Motion Pro 08-0182 Cable Luber : Works as advertised. Far easier to do routine maint

Finally used my cable luber when i just did my motorcycle clutch cable. I watched a how-to video on youtube before using it, and that was very helpful. It’s not perfect, but it seems better than trying to just shoot it into the cable cover. It’s a little tricky, but i think the more you use someone like this, the more you’ll like it. Seems well-made, and i do love motion prokeep those cables clean and lubed, and keep the rubber on the road.

I bought this to help re-lubricate my v star 1100 clutch cable, and it has worked very well. It made the job extremely simple and quick. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to lubricate their motorcycle, atv, etc cables themselves.

Took a few mins to figure out how to get a good deal and after i did the magic happened.

Key specs for Motion Pro 08-0182 Cable Luber:

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  • Used to inject lubricant into cable housing
  • Clamps over housing and wire allowing an aerosol can to be connected
  • Once lube runs out the far end the cable is lubricated
  • Ideal for use with Motion Pro cable lube

Comments from buyers

“I like two separate adjustment screws, I’m a luber lover, Works pretty well”

This unit is well made so i gave it three stars, but it will not fit/work on cables that have the hex adjustment screws that many motorcycles have now on thee ends of the cables. If you have the kind with no threads on the ends of the cable i am sure this would work well. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me since my m/c has the threaded hex head adjustment screws built into the stock cables.

It does work but leaks a lot. I was not able to get it to hold in the spray on three bikes.

I think many of these tools are identical (not sure if theres a patent on the design, but they all use the same). The tool worked great (as in almost no leak) for a clutch cable.

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Motion Pro 08-0182 Cable Luber
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