Monoprice 103324 Banana Binding Post Two-Piece inset Wall Plate : It fit the Screwless wall plates fine, but I used an Arlington Recessed TV box

Good price, looks great, i don’t have banana clips so it’s not super pleasing to the eye, but when i do it will look great. Luckily it will be behind the speaker, so no one sees it. Fyi, your speakers need a space for the clips to fit behind. They hold my speaker out a bit right now, but not noticeable.

I bought a two of these for a 5. Due to my room size, i put my sub in the back of the room. I replaced one of the terminals with an rca jack for the sub. Com/dp/b00178xpzq/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_1. The color is just slightly different that the lutron screwless wall plates that i ended up using, but not too noticeable. It fit the screwless wall plates fine, but i used an arlington recessed tv box in one location and had to file the decora opening slightly to fit the binding posts.

This product leaves much to be desired in look and fit and finish. It’s a wall cover really so it still gets three stars, but after the install the gapping whole was not much worse. Check out the pictures they speak for themselves. Product advice: adjust the color of your ‘white’ plastic. It’s not very white compared to all of my outlets. Also provide a larger cover, it does not even cover a standard issue old construction low volt add on drywall box.

Pros: – good quality – cheapcons – does not exactly match standard white plates. It’s close, but if this is exposed (which for most people it won’t be) you’ll notice. Remember, if this is a new installation on an existing house, you’ll need a one gang, low voltage mounting plate like this one:http://www. Com/arlington-lv1-1cs-voltage-mounting-bracket/dp/b000ueajwu/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1405341130&sr=8-1&keywords=one+gang+low+voltagedon’t be afraid to do this yourself. Just cut out the hole and push the plate through, then screw it down.

The connectors are well designed and fit banana plugs well. There is enough room for banana plugs on both sides depending on the brand of banana plugs (i used banana plugs on both sides with mediabridge ultra series fast-lock banana plugs – 6 pair per package – (part# spc-bp2-6 )). They do not produce any noticeable sound distortion. The look of them when installed is good and clean.

Easy to install and look great on the wall. My only complaint is that it isn’t a midsize outlet size which seem to be the most commonly used size i see. I was able to put my own decora outlet cover around it though so that they match the size of my other wall outlets. No connectivity issues to report as of now.

Monoprice 103324 Banana Binding Post Two-Piece inset Wall Plate for 1 Speaker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wall plate with high quality gold plated binding posts for speakers
  • Can be use d with banana plugs spades or bare wire
  • Same type of connector front and back
  • No soldering required
  • Corrosion resistant gold plated connectors

Works as described, easy to install for the most part. Good quality and shipped in a timely manner.

What can i say – actually banana plug boxes (not push in/spring ones) and the price is like 1/4 of what you would pay at lowes, home depot, best buy or any of the big box stores. I used 6 of these for surround sound system in wall and 1 year later have had absolutely no issues.

I’ve been purchasing home theater gear and cables from monoprice from when they ran out of a small office. Love their products no real issues. These plates are amazing quality and retail for a lot more in big box stores. Save some money and purchase these plates. Also i wanted to add you do not have to have banana plugs to use these. :-d which is really neat, but i do recommend purchasing banana plugs if you care about your gear :-d.

I am using two of these as part of my surround sound system. They have been in place for over three years and i have not had a problem with either one. I would buy more if i need to.

I would probably purchase these again because of the price, but the plastic on these is so cheap that if you are not super careful you will strip out the plate screw tightening holes; though the actual banana plug connectors are excellent quality. I do not really get why the plastic is inferior when the connections are superior in quality, but as long as you don’t over-tighten the screws or rip your wires from the wall taking the plate with it, your connections will be great and you should never have any problems.

Mono price never fails to offer quality products at great prices. I open the package to discover a sturdy wall plates and banana plugs that worked excellent at a reasonable price and i won’t be shopping from anyone else on this.

This product is well built and allows for either direct speaker wire binding or banana clip type installation. I personally found it useful to bind the speaker wire on the back side and utilize the front for the banana clip installation. My personal preference but it appears to give a more professional appearance. Although you could use a banana clip on both the front and back; i would not suggest it for the simple fact the opposing clips didn’t appear fully seated.

The plastic is relatively strong and flexible. The connectors are good, but i knocked a star off as sometimes when you tighten 1 side (front), other side (back) loosens a bit. Also, i wish it was more flush with the wall so the speaker can cover it and be flat against wall. All the plates i have seen are like this so just have to deal. Instead of having 2 screw that goes through everything, it has 4 screws. 2 connect center plate to mounting bracket and the othr 2 connect the cover plate to the center plate. Again this seems standard, but annoying.

You can replace a single decora plate install with this as it is the plug and trim plate combined, but if you wish to use it in a multiple decora panel, there are better plug-ins that do not require adjustment. I am not allowed vby amazon to give the url. But just search this manufacturer’s website and you can find the correct plate assembly.

I prewired my new construction house that i just bought and used these plates to finish my home theater speaking wiring. Very professional looking and i am happy i didnt have to pay the construction company $2000 to pre-wire the house for me.

This was purchased for use in new construction in wiring for rear surround speakers. This worked well and easily matched other wall plates. The banana plugs are nice for easy connecting and disconnecting. After 4 years have experience no issues with this plates.

Monoprice 103324 Banana Binding Post Two-Piece inset Wall Plate for 1 Speaker :

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