LUYED 2 X 570 Lumens Super Bright 3014 48-EX Chipsets 569 578 211-2 212-2 LED Bulbs Used, It takes reviews like this to help others in shopping

Loving these so far i’m my 2019 ram 1500 quad cab. It’s a basic truck so there is only one dome light. Since there’s only one bulb lighting the interior i figured i should get the brightest one i could find, and this one did not disappoint. (first photo is outside of the truck with the window closed).

I purchased this pair of led bulbs to replace the incandescent dome light in my old ’84 mallard motorhome. Well it fit and i have an extra for when one burns out in the next 40 years or so. It fit perfectly in the original housing that the old filament bulb melted from getting too hot. Well i will no longer have that problem with these fancy new led bulbs. They get a little warm, but absolutely nothing to be concerned about, especially compared to incandescent. My vision was a nice 20/20 when i purchased these led bulbs. After installing one of them, i made the mistake of looking directly at the leds. I am now dictating my thoughts to my wife so she can type them out for me, as i am blind as a bat. Even the sun could take a lesson from these bulbs. I swear you could turn one on in high-noon, broad daylight, and somehow it would get brighter outside. If you could take one of those giant spotlights that shoot light beams into the sky and squeeze it down into a 1. 67′ rectangle, this would be it. I’ve heard from my wife that all leds on the bulb are still illuminating perfectly. She heeded my warning of not looking directly at them and she used a welding helmet to check and see. They should be called medusa lights, or poltergeist lights. I could even quote bruce springsteen and/or manfred mann.

Got this for my chevy express work van. I was worried it would look like an led panel. I installed it tilting towards the front of the cab. And it lookedas i fear, like an led panel, it was bright, but it had dark spots in the housing, and certain parts of the cab weren’t lit up well. But i noticed the dome lamp cover had what looked like lenses in it, so i adjusted the panel to point strait down, popped the cover back on, and just like that, it was perfect. Even spread of light, and lamp cover diffused the light so it didn’t look like an led panel. There were still shadows inside the housing behind the led. But there were no shadows in the cab. It comes in a surprisingly nice looking case. I thought i was opening a box for a wallet or watch. I only needed one bulb, so i gave the extra to a coworker, jokingly like it was an anniversary gift.

So much better than my horrible stock jku interior lights. Installed one of these luyed led bulbs in my 2016 jeep wrangler unlimited. The led light fit fo the rear light dome great, i just had to bend the metal holster a bit (oem dome lights for jeep wranglers are a bit larger compared to the luyed led lights). If i didn’t bend the metal holsters, the light would flicker because the fit was too loose. Def a major upgrade to the interior lighting, i would highly recommend buying a set (jeep wranglers only need 1 led light for the rear dome, so you can keep a spare). Installation took less than a minute, only tool i used was a butter knife to pop the dome light cover off.

Product arrived well packed and in a timely manner. I absolutely could not believe how much brighter these bulbs are than the very brightest name brand bulb (and most expensive) i could purchase at the local auto parts stores. Unbelievable upgrade to your vehicle dome lights. Makes it look like daylight in my huge quadcab tacoma pickup. If i didn’t see the difference for myself i wouldn’t believe it. And these are half the price of what i spent for the very brightest bulb in the parts store that had less than half the brightness. This bulb lights both the front and back seat of my truck.

I’ve been through quite a few brands of ‘festoon’ style led bulbs and i can honestly say, these are the brightest, whitest and most durable​ i’ve ever come across. I bought the 330 lumen ones and they too are wicked bright. But if you want to blast your whole cabin or cargo area up with enough light to probably grow questionable ‘herbs’ in, then these are for you. Warning: do not install these in map lights that are close to your face, because when you turn these on, your night vision will go right out the window.After seeing first hand how bright these are, i ‘modified’ (bent the piss out of the clips) my honda accord’s dome light to make these things fit and it was well worth it. Yes, there’s some slight buzzing/whining if your vehicle has the auto fade/dim out feature but, it’s honestly not that bad; lasts a whole 2-3 seconds. I even disassembled the ends of one to adapt it to fit a horizontal style dome light in a 2003 dodge ram single cab; 194 wedge style base. For those of you who own said truck, mod these to work in your dome light and never look back. You can take even the best 194/168 led replacement for horizontal dome lights and multiply it’s output four times and it still wouldn’t touch the brightness these things put out.

I wanted a bright white light. They are quite bright but not too bright. They are 42mm festoon and 6000k intensity. I installed these as part of of an led conversion on my 2001 porsche carrera 911 (996). These fit: main dome light / luggage compartment / engine bay. This led conversion looks fantastic. Most people think my car is a 2010+.

Key specs for LUYED 2 X 570 Lumens Super Bright 3014 48-EX Chipsets 569 578 211-2 212-2 LED Bulbs Used for Dome Light,Xenon White:

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  • ✔【Super Bright & Low Power】(Set of 2 bulbs,6500K,Xenon White) 578 3014 48-EX Chipsets LED Bulbs,570Lumens&3.8W Per Bulb,Much Brighter Than Original Bulb.
  • ✔【Application】Fits:211-2 212-2 214-2 2112 2122 2142 578 576 560 569,Used for Car Interior Map Lights or Dome Lights or Side Door Courtesy Lights etc,Bulb size: 1.65″ x 0.67″ x 0.39″,Working voltage:Dc 9-30v,For most vehicles, Just Plug & Play Replacement LED Bulb.
  • ✔【Heat Dissipation】Built-in intelligent IC driver and aviation aluminum material for better performance,stable input current protects the circuit,Ensure the secure temperature range and consistent brightness out to reach a long LED bulb life up to 50,000 hours.
  • ✔【Attention】The bulb size may vary between the model or trim of your vehicle. Please check your vehicles owners manual or the original bulb to confirm the bulb size before placing an order.
  • ✔【One Year Warranty】All of our product enjoys 24h customer service,One Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects,No hassle on return or replacement,Just buy with confidence.

