MAXCRAFT 60609 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver, Great set with a nice, grippable handle

I love how compact the tool is. When i first got this, i was a bit annoyed because i originally thought they only sent me 4 out of the 7 bits that was included. But i found out later, there were 3 other bits that was stuck at the bottom of the pen. I tried taking them out by tapping it against a table for about a minute. Finally, i took out my small magnet pen to take those three bits out. It took me several tries, but i finally got them out. If anyone thinks they only got 4 bits, check again. Other than that, the function of the tool itself is fine.

The best thing about this screwdriver set is that it comes with a larger barrel so that you can get a good grip. Many times with the smaller screwdriver sizes, the handle is so small that i have a really hard time getting a nice “handle” on it and cannot unscrew anything. I took a chance on this one, and i’m glad that i did. There are so many little bits to put in the pen-like barrel that all of your small electronics are covered. Everything seems pretty sturdy, too. When i first got this, all the bits were stuffed too tightly in the barrel, and i had to use pliers to pull one out so that the others had enough room to move free. It never happened again, though, so i think it was either the way it was packaged or a rough delivery.

I wanted to give this product two stars due to the difficulty of removing three of the pieces from the internal storage of the tool but decided not to once i was able to remove the three pieces with tweezers. I want to make a note that in my case at least all the pieces arrived (in other reviews i read that some people were missing pieces). The first four pieces could easily be removed after unscrewing the top cap of the screw driver device and emptying its contents. The issue came when i tried to remove the last three pieces. These three pieces were crammed together at the bottom of the screw driver’s internal storage device. I tried removing it with a metal paper clip that i unraveled and elongated in an attempt to reach each piece and push it out but that did not work. I tried shaking it to remove them but the force wasn’t strong enough on its own to get them out. I considered banging it against a hard floor as another reviewer had but decided against it. Then i read that someone used a metal probe to successfully remove it and that reminded me of a medical tool kit i had in my possession from a previous anatomy lab. I tried each tool in the kit to remove each of the three pieces (except the scissors and scalpel were of course are too sharp) and in the end a pair of long, slender tweezers did the job.

It was nice to have the various sizes of phillips head drivers. I was dealing with some small screws in a kid’s toy. Nothing i had seemed to fit. Of course i had to try all three screw heads that came with this one before i found the perfect one. I now feel completely prepared for any small screw challenge, whether flat or phillips, this tool will cover it. One very important piece of advice. Replace the tail cap before you attempt to tighten/loosen a tight screw. I didn’t do this and after applying some pressure to the tail end with the cap off and rotating the screwdriver several times, i cut a nice circle into my finger.

>after buying one for myself, i purchased a dozen more as gifts for every one of my male relatives and friends. >impressive, beautifully machined of all steel. A precision tool, at a remarkable price ($4 when i purchased it). >the ~ 1/2 inch knurled barrel allows your fingers to put plenty of torque into loosening tight screws. >3 phillips bits and 4 straight bits of different sizes, all of which fit into the barrelminor short comings>unfortunately, you don’t get your choice of color, i received both black and gold. >a magnet holds the bit in place, but also holds onto the bits stored in the barrel—so you have to tap the open end on a surface to get the last two out. >click on “stoney” just below the product title to see my other reviews, or leave a comment to ask a question.

I’m not much of a handyman, so i’m not sure what my review means, but i was hesitant to buy at first due to some of the reviews, but was more or less satisfied with the overall purchase after use. I have no prior experience with purchasing tools, so bear with me. The price is good for what you get. A variety of interchangeable heads for a pen size tool. The heads are magnetic and can be stored through the inner back cartridge. I did have a little trouble at first because one of the heads got stuck deep inside the pen and was difficult to remove due to the interchangeable heads being magnetic. Taking the pen and slamming it against the floor or a hard table dislodged the last head for me. The packaging was simple and i got all the correct head sizes, so i have no complaints. I was able to do some considerable modding with the tool and consider this a good purchase.

I received my maxcraft precision screwdriver today and my first impression is very good. It has a reasonable weight to it and does not feel flimsy nor is it too heavy for its size. Comes in the package shown and is inside a plastic tube with a rubber cap, i will put that to good use too. The bits are smaller than the ‘standard size’ of ¼’ hex, these are the smaller standard of 4mm hex. There are a lot of other multi tools out there that use this 4mm size bits so finding a special one should not be impossible. However i have yet to find larger bits in this size, for example a #2 phillips with a 4mm hex shank.

