Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14″ Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALL – Good quality, a little bulk

Look cool, but stiff and uncomfortable around the pinky finger just like any other cheap glove. The right hand glove leather is much softer than my right hand glove (my weak hand). As far as heat and sparks protection, the leather is though and the insulation helps, but then again i man not a trained or professional welder, maybe a hobby type of welder at best.

I dont know who they were sizing when they made this one size fits all. But i dont have massively swollen hands and these are very loose on me. Otherwise, they do what any good pair of welding gloves do and that is to keep hot slag off my fing-ies.

Ive had these bad boys for about 3 years now working in two different welding shops and in my own shop blacksmithing. I still use them frequently and they are still holding up well. Could hardly ask for a better pair of gloves.

Should have gotten these in the first place. Instead, got the ‘bluehawk’ generic welding gloves that lowe’s sells and i picked up a burn from those. (those are going back to lowes for a refund). The le gloves fit better, thicker leather while still offering plenty of ‘feel’ and look cool.

Matches my sons welding jacket perfectly. He requested these for christmas and is very happy with them.

These gloves are ok at the price point, but there are many better available, they aren’t very heat resistant for how clumsy they are, fingers are all almost the same length. Not junk but i wouldnt buy again.

Great resistance to heat, good dexterity, nice length and way better than my cheap harbor freight gloves that ripped an the sides of 3 fingers. Not a fan of the flame design but not that big of a deal because i still bought them.

I’m not a welder so i cannot tell you how well they hold up for welding, but these are great for wood stoves and oven mitts. This is actually my third pair. I get a new pair every year for loading my wood stove. Absolutely no issues and the long gauntlet style gloves are perfect for the job. I also use a pair in the kitchen as oven mittscheers.

I wish these were sold in more sizes. For comparison these are on par with tillman 850/750 size large. My hands fit the tillman mediums perfectly so these are a bit roomy for me.

These are good quality welding gloves. For my needs they’re a bit bulky when i’m running my mig setup. These are more of a stick welding glove, plenty strong and well insulated, i just wish they had a bit more dexterity like a nice pair of tig gloves. Overall if you need a good quality glove for a good price, these will fit the bill. Also these will work well for the barbecuing folks too.

A little bulkier than what i was previously used to using, but definitely worth it for prolonged welding in close quarters. Could weld all day in these and barely feel the heat.Highly recommend these for instances where a guide hand guard isn’t your style.

Protected my hands as i was doing mig welding. I also found them extremely useful for holding hot metal and when using the grinder to protect my hands from the wheel and from the metal heating up when grinding small objects. Previously i’d have to hold it with pliers, but that wasn’t a good solutions as it would sometimes slip from the pliers. These gloves are sturdy and thick and good for a variety of purposes.

They’re not anything special, but they are name brand and pretty cheap at that. Definitely buy these instead of chinese knock-offs that cost a few dollars less. Here are the specifications for the Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14″ Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALL:

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  • GREAT HEAT RESISTANCE – Made of a high grade leather and soft cotton liner which is designed to withstand and protect against high temperatures.
  • INDUSTRIAL DURABILITY – The glove design features a high grade leather exterior, kevlar threading, leather reinforced stress points and a fully lined interior to withstand daily exposure to heat, flames, spatter or sparks.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT – The soft cotton hand liner and straight thumb design enhances comfort and fingertip sensitivity. The inside cuff is lined with a twill cotton which absorbs moisture during use.
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS – This glove model is used by professional fabricators on a daily basis.
  • Recommended for Stick welding (SMAW), Mig welding (GMAW), Flux-Core welding (FCAW) or other high temperature applications

These are flexible and comfortable right out of the package brand new. Some are stiff and need to break in. I can’t wait to break these in because they already feel great. Top quality welding glove for mig or stick, not for tig as they don’t have the feel or dexterity for it.

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  • but there are many better available, they aren’t very heat resistant for how
  • Look cool.
  • Excellent!

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Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14" Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALL
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