Mityvac MITMV8500 line Elite Automotive Vacuum Pump Kit, Worth the extra money over the standard model

A very nice kit, and i’m glad i spent the extra money to get the metal pump. It feels substantial and well-made. The kit comes with a lot of adapters, many of which i may never use, but it’s nice to have them available. The reservoir cap can be a little picky about holding a vacuum. I put some silicone grease in the grooves to help make a good seal. I also wish the reservoir canister were a little larger, but it’s not a big problem. The moving handle of the pump is held in place only by spring pressure. I had it come off the unit one time, and it was not easy putting it back together. I think the key is to avoid trying to pump too fast.

Well worth the upgrade over the plastic version. When purchased, it was 30 percent more than the consumer level model. While the 20 year old plastic mityvac this replaces still works, the gauge lens had cracked, and the plastic seems to ooze brake fluid like the creature in a stephen king novel. The weight, feel, and solidity feels like a tool rather than a toy phaser or nerf projectile launcher, it is satisfying to hold and use. The plastic version seems to get and stay extra slippery while this, the metal version, doesn’t seem to get as unwieldy. The gauge is armored like you might find on navy seal level scuba gear, but we know mechanics are tougher on gear and have a smaller budget than the seals. The kit includes some useful accessories but the mind bogglingly ‘cost effective,’ master cylinder adapters should be used to make a spirograph, rather than being used anywhere near paint removing brake fluid. The company history leads me to believe that rebuild kits will be available longer than i’ll be around to use it. Well, isn’t everything including a majority of the stuff that comes off the tool truck?.

Great for replacing brake fluid regularly. Dot 3 brake fluid absorbs water from the air and over a period of time, rusts the insides of brake cylinders on my vintage cars. By replacing the fluid regularly, that doesn’t happen. The old method of pumping the master cylinder can cause scratching , as the pumper usually pushes the pedal right to the floor, causing the brake master cylinder piston to scrape over old accumulated crud which it normally does not touch, scoring the rubber cup, causing leaks, which then can only be fixed by removing the master cylinder and replacing all the internal components. With the vacuum pump, fluid id drawn out without the pedal having to be pushed.

I had a plastic-bodied vacuum pump that i got at some auto store for more than 20 years. It had problems from the day i bought it, and i had to rework the joints just to get it to hold a vacuum, but i’ve used the heck out of it since then. I had to replace it when the stupid plastic lever snapped off. From the very first time i picked up the mityvac, i could tell it was going to be a different experience. The metal handles are very solid. It takes a lot less hand strength to develop a considerable vacuum because it works very smoothly, and this kit comes with more accessories than i can imagine ever using. The swiveling pressure gauge will be a great feature when i’m using it in tight spaces. I’ve also needed something that can generate low pressure (under 10psi), such as for testing a late-80’s ford fuel tank selector, and this pump will do that. Overall, i’m very pleased with the quality and features, and with its metal body, i’m confident that, should it ever stop working, i’ll be able to replace a few o-rings and get it back in service. I’m very pleased i spent the extra money, and i’m just sorry i put up with such a lousy vacuum pump for so many years.

I had an older model (15 year old plastic handle finally broke–and replacement handle would have been about $20 so i decided to get the metal version) that had a suction and a pressure port–this one does it all through the one. But you have to turn it to the correct setting. Otherwise of course it doesn’t do what you want it to do. The handle design seems as though it’s more ergonomic than the plastic one, but in practice they seem very similar. I hope it will last 30 years.

This is the one you wantdo not ignore this one solely because it costs a little more. This unit is metal, not cheap plastic. It can also check vacuum or positive pressure, which most of the cheaper mityvac’s cannot do. It includes a nice case, hoses, fluid reservoir, two caps for the reservoir (one sealed, one that hoses can connect to) and a ton of little fittings and such that you can use to connect to just about anything. There are some other things included that i’m not even sure what they are for. Maybe i’ll figure that out one day. Overall you can’t beat this thing for the price and it feels like it will last forever. I will never go back to the cheap plastic harbor freight version of this tool. My only complaint: the gauge itself is tilted back slightly. I assume the idea is to make it easier to read. But in practice it really doesn’t help. I would much prefer it to be straight instead of bent like that. It also is designed to swivel, and it would be nice if there was a way to make it stay still a little easier.

This pump works great, but requires a strong set of hands to operate quickly. The only problem i have is after the tubing is connected to the barb to form a permanent leak-proof connection and it’s ready to be stored, the tubing has to be bent on a hard 90 deg bend to store it into the plastic case. This forms a very hard crease which in turn can damage the tubing. I feel a new storage case design should be done to easily eliminate this problem so the crease in the tubing doesn’t need to be straightened and tested for leaks before use. Not sure if it can be used to siphon fluids and it wasn’t tested in this manner, because of the potential to damage the gauge.

Key specs for Mityvac MITMV8500 Silverline Elite Automotive Vacuum Pump Kit:

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  • Pump is made of zinc alloy die cast metal for durability
  • Features easy to read vacuum gauge graduated in inches and centimeters
  • Turns a two-person job into a one-person job with it’s easy to use system
  • Easy to use without making a mess
  • Kit contains vacuum pump reservoir jar, transfer lid storage lid, brake bleeding adapter package, test adaptor package, rubber cup adapter, tubing and users manual

Comments from buyers

“Don’t buy just on price!!
, So many uses SO little time
, Solid, quality feel. High vacuum.

