MYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock – Cheap and effective security.

The reviewers who indicated that the device is not very loud are correct. You could be sleeping in a motel room with the bike parked outside, and if you are a sound sleeper not hear the beeping. If a wet towel is thrown on it, it might almost completely muffle the sound. Having said that, it can act as a deterrent to non-professional thieves and as such has some value. It would be great if a company made a similar device but with actual decibel level that matches what’s being advertised.

The packaging was adequate and everything was in good condition. The lock itself appears very well made and had no cosmetic blemishes. I was surprised to find 3 keys that were laser cut. Much better quality than i expected. A second battery pack was included and i was not expecting that. Very nicethe storage bag fits nicely and i wasn’t expecting that also. Apparently i didn’t read the description before i order itthe lock is very easy to use and i had no problems figuring it out. I will make one comment and that is the instructions seem to be lacking. I did figure out how to operate the lock, but there is no mention to what to do with the cable and how to best use that. The pictures are very small and wasn’t able to see the cable in the picture.

Bought for my 05 gsxr 600 and am happy with shipment so far. Can’t review much other then first impressions now but it seems like a quality piece. It does have a bit more weight to it than i anticipated which is good i guess. It comes with six extra batteries but the product is good to go right out of package. Alarm is pretty loud which is the main reason i purchased it. My only flaw with this item is a personal mistake, i’m thinking i should have gotten a yellow one. The grey picture here is more of a chrome not matte grey, so it pretty much blends with the disc brake color and is hard to notice. I’d like it to stand out a bit more so that potential thieves don’t even bother touching it.

Mysbiker lock is well built,solid,and incredibly loud. Comes in simple packaging,with very detailed instructions written on the back. On opening,it comes with 6pcs back-up batteries,a mini wrench,lock reminder cable,3 keys and a lock bag. I tried 5 days on my bike,the siren sound is absolutely sharp and really impressive. Much louder than i expected. It fits perfectly for the disk,and very easy to install. It fits neatly under the seat ready for when i need it. Better than my first purchase with another brand.

When i rode my motorcycle into central america, my biggest concern wasn’t the mules and bicycles in the freeways, but the theft. I wanted to sleep well knowing that the bike would sleep well too. I bought this not only for the disc lock, but for the loud loud noise. I was skeptical at the value and quality based on other reviews and the price, but i just went for it and purchased one. The lock was better quality than i had imagined, the sound was very loud, and it has some kind of tip/ vibration sensor that i was unaware of, but is very nice. It makes noise when someone not only touches the lock, but moves the bike. Overall this was great and dependable. I have not been through the first set of batteries yet, so i can’t comment on how fast it uses them. If you are looking for a brake lock, pick this one up. Even if its not as heavy duty as some of the others out there, the noise it makes wont give a bandito time to find out how durable it is.

 this is an excellent product, and it’s not outrageously expensive for what it is. I have a 2004 yamaha yzf-r6, and recently, i caught a group of young men looking underneath the cover and inspecting the bike while it was parked in my driveway. Nobody does something like that unless they’re planning to try and steal the bike. Granted, my bike has a lock position on the ignition that locks the handlebars all the way to the left, so the bike can only be pushed in circles, but i still felt the need for extra security. Enter the mysbiker disc lock alarmthis lock is a breeze to use. Slide the cable around one of your grips or levers, slide the other end inside the mouth of the lock, align the pin on the lock with a hole on your rotor and push the lock to lock it in place. Once locked, if the lock senses vibrations it will beep three times, loudly. If it senses vibrations again before it ‘resets,’ it will let out a 110 decibel alarm that’s ear-piercing for 10 seconds straight. I wish it was a bit more sensitive though. I’d like for it to go off if you even so much as bump into my bike with your hip getting out of your car or something.

Looks and feels solid, has an obnoxious alarm. My only complaint is that the reminder cable could/should be a more obnoxious color. I still wouldn’t take my bike to wal-mart, but that is a testament to wal-mart and not this lock.

The brake lock works fine and fits my 2017 honda cb500x well. I mount it in the front wheel. I am giving this 3 stars because neither the alarm is loud enough (perhaps 110db does not cut it) nor it lasts long enough. In my opinion the alarm should last longer than 10 seconds. Also, the other days the wind was blowing and shaking the bike. The alarm went off and i could barely hear it from inside my home which is about 20 yards away from where i park my bike. So, as a deterrent this might work, but don’t expect too much.

