Milton Industries Milton : S921 does not pretend to be more than what

This is certainly not the cheapest tire gauge you could buy, but it should be the only one you by. This thing will last you a lifetime, it feels good in hand, its accurate, and made in the usa.

This product appears to be well built and i like the air deflating stem at the top. As far as accuracy goes, i have no way to measure that. I just have to accept that it should be right. Milton air tools are typically regarded as quality tools and i have had no experiences to the contrary. Due to it only going up to 50psi i would assume it will be more accurate than my old one of another brand that went up to 120psi and finally crapped out with inconsistent readings. I do wish that the head was just a little longer to make it easier to use and that is way i knocked off 1 of the stars.

My wife drives mostly in the city where roads are poor (so hits lots of potholes and such, which cause air leaks and low tire pressure), so she looses pressure often enough that the ‘low pressure’ light is a problem. When the ‘tire pressure’ light comes on, she really needs to know ‘is the car safe to drive. ‘i was able to easily show my wife how this works, and it takes up the room of a standard pen in the glovebox, so it’s always in her car should the low pressure light come on. Lastly, i checked this versus the pressure gauge i use on my car, and they come out right about the same, so the numbers it gives seem good.

This is probably the best tire gauge i own. It’s the only one that gives readings that actually match an accurate, reference gauge. It can be used from any angle. Using it to check pressure, release pressure, check again, etc. Is extremely quick and easy. If i had all the money in the world, i’d still buy this as my primary gauge.

I’ve been getting ‘low pressure’ warnings from the electronic sensors on my car this winter especially on colder weather days. The tire pressure gauge i’ve been using to check them said they were all at the right pressure – but the gauge was 40 years old, and has been heavily used in all those years. I figured ‘maybe it’s just worn out, time for a new one. ‘ so, i bought this one, and checked it against the old one. Ok, amazon review fans, any bets as to whether ‘high tech electronics’ or ’40 year old simplicity’ was where the problem lay?correct. The new gauge gave identical readings to my 40 year old one – which a tire company back then had said was ‘the best. ‘the one feature i like about this one that the old doesn’t have, is that it’s got a snugger fit over the valve stem and so doesn’t let out air unintentionally so easily.

This is not like the other 90% of knock off cheapies you see in other stores. This is solid and works spot on. Spend a few extra dollars and it should pay off down the road with reliable and accurate service.

Milton (S-921) Single Chuck Head Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge – Passenger Car

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  • MILTON: Pencil Gauges made with machined parts, unlike our competition! Made in the USA.
  • INCLUDES: Built-in deflator valve, single chuck head, and white nylon indicator bar.
  • PRESSURE RANGE: Measures PSI (5-50) in 1-lb. increments and Kilopascal (40-350) in 10-kPa increments.
  • IDEAL: For passenger car applications. Handy in cold temperature weather conditions.
  • CAR SAFETY/MAINTENANCE: Ideal automotive and road trip accessory tool to maintain optimal tire care and prevention.

Operation is smooth like butter. Gives you pretty good accuracy, as the gauge is well labeled. The materials and build are of high quality. Glad i went with this rather than any of the million other options. I didn’t want to change batteries in something as basic as this either, so electric was not an option for me. A tire gauge is not something that you want to stop working out of nowhere.

There is a spot in the glove compartment that has clips for a pen or. It fits perfect and works well for checking the air pressure. The nice round expensive air gauge i had flies around the glove box. Took it out to put in another car and this fits the clips as it it was made for the car. Just trying to simplify the car and what is carried. Clean out any clutter, clatter, and potential flying objects when i drive.

Just the correct size to put in you car glove box. You may not think you need one because you are not the one who adds air to your tires. But many new cars have low tire pressure warning lights and they can go on even with properly inflated tires. This gauge is a quick and reliable way to know if you need to add air or not.

