Lisle 70500 Tap Socket Set – Remarkable tool set.

How come i didn’t know these existed?. Wish i’d found these 25 years ago. I use them with a power drill to make quick work of tapping threads.

I was on the look out for some sizes not holding taps well as other reviewers mentioned. I did find that some of my smaller taps didn’t fit while others of the same size did. Could be a tap size problem. These seem better than the cheap adjustable kind.

One large metric set and two large std sets (all the way up to 1. 5 inch) and another regular smaller set. I use an irwin tools 21102- t-handle ratcheting tap wrench for tap sizes 1/4′ to 1/2′ – see here: https://www. Com/dp/b0039mncga/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pc_ns_ttl?_encoding=utf8&colid=308b46amjr9oa&coliid=i3u6adyqexunljbut it just wasn’t good enough or big enough for all my taps as they come in many different sizes. These tap sockets are hands down the best tools you can use (imo) for taps. I recently used them for a waterpump r&r job and i wanted to clean the threads on the block of my 02 acura when i was changing it out. I used a 1/4 inch impact drill with an extension adapter (very slowly and very carefully) but in no time flat i was able to clean out all 16 or so holes using these tools. Yes, yes, i know an impact drill is the wrong tool to use, especially if you’re making new threads (which i wasn’t) but i wanted to save time and these worked perfectly. And yes, i know a tap is not what you use to clean threads either, but that’s what i had as my tap chasers were the wrong size. Like you, i’ve been around the block and have completed the circle in my 50 yrs, but if there’s a better and faster way i’m gonna try it. These come in many different sizes and i love how i am now able to use my taps in places where my t-handle wouldn’t permit. Anyone who’s ever used taps will instantly realize the utility of these tap sockets. They are made of forged steel and are tougher than tequila and the tap is held in place with a circlip or something so they don’t fall out easily.

Use them for tapping everything, much easier than using t handle and much quicker to get set up and going than with a traditional t handle. Really shines in corners and in tight spaces. Maintains the feel in the tap so well i haven’t broke off any yet. Fit around tap is tight and snug. Would like to see a better holder than the rubber piece, but it works well enough.

It’s my fault, i suppose, that i thought the largest one would be 1/2′ square inside. I needed that for my 1/2′ npt pipe tap. I ended up using two bad sockets welded together to accomplish this. So note that the largest one is 5/16′ square shank.

How did i live without these, great product, very usefull – now i go right to t handle or rachet.

These are super handy if you ever have to use a tap. Makes it easier to hold onto and fit into tighter spaces. I even stick them on my 1/4 impact driver sometimes to speed up thread cleaning.

I have used a friend’s set for a long time as needed and finally bought myself a set. These are so helpful for the many places where you need to use a tap but don’t have room for the t-handle. In case you didn’t already know – don’t use these on an impact driver/wrench – you will almost certainly break your tap, and yeah, have fun drilling that out. But with proper hand tool use – they are a great product.

I own the snap – on set, and payed way too much for them, these are the same set snap – on sells, but for a fraction of the cost. If you have ever used taps before you are aware of how hard the whole tool is and if you use a socket with a ratchet to turn the tap, you will find the square end of the tap will shortly destroy your socket. This tool i highly recommend as it squarly fits the square shank on the tap, and is held in place by a ‘o’ ring and is extremely helpful in hand tapping / threading situations. This tool would compliment any professionals tool box.

I attempted to put to different standard size taps in and both were just a hair too big. So those two are worthless, have not had time to test three bigger tap i have in storage.

I needed a set of tap sockets because i was replacing the sills in my outboard lower unit. You need to clean the threads on the bearing body so the puller bolts with thread all the way in. The holes are right next to the shaft so no tap handle is going to fit there. I’m so glad i have these now. One of the best additions to my toolbox in a long time.

I purchased this set lisle 70500 and it’s big brother set 70940. As a toolmaker i am constantly chasing threaded holes or using easy outs or other tools with a square drive shank. These are excellent for this purpose. Of course they fit tap shanks perfectly. But the various easy outs that we use work equally well too. Any one dealing with square drive tooling will benefit from these. Btw for taps there is an oring inside that keeps the tap from falling out.

These things should net five solid stars. We use the larger sizes frequently at work. Heavy industrial hydroelectric maintenance. I recently bought a set for my home shop because they have proven their durability in an industrial setting. When i received them and tried the smaller sockets #1-4, i found the square portion that keeps the taps from spinning in the sockets was machined very shallow. Only about 1/16′ of the tap is captured. I then checked the sets at work and some of them also have this problem. We seldom use these for small taps at work so this issue has gone un-noticed until now. I sent an inquiry to lisle and have gotten no reply so far. Tap cutting is not really an issue but withdrawing the taps can be problematic due to slipping/skipping under light or little pressure. Here are the specifications for the Lisle 70500 Tap Socket Set:

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  • Tap Socket Set
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product is made in United States
  • Ideal for use in areas where a T handle won’t fit
  • Set of 8 sockets fits all number and fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps thru 1/2 inch
  • Sockets contained on a vinyl holder
  • All sockets are available individually

This has helped me tap a hole going into my motor. If i used the old tap wrench it would have been a major pita like usual. Don’t forget the lack of limited space underneath the hood.

I always find hole that you can’t access with a tap wrench and need to use a socket but the socket doesn’t always fit properly. It holds the tap with what looks like a tight fitting rubber sleeve similar to how a spark plug socket works. I was afraid of it being a magnet but the positive reviews made me think if chips were sticking people would be screaming.

Another great tool from lisle – and this one is made in the us. Easy to use with ratchet, pull bar, or ‘t’ bar even with an extension. Eliminates the need for those adjustable reamer/tap handles and can work in much closer places. A must have if you use reamers, taps, or easy outs.

I used these to tap 12 3/8′ bolt holes in the heads of a dodge 318 (5. Gotta say, i wasn’t looking forward to doing all those holes, but the way these tap sockets hold a tap, i could use my hitachi 18v impact driver to turn them and tap the holes easily and quickly. The job burned through one tap, but a second one was easy and reasonable to get at the local hardware. Tools are nicely made, a little spendy, but worth it.

There’s always the unforeseen and unexpected issue in a repair job,. Where something needs special attention to repair properly,. . Like when you strip a thread in an aluminum part, instead of removing the part you want to repair the thread in place with a helix-coil or thread-sert ,. It’s nice to have that option when removing the part is time consuming and the space above the damaged threaded hole is very limited,. These tap holders are just what you need to allow you to re-tap the hole , with a sti tap,. And then helical it or thread-sert it.

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  • Possible inferior construction
  • These are the REAL DEAL!
  • Winner, Winner Threadin Dinner.

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