Comments from buyers

“Ridiculously bright
, Absolutely the brightest bulb on the freeking planet!
, comes in a surprisingly dapper box.

I have 4 in back of my ford transit van.

I use my expedition as a work vehicle, and work late on a daily base. So every time i have to look for something in my car after sun down i have been scrambling for a flashlight. Do these bulbs put out the light?. I upgraded all my interior cabin lights with led’s. Only one of these in the back fixture though, as the other lights required a different bulb. I had a little issue with fitting them as the connector ends seemed a little thinner than the original bulbs (used manufacturers car manual for exact bulb) but a little squeeze on the connectors fixed the problem. Anyways i am super happy with this one. I’ll submit a picture later.

Great update to my 18 year old 2000 mustang gt convertible – my convertible doesn’t have traditional dome lights, it only has the rear view mirror map lights, so after seeing that i could upgrade the old festoon bulbs to led, i went for it. The difference is like night and day – even just one of these leds is brighter than both of the old festoon bulbs. One that i did have to do – the copper attachments that held the old festoon bulbs in place were a bit too large for these led contacts, so i had to squeeze the copper attachments with some needlenose pliers to make them tighter so they would actually grip the new led bulbs. Slightly annoying, but well worth the much much brighter light in my old cari will update this review if/when these leds give out. The old festoon bulbs lasted for 18 years without being replaced. Hopefully i’ll get a long time out of these leds also.

Bought these to replace my trunk light in my 2012 mustang 5. Only needed one so i have a backup if one fails. If one does fail anytime soon i will update though because these should last much longer than the original halogen bulb. It is much brighter than the factory original. Since the mustang only had 1 trunk light, it needed the brightest i could get. Gives it better modern look as well as being brighter.

Just bought these lights to replace the 3rd pair i’ve tried (other brands, 6k light) and these lights blow the competition away. When i turn on these lights (map/dome light) on at night, they turn the inside of my cabin into day time. Will buy another pair for my wife’s car. The pictures don’t do these bulbs justice but you can get an idea of just how bright they are.

Update august 18, 2017the original review is below. This is an update as to the longevity of the luyed 2 x 570 lumens superbright led lights. I purchased these in january of 2016. One of them failed within about 6 months. It was in the back part of my truck cab, so i just ignored it all this time. The second one failed a few weeks ago which lights up the front seats of my truck cab. When i say they failed, i mean they either started to flash like a strobe light or most of the leds don’t lite up anymore. I do use the dome lights in my truck a lot more than the lights in my work trailer, so you have to consider that when i say none of the lights in my work trailer have failed. My work trailer lights are all the cutequeen 16-smd lights listed below in the original review. I’ll be ordering those as a replacement for the expensive luyed lights that have now failed me.

Ok this is the 3rd set of bright or supper bright leds purchaces ed this week from people saying there are bright. Well they say third time is a charm. These really light up the inside of my 2004 f150 haritage. In fact so bright i am ordering another set so all 3 will be in the dome light. It takes reviews like this to help others in shopping. A+a side note they are wide but fit just fine in the map lights, there will be lots of room for the dome.

For those of you that refuse to see the light. I think this is what god uses as a back light effect. Don’t know about heat build up. Older eyeballs need more light. Thank you for the eye searing laser beam of light made into this style of bulb.

So i upgraded 4 of my cabin lights, 3 with these and one with a red led. I was more than impressed with the light that these put out and in fact haven’t ever wished i had more light since i transitioned to these from the incandescent ones. While driving these are too bright to turn on at night, so if possible i’d highly recommend either leaving one incandescent or preferably getting a good bright red led one. I can drive and the red led doesn’t reflect as much against windows and can still see enough to pick up whatever i dropped. One caveats is that these may be slighly smaller than the incandescent ones and you may have to use needle nose pliers to tighten the tabs that hold the lights securely and get good contact on the terminals. This only takes a few seconds and is more than easy. Whether writing reports or taking selfies, these are hard to beat.

Works great in my 2004 dodge ram 1500. Very bright and it still dims when it shuts off. One problem is that it may need a resistor in order to use it independently. This truck has one dome light and two map lights that work on the same circuit and they all turn on when you open the doors and they also work independently when you press the lens. With these led lights, you lose the independent function unless you turn another one on, which doesn’t make it independent. Luckily i only replaced the dome light and i can deal with it till i need to replace the other two.

I love themi have had issues in the past with replacing the dome lights in cars with leds and they just weren’t bright or just weren’t nearly as omnidirectional as a standard halogen bulb would be. They might be a little on the pricey side compared to other led bulbs, but they are worth it. Let the pictures speak for themselves. Both pictures were taken at night, one with the rear glass open, and the other with the glass (tinted btw) closed. If you turn these on at night it will feel like daytime on the insideedit: 5/03/19i’ve been driving for lyft now for 2 weeks and as soon as it gets dark out, i am constantly getting compliments from my passengers on how super nice my vehicle is and so on. And since it’s the same vehicle during the daytime i guarantee it’s these lights that are making the difference and make it so the interior looks very modern and very clean. Not to mention it makes it easier for people to see at night and able to get in the vehicle quickly and safely.

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