meidong Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Earbuds with good features but mediocre sound quality

No issues getting the thing working, connecting, etc. They sounded like $5 earbuds. I bought these because they were supposed to sound great, but they sounded cheap. ) the charging point that hangs on the cord, behind your neck, needs a clip on it, because as i moved around (cleaning my house, normal stuff) that piece weights enough that it would swing to one side or the other, and then it would pull on the earbud in my ear. The ear wings helped, but i found i had to keep adjusting it and putting it back on the back of my neck/under my collar.

Ok, i wanted to write a review because there are a lot of people saying that most the reviews for this item are fake. This review is not one of them. I purchased these earbuds on 10/2/2017 with a lightning deal price of $60. Upon receiving the item i was initially impressed with the packaging although it was still clear this product originated from china. The earbuds came with roughly a 75% charge on the out of the box. This was more than enough to connect to my phone (which was very simple and worked flawlessly) once connected i turned on the active noise cancellation switch. While the active sound cancellation did indeed work and lowered the amount of ambient sound, the poorly fitting earbuds themselves let in a small amount of ‘outside sound. ‘ it would be similar to put active noise canceling on the original apple earbuds for perspective. Finally there were many mixed reviews about the sound quality. In my opinion the sound quality was indeed lacking.

I am comparing these to my old wired audio-technica ath-anc23. I took both anc in-ear systems on a 90min flight in a 737-900. On both legs of the trip i was seated in 17d. I charged up the meidong (md) overnight before my flight and did not recharge it for the return trip to see how long the battery would last. I’m only interested in how these perform in flight with anc on for music and video; volume with both systems was set to ‘high’ and i controlled volume through my cell phone (gs7). Audio quality: i have to admit the wireless sound quality is much better than the wired audiotechnica (at). Bass and treble had more clarity and ‘oomph’ compared to at, and i didn’t have to crank up the volume as high: with at i’m often at 90% volume, while 60% with md gave me more than enough volume for vids and music. Active noise cancellation (anc): about the same for both systems.

These are not worth putting in the active noise canceling category. The sound is good, frequency response is good, these are decent earbuds, although the battery time isn’t fantastic. However, they are nowhere near active noise canceling. I’m trying to replace a set of audio technica wired active noise canceling earbuds, so that’s my reference point, and these aren’t even in the ballpark nearly as good.

Headphones work great, noise cancellation definitely makes a difference. Battery life is not so great. Build quality not so greati bought mine in 6 months ago and the right earbud fell apart this morning. Am trying to contact the seller to see if there is a way to return them for repair.

First pair of bluetooth earbuds and i like them a lot. The sound quality and bass is good for a pair of earbuds, and the noise cancelling feature works pretty well, you just have to make sure the buds are completely in your ear or it may sound odd. Only issue i’m really having is that the bluetooth connection is very easy to interrupt. Pretty much putting your hand or any part of your body in between your phone and the antenna on the earbuds (which is in the remote on the right bud) will cause the audio to cut out/skip. That is mildly annoying but i’m not entirely sure is a problem specific to the headphones, so i’m giving them 5 stars anyway.

I would like to start off by saying that these earbuds deserve a much higher rating than the current 2. 5 stars they have, and i believe the company has made a huge add-on improvement to the product that they are not showing in the item description – an included external battery. See photo and details below. I came across these earbuds when researching the best earphones for listening to binaural beats and isochronic tones. For such purposes you want sound production that is truest to the original recording without greatly enhanced bass. These earbuds were listed as the #1 pick. I find the sound production of these to be excellent. Voices come across clear and correct, rich sound and yes, music sounds great as well. These earbuds have superior noise cancellation both from the way they fit into the ear and also from the active noise cancelling function. I have read a lot of reviews complaining about the battery life.

I work in a room with some loud machinery and this product blocks out a lot of that noise well- but the battery life is so short that i can only use it for a few hours before it dies and i have to charge it again.

While you can do far worse than these, you can certainly do better. These earbuds sound okay, but they’re prone to stutter from time to time and they feel cheap for the price of 80 dollars. You’re better off buying the anker ones, while they may not have anc, they sound better and they’re far more comfortable to wear than these. Not the worst earbuds that i’ve owned, but there are far better options with that price tag and even lower.

My issue is with the charger and battery life. Customized charger with custom connection for charging. Had to carry case and charger everywhere. Would have been good if it was micro-usb. As for battery life, it was good until you forget to turn off anc even if you power it down.

Here are the specifications for the meidong Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds:

  • OTG MAGNETIC CHARGING: You can use any electronic device with USB interface to charge it, such as laptop, desktop computers, power bank, etc. Of course the headphones can be charged by all Android phones via micro USB. Full charge of the headphones just consumes 3% of the power of your phone. No need to worry about your phone out of power. Charged it without replacing battery.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CONTROL: The headphones have the best built-in noise cancelling chipset AMS3421, which can reduce distracting ambient noises with a switch. You can enjoy your quiet personal world with pure music, away from the annoyance of the noise on the plane, the subway, and noisy sports area and the noise of traffic.
  • ANC&BLUTTOOTH&MOTION: Active noise reduction, with Bluetooth 4.1+aptx, wireless sport headphones. Three features of the headphones. Headphones have good sound quality, beautiful appearance, lightweight body, and unique technology. This is very rare and out of the ordinary.
  • AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER : Lightweight construction. The headphones are lightweight and net weight of each doesn’t exceed 15g. When you put on the headphone, you can’t feel its weight. Quiet and pure music will embrace you.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN&COMFORT: Ergonomic ear wings design fits your ears,with soft angled silicone earbuds and the in-ear earplug designed with S,M&L optional sizes. The headphones will stay comfortable when you are doing exercise.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Definitely a Great Buy! (Read this review for updates to the product) (EDITED)
  • First pair of bluetooth earbuds and I like them a lot
  • While you can do far worse than these

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