LYLLA One Mode High Beam CREE U5 LED Motorcycle Headlight : They do a good job of lighting up the road ahead of the

Can’t beat these for the price. Not crazy bright, but i didn’t expect blazing sun brightness.

I bought this pair of led lamps for my vstrom 650, 2016, based of another review on stromtrooper website. First off; price was unbeatable. I searched for many models, types, ratings, etc. And these from lylla were the best bang for the money. Second: built: inside the package there were two lamps and two switches, along with all the wires. The materials seem to be sturdy, not unbreakable aluminium and seems to be well sealed in the led section. Installation: was very easy if you know what are you doing. I used the heater grip connector to obtain 12v from battery and connected the switch to the handlebar. Then wired each lamp and installed the lamps below the directional lights. So far, i have ridden the led lamps on downpours, tropical storms and extreme heat conditions down here in panama city, panama and the lamps are doing great.

Product was delivered as promised. Fits perfectly on my bike and looks like it could be an oem piece. The wire lead is plenty long enough that the connections can be hid. My only concern is that it is stated to be waterproof but the backside of the switch is open. I am not sure that this is an issue but to be sure i wrapped the bar with electrical tape and placed tape across the rear of the switch before installing it. Other than that, i am very pleased with this switch.

The housing to protect the lights are very weak aluminum. Purchased a set recently because the set i purchased last year housings broke just by bumping them with my knee. Lights bright giving awesome visibility daytime or evenings. Wish the select high low flash wasnt in the light itself. Rate lights a 5 but product overall 3 because of weak housing. They are mounted on a kawasaki versys engine guard.

I installed the lights a few days ago. Cons:the mounting screws are not long enough for crash bars so you’ll need to go to home depot to get longer ones. The switch is also worthless for motorcycle handlebars because is is too small. Pros:the lights seem to be made well. Even in daylight they add to your visibility. All in all for the little money they are i don’t expect you’ll be disappointed. But replacement is t going to be expensive so who cares.

I have had 13 motorcycles all large displacement engines. . Can someone tell me what full touring high cc motorcycles have 7/8 th inch handlebars ?. All my bikes were 1 inch and two bikes were even larger than that. This switch is excellent in every electrical way. . Its when you realize the tiny water pipe type u bracket provided would just barely fit around a bicycle handlebar let alone a cruiser motorcycle. Beautiful electrical performance only to be left scratching my head as to how to attach it. 10,000 bike with a switch crazy glued near the hand grip.

LYLLA One Mode High Beam CREE U5 LED Motorcycle Headlight, DRL Fog Driving Running Light Spotlight for ATV Truck w/ ON/OFF Toggle Switch (Pack of 2)

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  • ONE MODE VERSION, HIGH BEAM ONLY! – No need to switch the modes, no need to worry about breaking the traffic rules (You will get a switch as a gift). With original CREE U5 light bead, brighter and more stable
  • FITMENT – Input Voltage: 12V DC, universal fit for motorcycle, boat, cars, trucks, motor, cruiser, ATV, etc; Easy Installation, direct Replacement, Red cable is “+”, Black cable is “-“. Installation instruction is included.
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY HOUSING – Designed to be vibration-proof and water resistent with LYLLA’s sealing technology. PMMA lens, IP68 waterproof (but cannot be put into water); Environmental protection aluminum alloy casing. Notice: The clamps are not allowed to rotate
  • HIGH-QUALITY,LONG LIFE TIME,LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – Made of high quality LED chips. Extremely bright even in the daytime. Improving visibility at night or in bad weather; Low power consumption, super long life time
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE, Your satisfaction is our TOP priority. 45 days money back warranty or simply a replacement. Order Now!

This switch is labeled bass ackwords. Take some fine steel wool and gently take off the word ‘on’, wire it alternately, and presto, its a very usable switch with the small tab for ‘run’ and now the big tab for ‘off’ like it should be. Its a kill switch, you want the big tab for those quick emergency situations. Wire it up, put a helmet on, and go get lost on your ride.

