Morris Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog – Cool for a one day use. Don’t leave outside, it will NOT hold up.

Looks cool but super cheap for the money.

This was one of my better props this year. Con’s the inside frame is a bit cheap, but just use some duct tape to secure the connecting points and it works like a charm. My smoke machine didn’t fit with this zombie and no tips i used could make the smoke transfer, but i just used the smoke machine next to him. Pro’s: at night with smoke this looked spooky as hell. Trust me, everyone love the effect of this and i have some great videos of this in actual.

The only downside is the 3′ hose – the entire hose is only 3′ which includes the 2′ you need to run inside him. So you only end up with approximately 1′ outside the zombie to hook to a fog machine. I was able to hook the hose to a spirit brand 400w fog machine no issues. My only suggestion would be to either have a dedicated fog machine that you will always use for this, or figure out a different connector:when i connected the hose to my fog machine, i left the nozzle on the fog machine, and it provides a nice, tight fit with this connector. However, without damaging the nozzle – i don’t see there being any good way to get the nozzle out of the connector. Had i remove the nozzle, then the connector would not have fit on the machine properly, and could have just pulled away.

Must have the perfect amount of lighting on him for the full effect, or spray with glow in the dark spray. It’s a thin plastic and the connected part closes to the machine gets really hot so on mines the hose melted a hole thru the hose on the first use. I used it for about 1 hour before a hole melted thru the hose. Other than that the product worked fine and was easy to assemble. I had a13 year old boy put it together.

 this is a great halloween decoration and everyone says it brings the house to the next level. I do not use the fog hose attachment so my review does not relate to that detail. I added a brick to the base to help keep him a little more sturdy. I also used velcro around his neck area to keep the shirt from showing his mechanical side.

This is light weight and easy to assemble. Added great production value to my front yard for halloween. I didn’t get around to hooking it up to the fog machine since we had some technical difficulties that night, but it looked great out there the whole week leading up to trick-or-treat-time. I got great compliments on him.

  • Terrific detail and not a power hog
  • Awesome decorations

Bought this from amazon and it was fullfilled by yuklon on sept. I have my order number and amazon strangely has no record of it. I was missing the appropriate connectors to be able to hook it up to the correct 400 fog machine recommended so i had problems hooking it up. I also seem to be missing the correct transformer to get the zombie to move it’s head. I need a transformer and the fog machine adaptors so i canuse this great halloween prop. I would be more than happy to upgrade my review is i can get it working. I’m very disappointed which is rare with anything connected to amazon.

There were a few nice surprises when i opened up the box and put him together:the skin tone on the one we received is a bit more grey than the one pictured and i think it looks even better. The power requirements are very low, and the included dc adapter is only 6 watts. When we plugged him in and turned him on, there is virtually no noise when the head turns; certainly nothing audible until you get very close. This guy isn’t giving himself away before someone has a chance to walk up next to him. One of the other reviewers mentioned using velcro strips to keep the shirt in place around the neck – did that. Hat tip to youpersonally, i’d recommend stuffing the shirt with air packs (amazon uses them for padding all the time). Newspaper has memory and could be flattened with a little bit of rain. Another reviewer mentioned that this is intended for indoor use only. I’m going to try and get around this since the design looks easy enough to work with.

The head is greyer than posted picture and lacks the painted wound effect also pictured. Frame work is plastic and while i took care, i can see how others may have broken off pieces. I agree that stuffing the arms with airpacks is the right move. It disappoints me that i will need to paint this prop for desired effect. I’ve not tried the motor yet, will see how well it operates and update this posting.

One of the best halloween props that i have invested in. We surprised/scared at least 4 people in our office. I was unable to hook it up to my model of fog machine, as the hose connection was not the same. Still worth the price as a stand-alone prop.

Ok so like others have said, it needs a little work to really function well, but it does function well and looks great. For one, the arms have no shape, so some filler needs to be added to give them form. (i used the small blow up bags that come in amazon packaging – free) also, the shirt doesn’t really affix to the collar of the head, and very easily exposes the black framework underneath it, killing the effect. So some double-sided tape made from folded-over duct tape did the trick there. Also, while i wouldn’t say it was fragile exactly, it’s kind of rickety in the way it goes together. Indoors it would probably be just fine, but any kind of wind gust will pretty much put it out of action. This is because it’s made to be disassembled and packed into a smaller container when not in use, so the frame underneath the shirt isn’t put together solidly at all, the pieces all just kinda sit there not really fastened together. There’s also a metal rod supporting the head, and that in particular has been a pain because even a wind gust that doesn’t knock it over causes the whole thing to pivot backwards, enough for the rod to fall out. The same thing happens if you push too hard on the head when trying to insert the rod – the body pivots, the framework separates under the shirt, and now you have to almost put the whole thing back together again. The rod mounting point was made even worse because i weatherproofed the electronics and moving parts of the frame with duct tape and a large plastic bag, and without realizing it when i did it, i made it more difficult to get to the hole where the rod goes in.

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Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog

After stuffing his shirt with some plastic bags and other such things to fill him out a bit more he looks greatbe aware that he may not connect to your fog machine without getting a little creative, but that’s not too big of a deal in my opinion. The other issue i had was that his head had a hard time rotating even with only its own weight to move. I picked this guy up last year and he made it about halfway through the night before his head stopped turning. Still, with the numbers of small children that left my porch in tears(yes i am a terrible person), you better believe he’ll be making another appearance this year.

However, he is very easy to break. His framed ended up breaking so i had to rig it up. I suggest you do that before he has the chance to break on you. Just get some pvc pipe and make a c shape to connect under his shoulders into the ground. It keeps him in place better.

Connected tube to 400 watt fogger per directions. The first 3′ after the adapter basically melted after 5 minute test run (see picture). Trimmed this piece off and reconnected using a pvc fitting to resist the heat.

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