Lisle 24400 Disc Brake Pad Spreader – but it didn’t quite fit into my MDX calipers like it should have

Not sure what people are complaining about this thing works great. I think the problem people are having is they are forcing it. Compressing caliper pistons are not a game of brute force or a show of strength. It is an act of finesse, take your time. Also, and very important, open the cap on your master cylinder prior to compressing the pistons, the fluid needs to move, just make sure you close it up when done. If this helps you please mark it ‘helpful’ so i know, thank you.

Even if i only use this once a year this is probably the best tool i have ever purchased, it makes doing a brake job so much easier than using a c clamp, it fits perfectly into the caliper and works great. I would recommend buying this even if you use it once and throw it away it is worth the money.

It does exactly what it’s designed to do, and it does it just fine. If you’re buying this tool, you probably already know this, but you need to use an old brake pad or something like that to let the tool work against — this tool will not work well on it’s own without the old brake pad to press against. Honestly, if you have a c-clamp already, just use that. And if you don’t have one, you can probably find a suitable one at harbor freight for half the price of this. I don’t exactly regret buying this, but it was also kind of a waste of money.

This little guy came in very handy just last night when i changed the brakes on one of my cars. In the past i’ve had to resort to a c-clamp to move the piston on the brake caliper back into place and it was usually hard and time consuming because you had to be careful you didn’t damage it. This awesome tool allowed me to move the piston i about 1 minute with easy instead of 5-10 minutes with the c-clamp. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does their own brakes.

Only complain is after doing 2nd break job on 2nd vehicle the threads started to go bad seemed like the material it’s made of got eaten with some chemical i used to clean break parts. All i used was brakeklean, however after using some wd40 and screwlose i was able to get the knob to turn and get past the bad spot i used file and filed the rough part of the thread and got it to work again. 4 stars for that sole reason other wise it is very handy and would buy again.

This is a handy little thing to have, but it didn’t quite fit into my mdx calipers like it should have. This may just be my car, but i had to use the brake pad as a shim and finagle it around to get it in there. It was still way better than a c-clamp and a brake pad, but a tool specifically designed for this purpose should be designed a bit more universally.

  • Worked as expected, but minor flaw in Design
  • This is fine. It’s, I mean. It’s fine.
  • Best thing since Velcro!!

It doesn’t cost alot and it makes the job of pushing back your brake piston so much easier. I’ve used pliars and c-clamps in the past when i’ve changed my brake pads but using this item was much simplier and easier. Just take your old brake pad and place it in front of the brake cylincer on the brake caliper and then mount this between the old brake pad and the inside of the brake caliper and turn the handle until the piston seats itself. Presto, you’re done and you didn’t misalign the piston, which, by the way is a no-no and really hard to fix once you’ve done it. So based on first-hand experience, don’t mess up the piston by pushing it in wrong. This little tool will make sure you don’t mess up and it’s only 8 bucks.

Don’t be an idiot and try to push your brake cylinders back in by hand. I used to hate having to do the brakes for any of my cars, just tedious and time consuming. This product greatly decreases the time and more importantly the effort you have to expend to push that damn cylinder back in. It’s worth your time if you use it once.

This is another tool that you don’t need but its good to have and makes the job a lot easier. The spreader appears to be made well and for a weekend mechanic will last a long time.

I used this item to push break piston of merc c280 2007. As i put it on expected place to push the piston and rotated the knob completely, the piston got pushed backward but when i rotated the knob to open the tool, only knob nut get off from main bolt. So it was hard time to take the thing of my break clamps. The knob should have fitted with a extra nut next to it, to prevent it from opening. See image at link below :http://www. Com/gp/customer-media/permalink/mo1zoz4or18ldw9/b0002squ9k.

The only thing about this is that it (obviously) will not fit all calipers due to size restrictions. For example, i had to resort to the trusty c-clamp on the rear calipers of an ’04 honda pilot. Besides that it works simply and beautifully.

Features of Lisle 24400 Disc Brake Pad Spreader

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  • Use on domestic and import cars and light trucks
  • Compresses disc brake piston for easy installation

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Ever tried the job with a ‘c’ clamp?. This inexpensive piece of equipment saves bruised fingers, banged up knuckles, and ruined calipers. For the minimal price, a ‘must have’ for anyone working on disc brakes. Read the reviews and saw complaints of the handle turning hard. I had no problems whatsoever.

Another long life tool that finally stripped the threads after owning it for about 15 to 20 years. Will continue to purchase these simple but so effective tools as long as i am able to work on vehicles. This tool may well outlive me. They are great for the single piston type calipers, and when used properly will last for many years. I have previously used this tool in a professional environment and for personal use and still got many years worth of use out of it. I just hope that the new tool quality is just as great as they were when i first purchased it.

Turns out it is too short for my pickup truck’s calipers (dodge dakota, 2002). You might be better off getting a very large c clamp. Otherwise, if you have a flat piece of metal, or something spatcula-like in form (like a paint scraper) that won’t bend, you can use this in conjunction with a piece of metal to push the calipers back. A solid strip of metal about one inch in width and about 5 inches in length should suffice. Other than that, works great.

First time using brake caliper spreader. Problem with c-clamp is that they don’t always fit well on outside caliper. Used this for the first time a week ago and wish i had one years ago. I used a piece of thick metal stock on piston along with this spreader and worked great. Did not need any tools to turn since it was evenly pushing piston in.

I’m an average shade tree mechanic who ends up doing a brake job on our family’s cars about once a year. Given the i frequency of work, i really didn’t want to spend a lot on a spreader when my 10 year old one finally died. I’ve used this one twice now and both times is performed flawlessly. It’s extremely easy to use and seems to fit any single piston floating caliper when is common on most vehicles nowadays.

Use on domestic and import cars and light trucks

Compresses disc brake piston for easy installation

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