Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet : Nice hood but the headgear leaves much to be desired.

I’m a boilermaker and weld nearly everyday at work. I work with guys who have been in for 20 plus years and they all agree that this is the clearest lens out there. Its lightweight and comfortable. The weld is insanely clear and has some shades of white, blues and purple. The grind setting is light enough you can actually use it and see what you are doing. People on my job are buying them up.

Huge field of view, fast acting, comfortable, and the shade is very light when not active. My history has been with helmets in a much lower price range and the improvement in my ability to see the weld (and the set-up) in this helmet is incredible. Novices should start with a helmet of this caliber to improve the quality and reduce their frustration.

The headgear however was design by satan. The pivot is too far forward and lands on my temples, no matter the position adjustment. The forward over the head strap is too far forward and digs above the forehead. The only adjustment sets it even further forward which is worse. There is no way to adjust the angle of either overhead stap. The pad at the back might as well be made of iron for all the good it does. I ordered a miller headgear and installed it (yep it will fit) much better. I weld aerospace and the sensitivity setting is useless.

This is the 1st automatic helmet i’ve used. The viewing area was always too small. I love everything about this helmet. Although there’s plenty of room under the helmet for eye glasses. There’s also built in clips for magnifier lenses. I’ve used it for awhile now and cant get used to not having to flip the helmet between welds. I’ll definitely buy the upgraded version in the distant future.

Works great but my biggest complaint is there is some kind of short in the auto darkening lens that has made me go through 3 batteries in 2 months. Each battery is suppose to last 2,000 hours. I can guarantee i have about 10 percent of that usage in all. Good helmet and wish the company would send a replacement so there is no lapse since i need to continue to use a helmet each day. (having problems contacting the company).

I have been welding for over 30 years and a long-time fan of the fixed-shade gold filters. No auto-darkening lens ever came close to seeing the action of the weld puddle, until this. It shows color variation, clarity, and the ability to see into the puddle much better than any helmet i have used, including gold filters. The wide field of view is a huge asset and it is light weight. A coworker dropped a large section of steel on my helmet, but the hood flexed with no damage.

I am a lead at a machine/weld shop. I fill in for my my welding crew when a member of the team can’t seem to get their big fat ego out of bed. I mig, pulse mig and tig anywhere from 1 to 70 hours a week. Everything functions as it should. Hopefully several years down the road. Note to potential buyer: put this item in your cart and watch the price for a week. It was going up and down about once a day. I was going to buy it for $265.

This is absolutely the best helmet i have ever used. Incredibly clear in inactive state, or active state. All my co workers use miller elite and miller infinity series hoods, and a few use speed glass. None of them hold a candle to this one. I weld straight for 10 hours a day and this thing is awesome.

  • Fits great and functions flawlessly
  • Better than all the rest
  • This is absolutely the best helmet I have ever used

Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series

I’m not a professional welder and only weld every so often when maybe welding a nut onto the stud of a remaining bolt that’s broken off and some angle iron or box tubing fabrication once in a while. Never had or used an automatic helmet before using this one so i have to say i am amazed. The head band is a great improvement over the old head bands in comfort and stability. The best part is you don’t have to lift the helmet every time you stop welding and flip it down to start again (and that is the hardest habit to kick). It has a “grinding” position you can switch to inside the helmet and that also works great.

I had an optrel hood that i thought was phenomenal. Having used this i can ‘see’ that i was wrong. This has to be the best hood i have ever used since i began welding 40+ years ago. Definitely worth the money when you compare it to the others on the market.

I love my helmet, but i’ve got to say the action shot is very misleading. You don’t end up seeing as much of the field as the image would make you believe you’re gonna see. The way they made that shot (no, it’s not photoshopped. It’s just a misleading trick) is that they tilted the electrode so it has a really low angle of attack, illuminating the whole field. You’d never weld in this position, so there’s no reason to expect this bright and clear of a view. And i should know, i always leave my dimmer on a light setting, and i never see that much of the surroundings. That picture aside, it’s a great helmet. There’s really no reason to show that image in the advertising. The helmet’s comfortable, light, and great.

I was just starting a complicated project when my harbor freight helmet died. I figured i would just get a cheap replacement from wherever. The el cheapo came and was exactly what i paid for. I couldn’t see the weld bead. The headband wasn’t fitting it was a mess. I decided to bite the bullet , and get a good hood. I’ve used it all day today, and can’t believe the difference. Im laying down straight perfect beads like i was the best welder in the state. I wish i had this hood years ago.

I got a cheap hobart at first. . Big mistake this helmet is like seeing after being blind compared to that.

I am a process piping welder and i mostly tig weld stainless steel and carbon steel. I bought this for the clear view lens. It makes a huge difference in what i can see in the puddle and relieves strain on my eyes from having to stare so hard into my old green lens puddle. I took one star off for the headgear. The sides are hard and plastic feeling. I remedied this by taking a head band from the welding supply and cutting it up and stuffing it into the sides in the gap. It’s much more comfortable now. I definitely weld at a higher shade with this hood though.

This is my 4th helmet in as many years, and likely will be my last for a while. To put in context, i am not a professional welder – i have a precision tig 225 for ac/dc stick welding and a power mig 256 for tig work. I’m not necessarily pro lincoln, it just turns out there was a good lincoln available when i was in the market for each. Nearly all of my welding is repairing and extending broken or worn out farm machinery. Back to the 3350 auto-darkening helmet. For the first time in as long as i can remember, welding is no longer something to be dreaded. I can finally see what i am doing from the time the helmet drops but before the candles light, all the way to the end when the lights go out. Working the puddle is now something i can do (versus wondering how youtubers do it soooo smoothly). Response time is near instantaneous as far as i can tell. Most impressive are the controls to dial in just the right shade when switching from 90a 6010 to 130a 7018 and then to 0.

This is the helmet you are looking for. The view through this is unbelievably clear. The controls are simple and address all welder’s needs. I used to use a miller digital elite and i absolutely loved it but one look through this new welding helmet and i was sold. Simply put you can see better and if you can see better you can weld better. Everyone in my welding shop as either gone to this or is anxiously waiting for the day when they can buy this.

Back when i got into welding, auto darkening hoods were just coming out, but they were a joke, and so were the welders that used them. It’s like buying your first hdtv. You are amazed by the clarity, but you really only notice how great is after a few months of use and you see an old school 480p television. You wonder how you used to watch that pixelated mess and actually make out what you were looking at. I had the exact same experience with this hood. After 6 months of using my 3350 i decided throw on the old manual hood just for sh*ts and giggles. It was like going back in time watching i love lucy re-runs on my parents 200 pound, back breaking monstrosity of a television. I could make roughly make out what i was looking at, but no detail, no crisp, clear edges of my weld puddle.

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Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series
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