Mestart WiFi OBD2 – ELM 1.4b and beyond unsupported

I desperately needed an obdii scanner but refused to spend a lot of money. Android scanner apps warn against getting cheaper knockoff adapters because of inaccurate readings, and an older outdated protocol. Using torque pro, some tests were unavailable, but everything worked fine as far as checking/clearing codes, collecting data, monitoring sensors, etc. This is adequate for the average shade tree mechanic, but professionals won’t bother. A positive note however, it’s short enough to not interfere with the emergency brake pedal like my syncup drive does.

I purchased this a couple of months ago to be able to read obdii information from my 2008 jaguar, i have a $60. 00 ‘code reader’ and it gives just the basics (dtc codes and the ability to clear/reset them). I wanted a little more technical information (serious diagnostic information). I downloaded the andriod compatible app torque (the $4. 95 payware version) from google play, installed it on my galaxy g5, plugged the obd2 obdii bluetooth for android devices into the jag’s obd port, paired it via bluetooth, and holly smokes. The detail of the information available is staggeringthe negative reviews here?. I’ll chalk them up to ‘buyer stoopidity’.

This tool is more than i would ever need. I bought a $5 ap called torque and this tool connects via bluetooth. I just wanted to know what check engine codes show up but the ap and tool combined allows you see live specs including rpm, temp, etc based on what your gauges and sensors report of course. Great tool i would buy it again.

I had to use a diagnostic program to fix the cmp retard (yes perfectly correct word to use in auto mechanics) on my truck. The diagnostic program was android based so i had to use my phone with bluetooth to diagnose and fix my truck. This obd ii bluetooth device worked perfectly without any glitches. Connected to my phone instantly without any delays. I used my diagnostic program on my phone and fixed my truck within the span of 1 hour. If i had taken it into a mechanic, first they probably wouldn’t know how to adjust cmp retard and second , even if they did, they would have charged several hundred dollars for something that cost me less than a trip to a movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Product works perfectly, and with some effort it worked with my joying head unit. Torque didn’t recognize it at first but after restarting torque it found the device. Edit: after living with it for a while i am very impressed. It instantly connects when i start torque. Any time there is an issue, it is the fault of torque, not this device. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn more about their car, or possibly even professionals. I’m sure they use much better equipment, but it certainly isn’t as cheap as this. After setting up torque to my liking it feels like i am driving a much nicer car than i actually do. The features torque has remind me of the systems normally seen in super cars you see on top gear, so that’s fun lol.

I was looking for an obdii reader to use with the ‘mygreenvolt’ app and my gen 2 (2017) chevy volt. I plugged this very reasonably priced mestart obdii reader into the obdii port on the volt, located to the left* of the steering wheel, searched for new bluetooth devices on my phone, and figured – rightly – that the one that said ‘obd’ must be the one i was looking for. Most bluetooth pairing codes these days are either ‘1 2 3 4’ or ‘0 0 0 0’. I tried ‘1 2 3 4’ and that worked. As soon as it was paired i opened up the app and it too worked. Awesome*be sure to use the obdii port to the left of the steering column. The similar looking port on the right side of the steering wheel in the chevy volt is for something else, and will not work with an obdii reader.

Works great with torque pro for connecting to my 2003 subaru forester obd2 port. Once paired initially with the 10. 1 inch joying android car stereo, it connects in mere seconds, faster than the previous bluetooth obd2 dongle i bought 4 years ago. When i start the car the stereo comes up in a few seconds, and as soon as the interface is visible torque loads, and just 2-4 seconds later the gauges are live. All told, engine start to bluetooth connected takes about 8-10 seconds. (that’s leaving the bluetooth running in the port 24×7, and the joying android car stereo starting from standby when the car is shut off)i bought it for a 2005 ford f250 super duty diesel truck, but ordered the wrong stereo for the truck. It did work in the ford, using my phone for the bluetooth portion of the connection, including showing the 6 liter diesel specific pids. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a power button on it like my older obd2 dongle. Ok, a loop handle for getting it back out of the recessed port in the subaru would be nice too. I will glue on a loop of whatever plastic is compatible with it to at least solve that part, or add a short extension cable.

I love these cheap little interfaces. I use torque pro, but other apps work fine too. It is so very nice to be able to whip out your phone, check and clear a check engine light on the fly.Plus with torque pro, thereare a lot of other functions. Very very cool, and so worth the price. I might buy a couple dozen and sell them to customers at my shop. Really handy for making sure a non-fixed code isn’t hiding other, more important codes.