This is a straight forward tool to use, just line it up to the valve stem and press the tire gauge to get a reading from the white ruler at the bottom of the ‘pencil’. Here are the specs from the milton website. Model s921 passenger car tire gage for radial & conventional tires• 2 sides 5 to 50 psi in 1 lb increments, • 2 sides 40 to 350 kpa in 10 kpa units. As stated there are two types of measures on the device, psi and kpa. And the ruler can be rotated/twisted about the pen for easy reading, if the valve stem happens to be in a position that made it hard to access the ruler read outs. I find the accuracy to be pretty consistent with some of the gauge available at the gas stations. I have not calibrated it with any digital tire gauge so can’t comment about that. But for me, accuracy within +/- 1 psi is ok for general car tires. This is my second unit for a second car. Build quality and craftsmanship are good and made in the usa.

I always try to buy made in usa when i can, and this bad boy is. Just a good basic tire pressure gauge that seems to be accurate to within a psi or two of what the tire pressure system shows on my vehicle that has that ability. It has a nice solid feel to it, not light and cheap feeling like a lot of the ones you’ll find at the chain auto parts stores nowadays. I suspect this will last me many, many years. Nothing more you could ask for really.

I have been through six tire gauges in less than 18 months. One was digital and never accurate, four(old analog pen style) came apart under less than 30 pounds of pressure, 2 of those never functioned once. The sixth was supposed to be a professional quality tool, with a long flex hose and heavy gauge- never accurate, almost 10 pounds off. In fact, an old foot pump i use for the bikes was more accurate. Surely, my local auto parts store would have something of good quality- or not. Failure at four different chain stores. Auto zone had a selection of three, i tried one- blew apart into 3 pieces on first use. This is the real deal; heavy, us made,fairly accurate, and simply works. You can buy a cheaper version of this for four times less at wally world and everywhere else & if you do- go ahead and smack yourself, then buy this one.

I ordered 3 copies of this gage from 3 vendors, and the results weren’t quite as consistent as i’d hoped based on the other reviews. For those confused by the ‘dial tire gage’ in the description, this is the milton s921 pencil gauge (there is no round dial, just a white-plastic arm that jumps out for a reading). The gage markings are from 5-50 psi (40-350 kpa). The good news on this gage is that i had no leakage problems with any of them (they sealed well), and each gage was consistent with itself (good precision). Now for the consistency part between gages: for my testing i started with a tire that read 36. 5 psi on two digital gages i own (by two different manufacturers), and that read 36. 0 on both when i was done testing, so i tend to think that was pretty close to the real pressure. One of the milton gages i received is in what i believe is older packaging that is 3. 5′ wide, is labeled ‘s921’, and has a 2004 date on the back. It consistently read 36 psi, so i’m happy with that.

I have bought 2 of these and see the gauge is pretty accurate. I gets almost the same reading that i get on my cars internal tire pressure sensor and my fancier tire gauges. One big problem i found was with the red lettering. I was checking my tire pressure and dropped the gauge. I immediately picked it up and wiped it off. There were red smudges on the napkin and the numbers on the gauge became smudged as well.

Well made, is accurate, but the red ink smudges.

Got tired of replacing bulky battery operated gauges every few years. Even when they did work it took so long for the darned things to beep that lots of air was escaping the tire. Just forget trying to use one of them. Went old-school with this gauge and love it. Slim profile fits easily into the glove compartment. Ended up buying a bunch for christmas stocking presents and they were a real hit.

I always thought that this was the old pocket gauge standard to keep around. I purchased one and it was off by 4-5 lbs. It was gladly replaced free of charge only to find that the replacement was off by 4 lbs. So, i keep the one that is not accurate in my car and i bought a digital that is very accurate (tekton 5941) for my wife. Note: i always keep a high end milton in-line inflator gauge in my shop.

Milton (S-921) Single Chuck Head Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge – Passenger Car : I am disabled and have trouble using my hands and arms, also back issues. While checking the pressure on car tires is not rocket science, after having to bend over, unscrew the cap on all the tires etc and then find the tire gauges you have will not work is very frustrating, i had 2 and the rod for the pressure reading would not come out on either one. I had to go find a filling station that had someone who would actually check and air up tires for me. Anyway i explained what happened to a mechanic and asked him for the name of a good brand of tire gauge. I purchased here on amazon, have used it and happily had no problem. It is easy to use, as it should be. Also happily it is made in the usa.

