Marvel Mystery Oil Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil – 32 oz : The best stuff for my car runs very good and very

Been adding this to the tank about once a month now and it’s been doing something. The engine runs a bit smoother and deeper when it’s in the tank, the effect usually fades out sometime in the tank after, but not completely. My fuel gauge used to be inaccurate by a quarter and now it’s a lot more accurate so something had to have been sitting in that tank that this stuff helped clear out. I have too much fun with my truck to be able to tell if it improved fuel mileage or not.

I have ran this stuff in all my motors. 5 hp briggs and stratton mower in 4 years and it still runs like a top. I kept a gallon of fuel in the shed for 2 years treated with mmo and it ran my mower like a beast until the last drop.

When i have mmo in my gasoline, i am noticing a subtle difference in my engine’s smoothness. The engine also tends to stammer less too and i feel confident with how silky the engine is. The vehicle is a 1994 jeep grand cherokee with 200,000 miles and a 5. One of the reason i am running it in my fuel was the need to combat deposits that were potentially causing engine knocking. Combined with premium fuel at my sam’s club, i’m happy with the results i am getting.

I used it to clean my vw jetta. It was giving me codes for exhaust. I changed the o2 sensor and it still came on. So i threw one of these in there instead of buying the more expensive fluids for exhaust cleaning. The exhaust stinked after i placed it in with my oil. However, after a week the smell lessened. It was so bad i had to roll the windows up. You could even see some fumes when the engine started.

Was told by a auto store employee this is good stuff and would help my lifter noise i get only when i start up cold. Changed my oil and used 1qt mystery oil and 5qts fresh oil for my 4. 7lt v8 (holds 6qts perfectly). Ran it for about 800 miles in which two trips were 300miles highway each way so that should have been ample for the product to do its work. Changed the oil back to mobile1 and seemed to cleaned it up then after 350 miles my oil lifters chatter on start up again but mostly only when cold. I’m just going to keep regular on oil changes. Maybe i’ll give it another shot on the next oil change.

In the 60s, so many people just ran vintage straight30 at best. If you have ever see in side of a 40k mile motor that had only seen non-detergent oil, changed every now and then,you’d probably be shocked. Mechanics of the day saw this horror constantly. They also saw how a motor ran with a quart of mmo added at changes looked in comparison. It was worth every penny for drop in those cases. Also, in the winter, that straight30 could give you some ticking and rattling at start up. Adding mmo, thinned that down some, to help pump up those lifters, and get the oil flowing.

If you have used marvel before than you know it really does help in all gas and oil applications. The price is ok if you are a prime member. It is the same price at walmart however for this size currently. I use it in all of our cars gas tanks and oil as directed for extra long term protection and boost. I also use it in my lawnmower and have never had to tune it up for more than six years now. It may be marvel mystery that keeps it running.

I’ve always wondered about marvel mystery oil as i’ve seen reviews along with various youtube videos about the benefits of this product. So i decided to give it a try. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label for the application your using it for. It doesn’t take a lot, whether adding to your oil or your gasfirst i put some in my gas tank at the recommended amount (4 oz per 10 gallons). Most people do this 2 to 3 times to get the full benefits of the product. So a 16 oz bottle of marvel mystery oil would treat 40 gallons of gas. It has improved the performance of my 2011 kia sorento 4 cylinder after using on 40 gallons and i’m going to change the spark plugs now. On my significant others 2002 toyota sr5 4runner, we’ve had issues with 3 of the idiot lights always staying on, which i’ve read could be the o2 sensors. On the 3rd application (i used a bottle, 4 oz per 10 gallons, 4 times in a row) those lights went off and have stayed off for 3 months now.Did it clean out the o2 sensors?.

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  • This product will help your motor
  • Works for engine cleaning and exhaust.

Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil – 32 oz.

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  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and carburetors
  • Reduces and prevents varnish and gum build-up
  • Prevents valve sticking and clatter
  • Prevents oil breakdown caused by extreme temperatures

The best stuff for my car runs very good and very smooth. I have a 1984 corvette with 340,000 miles never done any work in the engine thanks to the marvel mistery oil 👍👏.

Been using mystery oil for 40 years, we usually get over 200k in our vehicles, until the rust gets the body.

I have been using this in my tank for a while now. I think it really does help my 30 year old motor to perform a lot better. I have one complaint about the one gallon size. It has no markings on the bottle, so you either have to guess the amount you are pouring in, or you have to measure it into another container first to be sure you are using the correct amount. I took off one star because of this. As i understand it, you are supposed to use four ounces of the marvel to every ten gallons of petrol. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone, but i would say do not buy it in the one gallon size unless you want to hassle with measuring it out first.

Cleaned the gunk out of my used car. Purring like a kitteni bought 2 and ran it 100 miles each application. . Oil changes look solid on this car now.

I purchased an older car that had a ticking – maybe a slight valve sticking problem. I put a small amount of marvel mystery oil in the gas tank and also replaced half a quart of oil while changing oil. One day while on the expressway i changed lanes and all of a sudden this other car changed lanes too. In an effort to get out of the way i floored it. I looked in the rearview mirror and their was this cloud of smoke behind me. I mean huge dark cloud as i raced away. It was amazing, at first a litle scary then i realized my engine needed this. My motor is so quiet and idles so smooth that i hear the cars engine next to me in traffic but not mine. I actually thought on one occasion the engine had stopped but i blipped the gas and yes it was running.

I love what this stuff does, even for newer engines. Saw reduced smoke and oil consumption in my old big block and made the wife car run a lot smoother. As long as the seals aren’t rotten it should recondition them back to functional.

Lots of uses but my favorite is to smooth out idle or iinjector issues on car/truck. Add about 8oz per 20 gallons and you will see a smoother idle in most cases. Also at this ratio or upe to 16oz per 20 gallons of gas seems to really quiet down injector noise.

I have used this product in my antique cars, current vehicles, outboard motor gas, motorcycle, weed eater, tractor mower and generator now for over 20 years. This product rejuvenates gasoline, keeps the carburetors and fuel injectors clean and lubes the valves. It is a must for those that want to keep their vehicles running.

How it works might be a mystery but the result is all magic. This was suggested to me by my mechanic when the fuel gauge on my 1974 sonett broke after the car being stationary at his place for 4 years. He said the gauge probably corroded and i should try this stuff although he couldn’t guarantee it would do the trick. 2 recommended doses to the gas tank and just like magic the gauge worked again. I use it fairly regularly now since i noticed that the gauge doesn’t respond consistently if i don’t.

Have no clue whats in this thing. 5i was drinking oil from the top mark down to the bottom mark on the dipstick and it got to the point where i would pull the dipstick completely dry. Bought car new, regular oil changes, well looked after. Dropped 8oz into the engine, wasnt expecting anything whatsoever. Pulled the dipstick before the next oil change and would you believe it, it was still near the top mark. What the hell is this stuff??. Is it the sweat of gods?car is at 170k and i will be using 2-4oz for every or every other oil change from now on.

Used it for many years on a lot of vehicles. I trust this stuff in the fuel to lubricate entire fuel system. Have never had a full system problem since i began using 30 years ago.

Don’t know if it really works but i’ve used up 1 gal of this stuff in my engine and as gas treatment. Ran out about 2 months ago and i did notice my gas milage went down 2-3miles to the gal. Also been using it on engine on my last 500-1000miles. Seems to idle much quieter with it than without. I’ll keep using until it quits working.

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