I have a wifi adaptor but it was always a pain as when my phone connected to it it would insist running the internet through it so to do anything requiring data i’d have to disconnect yadda yadda yadda. So i had an elm327 recommended which brought me here, bluetooth can be a pain to first pair with the phone and then pair with the app but it works. Just read the included directions twice and make sure you try everything. I couldn’t get it my first try but once i figured it out it works great. I’ve run it on a ’11 subaru outback but since it’s most pressing problem is a bit of weeping from the timing cover i didn’t really have much to do. We hooked it up to a coworkers ’01 toyota camry and it turned out all that was in it was a p1135 code for an o2 sensor. A lot of functionality can be determined by both what your car is capable of and what your app will do. I sprang for the torque pro app and there is so much in there i’m still just trying to figure it all out. It works perfectly with this ‘enhanced’ adaptor (whatever that means lol) and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

This product (enhanced version) actually does work with ios despite the description. I’m not sure about the older bluetooth adapter but this enhanced one doesn’t just do bluetooth serial but also does ble which is how it works on ios. I tested it with the carista app (select kiwi 3 as your adapter), dashcommand and obd fusion. Obd fusion didn’t support this adapter until today. I emailed their support and they had me send them a few details about the adapter and then about 2 hours later they added support.

Unlike the previous two obd2 scanners purchased here (amazon), this one works as it should. Seems there are a number of low-quality devices around, all purporting to be elm 327 scanners, but are actually second rate clones. Anyway, this ‘enhanced version’ looks exactly like one of the returned boxes, but works properly i’m happy, now.

Very simple to use, plug in, start engine, pair with tablet (or phone) after downloading app. I tried car scanner and torque light. Device transmitted flawlessly. My older obd reader outputs a code which you then look up. This device tells you what it is, and sends sensor information on engine function to linked tablet. Info also includes ( depending on what your vehicle outputs) info such as engine temp, rpm and if moving , speed, rpm etc. The take home here is this reader is just the data sender, the software you choose does the work, but as far as sending goes this does the trick.

It’s the small size, so it’s less likely you will break it when applying the parking brake. It communicates via bluetooth, rather than wifi or serial port. Bluetooth is what you want, because it leaves your tablet or phone’s wifi available to simultaneously connect to the internet. Documentation on the net is sparse and laden with superstition. My buddy and i tried to make a more expensive larger ‘obd dongle’ work, but failed. It turned out to be a wifi version. The apps kind of imply that you can set the device to communicate through either bluetooth or wifi, but so far, in my experience, it ain’t so. And it’s up to you to figure it out. Here are the specifications for the Mestart WiFi OBD2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 * WiFi OBD2 car scanner. Very easy to use. You can know more about your car with this little adapter.
  • Any question, please email us, we will reply within 24 hours. We provide 3 months quality guarantee, and we will give you a refund or send you a replacement if you are not satisfied with our product. (please click our store address “MESatr outdoor” on the product page and then click “Ask a question”, then you can contact us by e-mail.)
  • Compatible System: Support iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) & Android 4.0 (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, etc.) & Windows, connect via WiFi. Compatible with OBD-II protocol cars produced after 1998. May not support Hybrid or electric vehicles. NOTE: 1. This product can NOT be used for diesel vehicles. 2. this is the WiFi model without Bluetooth.
  • Compatible App: OBD Fusion, DashCommand, OBD Car Doctor (partial functions are free), etc. on Apple Store for iPhone & iPad; Torque Pro, Torque Lite (free), OBD Car Doctor (free), etc. on Google Play for Android cellphone and table. Or There are various Apps and installation instructions provided on the CD. But Partial Apps need to be charged. You can run the CD to select the appropriate App.
  • How to use: Plug the device in your car’s OBD2 port, turn on your car, enable WiFi on your phone or tablet, search for “WiFi_OBDII” and connect, run the download App with simple settings and wait until it connects your car’s ECU successfully. If you use the same OBD on 2 or more cars, you need to disconnect WiFi and close App when finish testing one car, and re-match the WiFi when you insert the OBD adapter into another car.

Got tired of going to the parts store to read the latest code. Only trick is to open the app first (i used torque lite) to connect to the ecu. Once i tried connecting via the bluetooth device list like how i do with everything else and sat there pushing obdii for minutes like an idiot before i realized what’s up.

I would of rated it 5 stars but i purchased this with the joying 7 so that i would be able to use it with but i am not able to pair it. Ive used pin 0000 and 1234 and 6789 and i still keep getting the error that its an incorrect pin. I was able to pair it to my phone no problems but would of been nice to use it with the joying 7 in the car.

Using the free android app elm327 identifier, the adapter reports that it is an elm327 v1. Anyways, using the app torque i was able to read what was causing my check engine light to illuminate with this adapter in a 2003 mercury grand marquis.

I have 2 ford suvs, different model and year. I’ve tested the scan tool on both and it worked perfectly. My only complain is not on the tool but in the app as you must pay additional fee in order to ‘unlock’ all the capabilities of the scan tool. Other than that, the tool serves its purpose pretty well. You can read codes and erase them, you can see live info on the vehicle performance, speed, rpm, temperatures, etc.

Allowed me to reset computer and know when car had accumulated just enough data to pass emissions (emission test readiness) so i could get that done before the check engine light came back on. It took a few days of driving. Now i have new tabs and can work on the emission issues without stress. I used the free torque lite app on an android phone. I wonder how many people saying ‘it doesn’t work’ don’t understand that first you have to plug it in, power on car, and then pair with it in bluetooth settings before launching your interface app (like torque lite).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • helped me pass emissions
  • Although unbelievably cheap, this is the best one.
  • Wicked awesome

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