I had the same stick type tire pressure gauge for around 28 years. About a year ago, i went to use it and it broke apart. I went ahead and bought a replacement which was a slime brand gauge that was manufactured in china. I generally try to avoid made in china when i can but i needed the gauge and it was all the store carried and i wasn’t going to drive around town for a 4 dollar gauge. That slime gauge seemed amazingly inferior to the one i had for all those years. It was made with lightweight materials and gave inconsistent reads when i rechecked the same tire. I figured they were all like that now and was basically satisfied for 4 dollars. A year later, the gauge broke leaving me in need another. Instead of stopping at a nearby store and grabbing one, i checked amazon and found this made in america gauge. I have received the gauge and used it and i am thrilled.

I’ve been through a lot of cheap tire gauges like this one and some fancier more expensive models like the accutire digital gauge which worked well while it lasted – all in search of a decent reliable tire gauge. I had about given up when i read some reviews on this one. Certainly not as cool as one of the high tech digital models, but it just works and at the end of the day that is what i need. It’s made of metal which gives it a leg up over half dozen other ones i have laying around and it seems to give accurate consistent readings too. I suspect it will last a long time – at least i hope it does. I plan to purchase one to keep one in each car and at this price it won’t break the bank. Made in the usa too – my milk stool is complete.

A little bit more expensive than imports but worth it to have something made in us. I buy these every couple of years not because anything goes wrong with them but because i lose them or lend them and never get them back. Also, it’s made of metal whereas some of the wally world gauges are made of plastic.

— im old enough to remember when finding a (reliable) (accurate) (u. Made) tire guage in auto parts stores was the norm — not anymore. — i live in the capital of illinois and not one out of four auto parts store chains or any department store anywhere stocked even one example of a us made quality tire guage of any kind. The stores are full of nothing but cheap plastic inaccurate chinese made pretenders — and its a shame, tires and fuel cost a lot of money and underinflated tires affect both adversely. My most recent set of tires cost $700, and the last thing i want is an inaccurate tire guage to ruin them with. What concerns me is these milton gauges cost little more than the junk ones, so why do auto parts stores refuse to stock them-??. Milton is one of the old school american quality names from way back when i was wrenching on cars for a living and i was so glad to see ‘made in usa’ stamped on the head of these gauges and on the package — and better yet the accuracy is still there — ive bought four of the 5-50 pound guages and one of the 10 to 70 pound guages and all have been well within a pound or two of each other — by the way the acceptable industry accuracy standard for non- professional gauges is within two to three pounds, and all of mine have met that standard within two pounds or less, some were identical – keep in mind these are still pencil gauges, if you require more accuracy (say at the track) you have to go to more expensive alternatives as anyone in that group knows – but even a few of those (imports) fall short on accuracy so be careful. For everyday glovebox type spaces these are handy and provide decent accuracy. I don’t care for digitals as the batteries go dead and accuracy slowly falls off as the batteries die.

I worked in the auto parts industry for many years, and we sold this gauge in our stores. Unbeatable in quality, accuracy and value. You won’t find a better guage for the money.

Milton s921 does not pretend to be more than what it holds itself out to be. No worries about battery life. Sound old school mechanical device. The only one impediment to it being a 4 star product are the printed values on the plastic slide. They are difficult to read and the printed numbers are not well defined. It is understandable that there isn’t much space to make the prints larger. That being the case, there should be a way to make the prints more defined and easier to read.

Pros-it’s a miltonthere’s no annoying spring to suck the gauge back in before you read the pressure. (whoever thought that was a good idea should be publicly flogged)no battery neededcons-no lightnot accurate to 2 decimal placesyou actually have to push the gauge back in when you’re donejust kidding on the cons. For 6 bucks you can throw it in your glove box and it will work until someone swipes it.

