LotFancy Refrigerant Freon Leak Detector – Great price. Feels cheap but works great

After reading many reviews on this detector, i was hesitant to buy it. For the price i thought i would give it a try. I needed a simple freon leak detector & this looked like a super deal. I have used this 3 times so far & have had no issues. I am using rechargeable batteries & have no issues. It works as designed for me & i’m happy i got it. The sensitivity adjustment works just fine for me.

It arrived quickly and upon reading the simple instructions i immediately found that the slowly warming deep freezer was full of refrigerant fumes – thus the evap coil or nearby connector was leaking. It’s well made and looks like it could command a higher price.

My refrigerator had been leaking freon slowly for months, and i had to charge it up about once per month. With this tool, it took me about 15 minutes to find the leak. It was leaking from a schrader valve which i had installed years ago. There is one thing, though, and i think this applies to all halogen gas detectors: it will read false positive around water. If you place the tip near condensation or icy lines, it may think it is a freon leak. Just make sure you dry off the area you are searching. Also, be very sure not to accidentally dip the tip into water. So don’t just probe around in places you can’t see.

This is going to be a lengthy review by my husband: i’m a car mechanic novice, and decided to upgrade my 17-year-old car’s ac after it leaked r134a during the winter, and had no clue that a device like this existed until consulting the forums. This low-cost device saved me from throwing $300 of new parts out the window. After putting my ac system together and ensuring that everything was torqued to specifications (new o-rings, compressor, accumulator, orifice expansion valve), i pulled a vacuum on the system. Much to my dismay, a leak existed in the system (-28 psi would become -2 psi within an hour). After 2 hours of checking everything in 100 degree garage heat, i decided to purchase a universal ac dye kit and dye. The cost was slightly more than this sniffer device. I injected a few ounces through the manifold (like many youtube videos describe) and had enough pressure to kick the new compressor on for 20 minutes. I then investigated in the dark for leaks. After an hour of angling a mirror into a hard-to-find place (thanks gm, the buick regal 1999 decided to hide the orifice replacement under the brake booster and brake module — i’d like to know how that passed the design committee), i still couldn’t find the leak. I tried using a stethoscope to listen to leaking sounds, but the bubbling within the system made it hard to make sense of the sounds.

Unit definitely picks up on freon leaks but i do have one question. When someone lightly breathes onto the sensor end the ticking increases indicating the presence of something?. Anyone have any idea why is does that?.

My mechanic wanted $1000 to change the condenser. He said that since he could not find a leak anywhere else, that was what the problem must be. Using the leak detector, i found that freon was leaking from one of the valves that are used to charge the system. (they ar called schrader valves. ) only one was leaking but i changed both of them. I also changed the rubber rings in the plastic caps that cover the valves. The valves were two dollars and change each. A box of rubber rings cost $15 on line. I also had to refill the system with freon.

I have a leaking coil on my home hvac. This cheap detector would alert every time consistently in the area where we suspected the leak to be, and it didn’t seem to give any false positives. The detector my ac repair guy was using wouldn’t give repeatable results at all. He could place it in the area we suspected the leak to be and sometimes it would alert and sometimes not. Not saying this detector is better than the expensive ones the pros use but in my particular case it was.

Hey everybody, just a fyi,i work with all kinds of freon,i had a leak in couldn’t find, i used all kinds of dye and nothing, i bought this unit and had a good laugh it’s small and kinda cheap looking, but let me tell you i was. I put batteries in turn , and turned it on, stared checking lines, bamb, there it was, i’m not joking, it took less than a minute to find. I recommend this to any one who works with freon. When you first start, turn it up and as the beeping starts give it a sweep in the air to give you an ideal where the leak is,as you get close range start turning down and start to narrow your search, and in my case i wend down the lines slow,and then the beeping starts to get fast, bang i had it, a little hole rubbed in the line, paid for it self the first time i’ve used it, give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

Play with sensitivity against a known leak or valve to get the feel for which way the knob turns to make it less/more sensitive.

This is a great tool to use when looking for a leak. It detected a leak at the low side schrader valve on my truck, and when i took off the cap it beeped frequently, confirming where the leak was. I have dye in the oil, and saw some with the uv light, but that may have been residual from charging, so i used this and it worked really well immediately. Shipping was fast and the price was fantastic. If you plan on servicing your own ac equipment, this is a great tool to have.

This detector did exactly what i purchased it for – found the leak in the ac system in less than 10 minutes. I had the pump to evacuate the system and replace the o-rings that were leaking and saved a lot of money. Put a piece of tape over the speaker hole to quiet it down a bit. Everyone that works on cars should have this in their tool box.

Tried this out the day i received it, all over the engine compartment for the car i bought it to diagnose. It wouldn’t beep one little bit. But that’s because it turns out the leak was inside the firewall, behind the glove compartment in the dash. When i brought it around into the passenger cabin, it signaled immediately on the open glove box.

 purchased this unit back in sep 2016, used it barely, just couple of times. Took out again today from packaging, and it never turned on. Checked & replaced the batteries, but nothing happened. So this tool just died on me in 1. I took apart the device, and found the spring lost its tension, required to complete the circuit. Pried the metal pieces closer to each other, and now system turns on. Made little video here for other buyers, as i see lot other complained too about unit didn’t turn on. Raised from 1 star to 3 star, as it is still a design flaw. Here are the specifications for the LotFancy Refrigerant Freon Leak Detector:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Excellent sensor with maximum sensitivity of 6gr/yr, the Freon leak detector detects all kinds of halogen refrigerants including but not limited to R11, R12, R500, R503, R22, R123, R124, R502, R125, R134a, R404a R600a R290
  • Real time sensitivity, refrigerant Freon leak detector can be automatically adjusted to the best optimum detecting state
  • Flexible probe can reach to almost any awkward corners or space; More stable gas leak detector with precise ultra-low power IC design
  • Tricolor display of battery voltage; Siren sound and flashing light for the leak alarm indicator
  • We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and one year warranty

I bought this for my husband a few days ago, and it arrived today. Super fast shipping and the best price i could find anywhere. I saw some reviews that said that this sniffer didn’t work. It almost didn’t work for us, until my husband figured out a few things. 1) it takes 4 (four) batteries, not 2. When you open it up, it looks like it only holds 2, but you have to pull it out and put 2 more batteries on the back side of the holder. 2) make sure you are putting the batteries in correctly. My husband uses kirkland batteries, which look like they have 2 positive ends. He figured out that one of the batteries was in upside-down and now this thing works like a charm.He said it was amazing how sensitive it is.

After reading the instructions i went to work finding a freon leak and it found the area fairly quickly. I’m not sure how long the tip may last but it was worth the price. Btw, if you have o-ring freon leaking problems use nilog rt-201b to cure those woes very effectively.

This is a very nice leak detector, especially at this price. I have a small shop where i work on cars for friends and family. This has been a great tool for trouble shooting our a/c problems (slow leaks).

Few tips: if you cover the end it will go off so don’t let it get to close to something, if you blow in it or put it in front of a fan or blower it will go off. Did test it with 410a gas and it works. Seems to work ok but didn’t know about covering the end and the wind, just wish the manual talked about that so i wasn’t chasing a nonexistent leak on my mini split.

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  • Saved the day and $300 of effort
  • Freon leak detecter
  • Works well,

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