These lights are super bright and well made. I had an issue with the switch, but didn’t need it, because i hooked up the wires straight to my headlight. I mounted the lights on my woodcraft frame sliders on my fz-07. Definitely worth every penny.

I mounted these lights on my motorcycle to assist me when i ride at night. The only problem i had was one of the lights went out after riding on a rainy day. After awhile it started working again and i haven’t had trouble with it since then. They do a good job of lighting up the road ahead of the bike when riding at night, too.

These lights perform as advertised. I bought these as ‘see me’ lights for my motorcycle. They easily mounted to my engine guard on my bmw f650 (twin 800 cc motor). However, the lights attach to the mounting bracket itself with 2 screws which prohibit you from rotating the lights from side to side for proper horizontal alignment. Fortunately for me though, the lights are horizontally aligned well enough (angled ever so slightly outward) when mounted to my fixed crash bar. The lights have a blueish tint to them. Even though they are ‘spot’ lights and i have them pointed downward to illuminate the ground immediately in front of my bike for 10-15 yards or so, they really light up street signs as well. For the safety alone, they are certainly worth the price.

***update***hello everyone, after my candid and objective review, hansbo who has been working with me to rectify the flashing function issue with the lights, got in touch with me and sent a new set at zero cost to me. I very much appreciate their guesture of helping the customer due to faulty light set. I have updated my ratings to reflect hansbo’s good customer service. As i mentioned before, i do recommend theee lights and buying them through hansbo. Orignal reviewi bought these for my 2014 honda shadow phantom. Had it professionally installed as my bike was at the shop for service. I have two on the handle bar and two on the engine frame; with separate switches. The lights are of decent quality based on the price they are charging. Definitely not very high end, but neither they are cheap looking. Metal housing has nice finish, wiring is good, lights glass surface is polished, and switches seems to be sturdy. You do get an extra switch, so use it for something else. You have to go through the on-off cycle three times to get to the high, low and flashing functions. In my case the flashing function is out of sync between the left and the right lights. That is;power on once – high beam on both left & right lightspower on twice – left light flashing, right light is offpower on thrice – left lights is off, right light flashingwhen i contacted hansbo, they were very nice and prompt in addressing the issue and wanted to give me a replacement.

It doesn’t have a headlight-style pattern or any kind of cutoff line, but it does throw some light out there. I needed something for an e-bike and this fit the bill– it runs at a variety of voltages. The screws between the aluminum ‘cage’ and the clamp were too long and stuck out past the surface of the clamp, making the clamp difficult to use on round tubing such as a handlebar. I removed the cage from the light in order to access these two screws and put a washer under them. That worked fine, but in the process i noticed that the screws holding the cage to the light body go clear through the body– there is no way this is a truly waterproof design. There appeared to be some caulk or glue in the treads, and i assume this was an attempt at waterproofing. However, once disturbed by tilting the light within the cage (which is possible) or removing to fit the too-long screws, whatever seal was initially present is now compromised. I would not count on this light for applications requiring real water resistance. The included switch works well and is a nice touch.

Installed on my atv for a light bar. Other guys in my group cut holes in their plastic to mount a switch. Saw this switch on mine and had instant regret for their choice. Plus they spent almost as much for their switch as i did on this thing. So they didn’t even save money.

Fantastic intense and focused projector lights for a motorcycle. Previously available versions included a 3 states high/low/strobe which are dandy but strobing lights are illegal in the states, this single state high beam 3000lm led light is the answer. Easily aimed to keep the light beam within you lane of travel and out of the eyes of oncoming traffic. Compact and very low current draw if compared to hid or halogen lights. Fast delivery and a welcome option for u. These would also work for atvs, cars and trucks with minor mount modifications.

LYLLA One Mode High Beam CREE U5 LED Motorcycle Headlight, DRL Fog Driving Running Light Spotlight for ATV Truck w/ ON/OFF Toggle Switch (Pack of 2) :

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LYLLA One Mode High Beam CREE U5 LED Motorcycle Headlight, DRL Fog Driving Running Light Spotlight for ATV Truck w/ ON/OFF Toggle Switch (Pack of 2)
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