This little kit works quite well. The instructions are well laid out in the included manual and my ten-year-old son had no problems setting all the pieces up in preparation for a brake line flush on our 2010 subaru forester. The collection cylinder for brake fluid was stubborn about attaching to its lid initially, but after carefully working it to the closed position and ensuring the lid clasps were securely seated over the ridges on the cylinder, it settled in and was much easier to open/close after that. My son also discovered that we did not need to open the cylinder to evacuate it; it was easily evacuated simply by switching the pump to ‘pressure’ and giving the handle a few squeezes while directing the tube to a waste container. The case is compact and has a spot for every part (aside from the pair of long tubes), so it is easy to manage. I found that the auto-fill lids for the master cylinder were a bit tricky to put into their holders, but they slip right in if you set the lid at a 45-degree angle and push it in from one side. All in all, the entire job took about twenty minutes and it saved us at least an hour worth of frustration had i gone for the old manual method. Even with just the one use, it was an excellent $64 spent. All future uses are simply gravy.

I purchased this hand vacuum pump kit in order to vacuum and pressure test a chainsaw i am building. I had compared other options such as the widely sold sheet metal hand vacuum pump as well as other metal and plastic designs. I did not really want to pay a lot of money for something i only need to use for a few minutes at the moment so had some reservations about purchasing this pump kit, but after looking into the quality and reviews of comparable products i had serious doubts as to whether the generic sheet metal type would work at all and while i saw some good reviews of other mityvac products i did not want to spend the extra money only to have a plastic model. For a slightly larger investment i decided to purchase this kit and am glad i spent the extra money. It seems to be well made, pulls and holds a good vacuum, appears to be accurate and i expect it will be something that will work for many years to come. In addition the kit includes a variety of block off plates, silicone (i think) rubber adapters and block off plugs and a number of hose fittings and (2) ~16inch long sections of tubing. Due to the cast alloy material i would be somewhat hesitant to use this with anything corrosive to zinc alloys as i suspect it would damage the metal. I have seen a number of scientific companies relabeling this product and selling it for a significantly higher price which is why i mentioned corrosive chemicals. Zinc alloys can reacts with both acids and bases so i would certainly avoid use with such chemicals. The included users manual details a wide range of automotive uses which i will certainly try out in the future.

First, very fast order fulfillment. Ordered late thursday–delivered early monday a. I tried it today right after work to pressure test a carburetor on a two stroke blower. Everyone told me it needed a carb rebuild–which would have cost around $20. I was able to determine in about 5 minutes that the check valve had failed–and that a rebuild would have been a waste of time. All the fittings you will likely need are already in the box–including (miraculously) the one i actually needed. Manual was excellent and really illustrates everything you can do. If you’re serious about actually working on ic engines–this is essential. I am going to try bleeding vw brakes tomorrow.

All i can really say is this is a great and must need tool if you need a vacuum source for testing valve actuators, egr valve or the emission system in your car or truck. I also used it to bleed my hydraulic clutch after i replaced the slave cylinder (nice when you are by yourself). One thing to remember is this tool is only designed to remove air. If you get any contaminants (such as brake fluid) in the cylinder it will damage the seal, so it is important to use the bleed container that comes with the kit when bleeding brake lines or hydraulic clutches.

This is just about as complete a set as you can get. You will of course over the years, fabricate other attachments to suit your needs. But this is a great out of the box starter set. Don’t cheap out and get the one without the blow molded case. I did that years ago and my gauge got busted and abused to the point of no return. This case protects it in your tool box, and holds all your nifty adapters. The tool trucks rebrand mityvac stuff and sell it for double or more the price. Do yourself a favor and buy this before the price goes up. All the adapters seem of very nice quality. No cracker jack plastic junk in this set.

This gave me zero problems bleeding a brake system for a motorcycle, starting with brand new master cylinder, lines, and caliper. It held vacuum fine over ten minutes, once the jar lid was properly seated. There are a few design flaws:-the pressure relief lever is far to easy to hit, so you have to be careful how you rest it, or hold it-the case won’t hold the pump when the hose line is attached, there isn’t enough room unless you crimp the hose-the plastic lid on the fluid container needs to be seated just right, but not too tight, then it’s rock solid and holds a vacuumother than that, it worked a treat and my brakes are are solid and feel great. The only issues i had with air bubbles were not from the hose to bleed screw connection, they were from the threads of the bleed screw. There are a variety of suggestions in the manual to fix that, i just got lucky i supposeoverall – it was less than the dealer quote, so i’m ahead, and i can recommend this product.

This is a tool you keep in the box until you need it. Loaning it out would likely be a mistake you would not make twice. It does what you want and is indispensable for diagnostics involving things that function with vacuum or small pressures. I would never allow my unit to see fluids or vapors of fluids as this will kill it. The repair kits cost about half the price of a new one so you should never chance contamination. Many folks think you can be careless with this tool and some even learn not to do that.

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