Lisle 20610 Inline Spark Tester : Product works as needed

I have seen several complaints about it not being bright enough, not the case. I tested it on a running engine and it is very bright turning over and while running. As part of the diagnostic procedure i used it on my problem engine, yes the weak spark is a lot dimmer and non existent in some cases. That is what it is for to find your problem. I did test it inside my shop not out in the bright sun light. Easily eliminated fuel problems and found ignition problems.

Simple and easy to use inline spark tester. Plugs snap on just fine to this little guy and as long as you have a good spark, the light is bright enough to make conclusions. For the money, i’ve been happy.

Is easy to read and it comes with that 90 degree bend to allow for tight spaces. But i have like 4 different kinds now , the one with the spark plug and clamp is sturdier and is the old style , strong works forever. You can also make your own with a little brazing skills.

I used to think these inexpensive spark testers were a novelty tool that didn’t belong in a professional mechanics tool chest but have since changed my mind after using the tester to successfully diagnose a failing ignition coil on my ford ranger. If you are troubleshooting a no start condition then this is not very useful tool in my opinion but it works great if you are diagnosing a failing coil that experiences intermittent faults. My favorite feature is being able to connect it inline with one plug and start the engine instead of other testers that require you to press the tester against the plug wire and have a second person crank the engine. This way you can monitor a specific bank for several minutes if you need to. There is no country of origin listed anywhere on the packaging or tool but it has a quality look and feel & i expect it to last.

Always wanted one of these and finally got it to help diagnose a faulty spark plug wire on a generator. Magneto was broken not the wire but this helped diagnose it in under a minute. Has a straight and elbow connector which is nice.

This spark tester saved me $250. That’s how much the echo authorized repair center wanted to troubleshoot & repair my gas edger when it failed to start after 6 flawless years of regular maintenance. This spark tester proved trouble at the inline fuel filter that i had replaced during the maintenance cycle. The fuel line was replaced and it works perfectly again.

Excellent for troubleshooting ignition coils outputs on outboards, cars, motorcycles as well. If coil is in excellent shape tester will flash well a small dark room, if so so, just expect a poor or dim light flash, proper time going for a new one before totally fails.

If you do any type of small engine work this is a must have tool. Great price and it really works. 1st test i run on small engines is to see if they have any spark. This tool makes checking the spark very easy.

  • Great little tool.
  • A Quality Lisle Tool
  • Just buy this one; you will not regret this purchase.

Lisle 20610 Inline Spark Tester

Between the 4 letter words, countless beers, and two shoulders that now need operations i finally got the old tiller fired up. After shooting gas out of the exhaust and hanging the motor upside to dry it occurred to me that maybe i have a spark problem. My wife had to do the clicking because my arms were in slings, but 2 days later your boy had this great spark tester. Now after a few beers i was able to face the tiller without shaking, i popped the spark tester on after some adjustment of the boot. The boot is a tad long for small engine plugs, so i simply slid it up the wire a bit. This time i had the motor on the vice and was able to get a drill on the crank. Gave her a few bumps and of course. Did a follow up with the spark tester and she lit up nice and bright. Put everything back together and paid some kid to pull the string a few dozen times to get the thing fired up.

Quickly diagnosed a bad coil pack. It was easy to see the spark wasn’t normal as it was on the other packs. Also diagnosed a coil pack no fire at all on another occasion. We’ll worth the money and as simple as unplug the plug wire from the coil pack, plug the tester to the pack and the plug wire to the tester. It has already paid for itself several times over.

This tool been very helpful and testing the spark on a boat motor. It’s more for the older style motor that has points and condensers and allows you to see if you’re getting spark. Very useful and ignition diagnostic testing. In the spring when the marina drops your 30-foot sailboat into the water they expect you to be able to drive it away within 5 to 10 minutes. This allows you to test to see that you have spark before you can actually start the engine.

This inline spark tester by lisle is one the the cheap tools that works just as well as anything else. It makes diagnosing a no-run situation fast and easy. It is beyond simple to use: (make sure the engine is off)-disconnect the spark plug wire from your spark plug-connect the boot of the tool to the spark plug-insert the rod of the tool into the removed wire from the first step. -start or crank the engine and watch inside the glass of the tool. If there is no spark inside the tool, that tells you the coil or distributor is not producing spark and further diagnosis is necessary. If you have spark, the tool will show. A dim, orange spark indicates a weak spark. Ideally, the spark will be a bright white or blueish color. Overall a great tool that is essential for any toolbox.

Like a second pair of hands. I do with the lead was longer, that way you could always be able to position it somewhere that you could check the spark in a non-starting car, and the lead does not work for checking a coil-distributor (you just need two old wires for this) but apart from those issues that can be easily worked around, i will never be without one of thesebest way to check the brightness for a possible weak spark is to put it on a strong running car so you have a visual reference.

I do like this spark tester because it’s easy to see if you have proper spark when you are alone. I’m old school and testing spark is easy. Normally just remove the spark plug and make sure you have a gap to a goood ground and you can see it, and even have done it where you hold it and take the small jolt yourself. Really when you are alone and it’s a recoil start engine someone else has to pull the rope for lawnmowers, snow blowers etc. Cars well same thing someone else has to turn the ignition switch, not that i havent’ just crossed a screwdriver across the solenoid on cars and boats that actually have an external solenoid. I have had other gap style testers too but i can now see spark easily alone. I work on lots of different stuff and it’s nice to have a visual diagnostic tool so i would suggest this item to anyone.

I have a lot of vehicles 2 tractors ,3 riding lawn mowers, golf cart, 2 trucks and 3 cars. There is always one that is not starting and to hold a spark plug wire and crank the motor is hard to do by yourself this allows me to do that. First time i tried it no spark i knew i needed a coil and i was up and running after i got the part. Next time plenty of spark had to find another solution still working on that one. Get one the price is right and it works.

I have 4 old tractors dating back to a 1953 ford golden jubilee. These are working tractors on our little ranch. As you might expect i never had enough them all working at once. This little spark tester has been in constant use for a couple years now. I wouldn’t call it good but rather invaluable.

I recommend one of these to a friend, which is who this purchase was for. I’ve had mine for about 6 or 7 years, and i wouldn’t want to do any kind of small engine work without one. It works on all spark plug engines from automobiles to string trimmers to push mowers. Simple to use: connect it inline with your spark plug, crank the engine and a healthy spark with light the tiny neon bulb in the glass. You can even run the engine with the tester still attached. I have yet to see another style than i like better than mine. Just buy this one; you will not regret this purchase.

What can i say, another great tool made by lisle. I am very happy with this tool. Would recommend to all professional and novice mechanic. The clear lens is highly visible and easy to see.

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