Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner : Works well but dont expect to use it more than once.

It worked and that makes it worth the price. My leaking seal was fixed which is very cool. However, after watching many videos, it didn’t work as well as it was shown. There was quite a bit of friction and little to no leverage to slide the seal mate around the seal. I did finally get it to work around but damaged the seal mate in the process. Really more like creased it in several place. Considering my experience, i would recommend one of the non-film approaches if you are going to be doing this more than once. The ktm seal tool seems to address the problems i noted (of course it is around 5x more expensive).

This tool sealed my forks great, but i cant just add fork oil and call it good. This tool is good in a pinch or if you use it right when your forks just start to leak. You need to remove your forks to really get the correct level of oil in them. I know it sucks (trust me), but you don’t want to find out your right side fork is low when you hit a turn hard and low.

I pretty much destroyed my seal mate on my first fork. I tore up the small end trying to get it under the fork seal. However i flipped it around and managed to force the other end under the seal and rotate it around the fork a couple times. Now the fork has stopped leaking. I just can’t do my other fork. For what these are and the cost to manufacture them they really should give you several of them in the package. I’d rather pay $10 for a ten pack.

I had an fz8 with weeping seals. First i tried a business card per instructions i found in the forums. The seal mate removed even more foreign material from under the seal and finally completely stopped the weeping. Much cheaper than the $600 the dealer claimed it would take. Reinforces my faith in motion pro ( i also have the digital tire pressure gauge.

I recently purchased this item to give it a shot before i took my 2005 yamaha r6 with inverted forks to the shop to have them replace the fork seals. I had a pretty decent weep going on, i had a small pool of oil on the ground after an hour of riding and parking the bike. I used the seal mate on the fork per the video, i ran it around my fork 2 times. I then pumped the forks about ten times, wiped them down, and repeated for about 10 minutes. After about 10 times of doing this the fork was no longer leaking. I added some more oil to my fork and have yet to see anything weep from this fork since. This tool saved me an estimated $150 dollars or more. Worth giving it a shot if you have a leaking fork seal.

First let me start by saying the ‘tool’ and i’m using that term very loosely worked exactly as described. My forks were leaking on my gsxr and now they’re not, so that’s awesome. My only complaint and the reason i cant give it 5 stars is all it really is is a thin piece of plastic that cost nearly $8. I know most are gonna say that’s not a lot of money and i would agree, however, i would expect an $8 ‘tool’ to be more than a 1 and done type scenario. Mine got so torn up from all the friction i just threw it away. If they could make this way more sturdy it would be a tool i would keep around in my box. Also, their markup has to be insane.

Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner

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It works but it’s ridiculously expensive for what it is. You could make 20 of them from a $2 stiff plastic document holder. Or use a piece of film, which is what i’ve been doing for years before i decided to try this. For the price there should be a dozen of these in the package. Bent it the first time i used it, which is what i was hoping to avoid since that’s what always happens with the film.

Still, with the looming alternative of replacing the seals on the forks, and with little time to do so before my next trip, i figured this product was worth a try. Not only did the seal stop leaking, it’s been a couple of months since i used it, the bike even passed inspection during that time, and everything is still fine.

However, it worked like a charm. It was kind of flimsy when trying to go behind the fork near the rotor, but worked great. Cleaned both seals with it and after a day of riding, just the right amount of oil residue on the fork. 2009 kawasaki concours 14 is what i used it on. High price for a thin piece of plastic, but compared to the number of hours and money i’d waste replacing good seals on a full fairing bike, totally worth it. Have a good amount of rags ready to wipe off the dirt and oil beforehand. Single use really though, it’s pretty creased after the second fork.

I got this because my forks were leaking pretty bad. I wanted to see if they would be a quick fix and saw that this item could be used to clean them and get small bits of sand and road grime out of them by slipping this tool up into the fork and cleaning out the seals unfortunately it didn’t stop the leak but they are not leaking as bad as they were before using this tool. The tool is very flimsy also so be careful with it as it will bend and pretty be a one time usage.

Like another reviewer stated i found it much easier to use after trimming the length down with scissors. I followed the instructions from the video at the website ([. ) and i’m extremely happy to report i don’t have to pay someone to replace my showa fork seals. I’ve had them replaced 3 times in 29,000 miles. I was considering buying the special tools needed to replace them myself when i came across this fix. Oh and i can’t believe people are complaining about the cost of the seal mate. ]

I used this for my 06 ducati 749 with factory showa forks which was showing some minimal leakage. The main problem i encountered was clearance, i don’t have enough room in the forks to align the entire tool vertically against the fork like what you see in the dirtbike tutorial videos where they have an entire foot of fork to play with. The hook end ended up getting bent ruining the sealmate so i used the opposite (non-hooked) side. I was finally able to get into the oil seal which proceeded to leak oil everywhere– you don’t want that stuff near your brake pads. I highly recommend putting a rag or towel on your forks as you do this. However messy, it appears that it may have done the job. After cleaning everything up with contact cleaner, i pushed on it a few times and cannot see any more seepage. Going to track in a couple of weeks for a true test and will update review. I’m only giving it 3 stars as i feel they should make a superbike version that is smaller so it can fit in smaller spaces. The material could also be a little more rigid so it doesn’t bend as easily.

This saved me from some expensive repairs. I was a little doubtful at first if it would work, but if you follow the directions and give it a try it might just get you up and going again. It is small and light enough just to leave in a tank bag of pocket of your riding gear and have with you at all times when out riding. It took two times of running it around the seal around 4-5 times each, so whatever was stuck there took a bit to remove/dislodge it, but it workedthe one reason i did not give it 5 stars, is that this is pressed out of a sheet of the material and when it is new (at least the one i got) is has some burrs/sharp edges on the one side that could cut the seal. I smoothed them off carefully and rounded the leading edge and it worked great. I would advise to coat the tip that goes between the seal and fork tube in motor oil or something to minimized the risk of damaging seal.

I had a fork leaking so bad it was spraying onto the engine. I was going to start using my bike as my daily commuter so i was worried about it. Bought this tool and tired it, took about 5 minutes. Rode for a week and there was still a bit of leakage but nowhere near as much as before. Used it again and that was it. I was going to pay $300 plus to get this fixed so this little piece of plastic saved my big bucks. You can use it a number of times if you just go easy with it.

Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner :

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