even did a live demonstration for my husband and son. I used it on my front patio tile too.

Did a great job cleaning old oak cabinets but even after 2 scrubbings there was still a sheen. Going to have to sand before painting.

We used this to prep our kitchen cabinets when we painted them. I sprayed the cabinets, let it sit for a few minutes and wiped with a rag. Primer and 2 coats of paint went on with no issue- no sanding. As far as i’m concerned, this is a miracle product and it saved us hours of work.Cabinets were your basic yellow oak contractor cabinets (30 years old), now they are beautiful blue custom cabinets.

It’s trying to save some steps when painting my old stained kitchen cabinets. Was doubtful this would work, but did. Just follow the directions, then right to primer and paint. Have since repainted other furniture and used the same.

I purchased a home that had either had a furnace blow back or they used kerosene for heat. At any rate everything had to be wiped down before repainting. Really did a good job prepping the cabinets for repainting. I will definitely use this product on my next project.

My house has those old, thin walls with the fake wood-grain laminate paneling. The same material is used on the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms. I used krud kutter to clean all of the surfaces before priming and it does a great job of removing dust and grease/dirt when using it with those terry towels you can buy in a bag at the orange box store. If you want to get rid gloss then use krud kutter with the scotchbrite scouring pads and it will be removed faster than you’d imagine. I spent a short amount of time working on a section that i need to remove material from and it went from glossy to dull in no time. It also dries very fast so you don’t have to wait long before you can start putting down primer. I would recommend this over other tsp substitute products not only because of how well it works, but also because you have the convenience of a spray bottle versus having to mix a batch with water and end up throwing out what you don’t use. Just a heads up, this version is not available for sale in brick and mortar stores, although there are other products by the same company available.

This removed a ton of decades old smoker’s gunk from bare wood, prepped all my doors and walls for painting, and revieled gunk on my walls i didn’t even know was there. I am now a loyal krud kuttter fan, and will always have a bottle of this on hand.

I used this to prep some kitchen cabinets for painting. The original cabinets were covered in a peach, high-gloss paint that hadn’t been wiped down since installation, it seemed. I didn’t want to bother with sanding and priming since there was so much gunk and the paint was high gloss to begin with. I’m very glad for this product. I did as instructed, but did not spray directly on (rather i used tee-shirt rags, also purchased from amazon), and wiped off with a fresh rag. The krud kutter didn’t remove the gloss from the old paint but did take off all the years of red grease from the cupboards and allowed my new, white paint to stick. I’m very happy and will use for future projects, though i think this one bottle should last me a lifetime.

I am the ultimate fan of krud kutter products. I have used their original product for many, many years and am never without it. I have literally recommended it to everyone i know for a millions uses. I decided to order this new product because i had a particularly problematic door painting to handle. A tenant had used oil paint on top of water based. Talk about shortening the job with no mess – this is the ticket.

This is an ok cleaner, but no replacement for tsp. When i moved in, my apartment had 20 years worth of grease stuck to the kitchen cabinets. And this stuff didn’t budge it. I’m going to need real tsp to remove it to prep for painting.

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