I just received this tire gauge. Just from the weight of the gauge it feels sturdy and durable. Gauge readings appear correct. The reason i purchased (i’ve purchased 3) this particular gauge was because of the neck where the gauge interacts with the tire valve stem. The neck bascially self-aligns the gauge with the valve stem so you don’t have to perfectly align the gauge and stem perfectly yourself like with many other gauges. I hate redoing the air pressure measursement several times because air leaked due to a misalignment.

Needed a tire gauge so i thought i’d get a nice one. Bought a snap-on blue-point pgp 50 and was shocked at how cheaply it was made but the price wasn’t cheap. Come to find out it was made in taiwan. I was able to buy a milton s921 dial tire gauge and the milton s976 dual head chuck service gauge for less money than i paid for the one snap-on gauge. The milton s921 build quality far exceeded the snap-on gauge and just holding them in your hand for a weight comparison the milton s921 is much heavier and about a 1/2′ longer. The milton s976 is a heavy duty industrial strength shop worthy service gauge.

Maybe it’s old school but i think these manual tire gauges work so much better than the digital ones. And the bonus is that you never have to change any batteries. I’ve had a few digital tire gauges and i always found it difficult to get a tight seal when you press the unit onto the valve. If you can’t get a tight seal then your reading will be off. This manual one by milton works perfectly. I can get a tight seal every time and it is very accurate. I ended up buying another one on amazon for my other car and donated the digital tire gauges i use to have.

Well made, but this reads a consistent 2 psi higher than my other gauges, including the tpms wheel sensors in my truck. While i don’t have any way of proving the accuracy of those wheel sensors, i’m going to have to assume that the problem is actually this gauge.

Bought a few to carry a spare in the glove box for a few vehicles. Each reads the same (good thing) when tested. Get good readings and no excessive leakage. Very compact size (hence my reason to throw a spare in each vehicle). Although i carry and use a higher end dial gauge, just in case, one of these is better than nothing, reads good, easy to use and sure beats trusting any of those at a gas station. Throw one in the glove box as a spare and you can’t go wrong – just check accuracy when first received against a more known accurate gauge and you’ll have one as a spare and know where it is. No excuse i say to the kids.

Much better than the cheap ones. The only caveat i have is that it only goes to 50 psi, so it won’t work for road bicycles. It’s perfect, though, to carry in the glove box of a car or motorcycle, a practice i strongly recommend, and you never have to worry about the battery going dead. The accuracy seems quite good, i bought two of them and they read the same as each other and a third one i have. I check the pressures in my motorcycle tires before every ride because they are critical to tire life and safe operation. I only trust tire pressure monitoring systems to detect an impending flat. They are just not precise enough to ensure proper inflation.

My dad had one of these milton tire gauges for years. I’ve tried a lot of clones but they all failed in a year or two. I was quite happy to order genuine milton gauges. Very happy with how they perform too. I bought one for each of our three cars. Keeping your tires aired up makes them last a lot longer. These work great, no batteries, no lights, no voodoo, just your tire pressure, accurately reported, just what i wanted.

I purchased this gauge because it had high marks, made in usa, doesn’t need batteries, and the cost is very reasonable. There is a little collar around the air inlet, almost like a well, the helps to helps to align the unit so it sits flat against the tire valve. It makes it much easier to get a pressure reading. I have an old gauge where there is no such collar around the air inlet. It sometimes took some fumbling, and loss of air, before i got it to seat properly on the valve to get a good pressure reading. Everybody should have this gauge. There is really no good reason not to.

My wife bought a cheap copy at a truck stop, and when i first used it on my motorcycle the guts shot out of it like it was shot from a gun. I remembered the milton name from my past when i worked at a gas station as a kid, so i looked them up. Still made in usa, still wonderful quality, and still inexpensive. Buy a milton and you’ll have a tool you can use for many years, and trust that it is giving you good readings.

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