MG Chemicals #3 No Clean Super Wick Desoldering Braid : Fine braid, works quickly

This is very good solder wick and a convenient width for medium-sized work. It has rosin flux in it, so you may not need to dip it into flux for really hard jobs. The secret with solder wick is to work from the tip of the wick, and don’t unspool too much (the “case” acts as a heat shield). Once there is about one-half inch filled with [wicked] solder, cut it off and start over. With practice, you’ll get better. Don’t start at a point up the wick (away from the end) as this is highly inefficient. I apologize for the wicked [past-tense] verb.

The first inch or so that sticks out of the spool didn’t work at all but i have had that same issue with other brands too. It removed capacitors from a tv power board like a champ. It does say it has flux in the braid but i always use a no clean flux paste with these, it works quicker that way. It’s a good product, use the end of the wick, keep it between your board and iron, don’t get crazy with applied pressure and let the product work. Have used this brand for the last year with no problems.

It does the job it was designed for.

I was impressed how nice this is to work with compared to my old stuff. Of course my old stuff was from radioshack so the bar was set pretty low. But i do a lot of smd work and this stuff really is amazing.

I’d never had any success w/ desoldering braid in the past. As a self taught solderer who works mainly on electronic components of musical instruments, all my other experiences with other products were bad. I was desperately trying stay orient while failing to desolder an ic chip on a juno 60, stopped, took a deep breath, poked around the amazon machine, this shows up the next day and i was done shortly thereafter. Works every time you touch it to a pen and solder.

Worked perfect for fixing mistakes with small boards on pcbs. Once i got the trick of sticking the header pin right through the middle of the braid, and laying down heavy with the soldering iron, it got pretty much all the old solder off. Worked great for my ergodox project.

After trying the other stuff, i came back to this and brought the 10 pack. This is the best product in this category. It just works, every single time. No waiting for it to heat up (other products heat up unevenly).

If you know how to de-solder components from a circuit board, you only use about 1/2-3/4′ per connection. Plenty for occasional usereplacing fuses, fell out of the board when de-soldered. Very happy with the purchase.

  • This is very good solder wick and a convenient width for medium-sized work
  • Effective
  • it might be awesome and it might not

MG Chemicals #3 No Clean Super Wick Desoldering Braid, 0.075″ Width x 5′ Length, Green

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  • No clean super wick
  • Flux residue is non-conductive and non-corrosive
  • Static free bobbins
  • Flux residue remaining on board does not have to be cleaned
  • High SIR-meets the requirements of both the bellcore specification TR-TSY-000078 and IPC test method III
  • NSF – Nonfood Compounds Program Listed P1, NSF Registration #154374

Had two other braids to compare with at the same bench and this beat the other two no dispute. From experience, this seemed to be the best braid that i have ever used. There is a visual difference in the weave of the braid and it seems this might be what is making the magic happen.

Either this is a really high quality wick. Or the stuff i’ve worked with years back when i was getting into electronics sucked. Great stuff, keep it up mg chemicals.

This wick is a finer weave than i was used to, so it was able to pick up easier than usual. Another thing was that it seems to have “fresh” rosin on it, so it worked very quickly.

I was using some generic ‘included’ solder wick before this and couldn’t figure out what all the hype was about. This stuff works great, i’m guessing the rosin makes the difference.

Easily removed solder from a circuit board. I hadn’t used desoldering braid before and was pleased with how effective it was. I had my iron at 700 and pressed the tip against the braid and held it against solder under the circuit board. After a couple of seconds, it quickly pulled the solder into the braids, leaving a clean working surface for the new components.

5m) length on the roll, but it does not look like it can be that long. So i unrolled 3 ft of it and there was plenty left on the spool. And when you are desoldering you only need a small length (say 1/8′ max. And the small braid size makes for good solder flow. I highly recommend this product.

Great quality desoldering wick. The resin in it works well at removing solder and leaves pads very clean and ready for a new layer of solder. Just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive. If you’re dealing with something extra tricky, you can always apply extra flux to the solder to help draw it out. But that is almost never necessary.

I have ordered this solder wick twice from amazon, from this same page. The packaging for both is identical. The first one i received worked remarkably well, the second hardly works at all. The first one requires just a single contact with it between the solder joint and iron and would completely wick up the molten solder. The second hardly wicks at all. It takes multiple attempts and quite a bit more wick to clean the joint. I used both on the same project, with the same soldering iron, seconds apart. It might be awesome and it might not.

I’ve used this wick dozens of times for repairing guitar amplifiers. It does a great job cleanly removing solder from printed circuit board traces for removing old components that need to be replaced. The braided copper wires are very fine gauge, and they are permeated with powdered rosin flux, so no additional flux is required.

I had plenty to undo a bmp280 sensor and had so much left over. There’s plenty of youtube videos that can teach you how to use this.

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MG Chemicals #3 No Clean Super Wick Desoldering Braid, 0.075" Width x 5' Length, Green
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