Key specs for Maxcraft 60609 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver (colors may vary):

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  • Rugged aluminum pen-style housing with pocket clip and knurled finger grip
  • Quick-change magnetic bit holder
  • Convenient bit storage in handle

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant, Compact, Repair Everywhere!
, Good, Compact Driver
, Precision Screwdriver today and my first impression is very good. It has a reasonable weight to it and

This pocket screwdriver is intended to give a boost to my previous precision interchangeable screwdriver system, and i am so satisfied with what it provides. My previous system is modified by me to be fit in a 5’x3′ plastic case, but i still feel that size too big for my precious room in my commuting bag. And i must tell you, some 7 or more bits and a screwdriver, taking only slightly larger space of a fountain pen, this is the prefect solution for mefirst of all, all-metal construction, quality control is outstanding, no structural issues found so far. Note there is no o-ring on the cap. Come on, for this price, seriously?. Just forget itthe base of what holds your bits is magnetic, so that you won’t lose your screws that easily; the body, known as a hollow tube storing your spare bits, can actually hold up to 9 of them, or even more. Actually it can fit any other, i mean, all 4 mm bits perfectly and you can throw them in without any hesitation – exactly what i did. Clip is deep and tight, again, for its price. If you can’t trust it in your pants, just put it somewhere in your bag, just like me. Friction is good, both with gloves and bare bands. If your hands are wet it might still be an issue though. It has a solid all-metal body;2. The room inside was used maximum, stores bits more than enough for daily use;3.

I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and find such a useful tool. It isn’t as small as i thought it would be but it fits perfectly where i need it too. The 7-in-1 precision pocket screw driver comes in different colors but the one we received is gold which of course who doesn’t love gold?this isn’t made with plastic which was what my awesome husband expected to see and he was shocked to see it was made out of 100% steel. Soldthe sizes included are: (4) flat screwdriver bits: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8-inch and phillips screwdriver bits: #000, #00, #0. We’re really happy to know that this product comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee cause lets face it, accidents do happen and so do children lolif you want a great deal and an even better product, this comes highly suggested by our family.

Quite sturdy micro-screwdriver set, tiny tools which sit just inside the opening via a magnet (don’t frustrate yourself trying to open the end to insert the screwdriver tip. The opposite end does screw off revealing a handy space to hold the actual tools. Not ‘ink-pen thin’, like most other micro-screwdrivers, the larger holder (approx 3/4′ across), is just the right size as to minimize hand cramping if used for extended duration. If you mean to use this frequently (as in the course of technical work) there is even a little pocket ‘clip’ so you could keep it in your pocket – i use it for small repairs, battery change in my pedometer and small craft projects so ‘wearing’ this is not necessary nor desired for me. If you need a small screwdriver with a lot of flexibility then this one may be for you.

I received the yellow, which is great because it’s the least likely to get lost (although they could have made it a brighter shade in that vein; it’s almost a coppery or gold color. I like the fact that it has 00 and 000 philips bits, which are contained together in the body, so you’ll never lose any bits unless you lose the whole thing. The bits seem well-cut and fit nicely. The bit retention magnet does the job, though perhaps it could have been a little stronger. My sole complaint, and the reason for the 1-star deduction, is that the bits just slide loosely into the hollow body. A plastic insert to hold the bits and prevent rattling would have been nice for the money. Realistically, this thing is too rattly and noisy to carry in a pocket all day, though personally i never planned to.

Product arrived with the lower 3 heads (the ones i needed most) firmly stuck in the bottom of the well. Tried banging it on hard floor and using dental tools/hooks to try dislodge with no success. Finally took the large scissors i had and banged the plastic scissor handles against it and they popped out. Keep the screws in a ziploc bag and keep 2 or 3 of the screws you need most in the back well with a little bit of tissue paper at the bottom to make sure they don’t uniformly get stuck. Other than that it has worked ok so far, just not happy about some design elements with the back well.

This isn’t as slender as the stanley or general tools 4-in-1 screwdriver, but it’s still as useful. This driver is made of 100% steel; no plastic anywhere. The bits are polished cv (carbon) steel. The sizes included are: 1/16′ flathead, 5/64′ flathead, 3/32′ flathead, 1/8′ flathead, and phillips #000, 00, and 0. Each bit is single-ended, so they do take up more space. The bits aren’t compatible with 1/4′ shank drivers, as they’re too skinny. If you use these frequently, the polished finish will wear off. Just be sure to keep a light coating of oil on the bits to prevent rust if that happens. I haven’t noticed any stripping of the bits, but there’s no mention of them being hardened.

Fantastic setup and works well on the annoying tiny screws of whatever random thing you have to change the batteries out of – electric toothbrush, toy remote, etcetera. Also you can drop those annoying tiny screws in the little cap of this to hold them while you swap out batteries, then put the annoying tiny screws back in. The annoying tiny screws are still annoying and tiny, but this thing deals with them pretty well. As awesome as this screwdriver is, i’m still tempted to replace some of the annoying tiny screws with a piece of scotch tape. I will never buy annoying tiny screws from amazon, and if i see them for sale here i might give them 1-star out of spite. I’m sure annoying tiny screws are important and make the world go round, but they’re still annoying and tiny.

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