Bought it for my brand new ninja 650 after i realized how simple it is to steal a bike compared to a car. I installed this for the first time in the evening after the sun had went down because obviously you don’t want anyone seeing where you install the alarm before you cover your bike. Put it over my break disk as directed removed the key and pushed down the alarm mechanism and it beeped to acknowledge it was engaged. It was a little lop sided so i proceeded to move it a little and the dam thing went off. Scared the crap out of me as i panicked to insert the key and shut it off. Definitely works only worry i have is i hope on windy days my bike cover doesn’t wiggle it and set it off while i’m at work.

My one year old xena disc lock wouldn’t shut up in spite of new batteries, so i purchased this one. It is so much better, and i like that it has some beeps to let you know it’s armed, and gives warning beeps if the bike is touched. And if you don’t, it’s ear piercing.Just what i needed to stop the a$$hats who were stealing pieces off my bike. A fairing bolt here, a shift lever there. Ughit went off once the very first night i put it on, and now i guess they know not to mess with my bike. Thank you mysbiker for a great product and the decrease in a$$hatterythe only thing i would change, is the color of the reminder cable. It’s dark and blends with the grips, so sometimes you might forget to remove the lock until you get on and the alarm goes off.I switched this one out for bright orange.

For under $40 this is a great way to give you a little more security when leaving your motorcycle. When i lock it on my bike it will beep once to let you know that it’s armed. When i just sit on my bike it will beep once to give a warning. If you bump it again the alarm will go off. To shut off the alarm you will either have to unlock it or wait 60 seconds. It’s not overly loud but will draw attention. The safety cable is a nice touch. I would definitely recommend.

After a week of reading everything i could find on the internet and talking to fiends in the know, i purchased the mysbiker lock. Its well built,solid,and i can hear it from my bedroom. Comes with simple instructions written on the back of the package,it comes with 6 back-up batteries,a little allen wrench,lock reminder cable,3 keys and a lock bag. 6 other batteries pre installedi tried it on my bike,the siren sound is pretty impressive. Much louder than i expected. It fits perfectly for the disk,and very easy to install and fits neatly under the seat ready for when i need it. I have a 2017 yamaha yzf-r3.

I was initially in the hunt for a strong no-frills disc lock for my motorcycle. I am living in an apartment with a controlled access closed parking garage (actually open during business retail hours on one end) and i needed some confidence parking it alongside my suv. This thing does the trick in a few awesome ways:1) secure. This bike inside going to ‘roll off’ from me while i’m away. The lock itself is hefty and the pin is locked into place on the brake disc firmly. Just a hint of wiggle is good too. 2) alarm with obvious sound db. It gives you around 5 seconds to lock it into place and the alarm is set. You’ll hear a loud chirp to inform you that you got a few seconds to secure and the sensor is activated. Same goes for when you need to unlock. Here are the specifications for the MYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock:

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  • ▶Make Thieves‘Lost’: MysBiker Alarm Disc Lock-Silver Knight is a practical solution for bikers to protect their beloved motorbikes or bikes while parking outside or at home. The Motorbike lock up to 110 decibel alarm will automatically activate upon sensing any vibration or shock,keeps your belongings safe and sound.
  • ▶Easy to Notice: The 6mm Pin Brake Disc Wheel Security Lock enclosed 2m/6ft disc lock reminder cable which is designed to attach to the brake or clutch lever and locked disc lock when you leave your motorcycle or bikes.Reminds you to remove the lock,and prevents potential damage caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged. easy to lock with one-press operation, immediately The lock goes into alarm mode and you’ll hear a “beep” sound. When detects a vibration, It has a warning triple “be
  • ▶Wide Application Range: MysBiker Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock fits Most Motorcycles,Scooters, Cruiser,Chopper, Sport Bike, Racing Bike. Such as: Harley,Aprilia, BMW, Buell,Honda, Kawasaki,Suzuki, KTM,Triumph and Yamaha.Harley Davidson, Yamaha FJR / YZF-R3 2017 / Raptor 700, 2017 Honda Groom, BMW G310R, 2017 Kawasaki Z125 / Kawasaki Ninja 250r 500r 650 2017 2012, 2016 Indian Scout Sixty, Suzuki GSX-R 600 / GSX-R1000, Triumph Bonneville Streets mat, Victory Cross-country, Honda shadow sp
  • ▶Strong and Durable:This brake lock is constructed with forged stainless steel and is secured with a 14mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin.The disc wheel lock with waterproof function,keep working in rainy days and never get rusty.
  • ▶Long Life Use: Each Motorcycle lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries and extra 6 pcs batteries,and 3 pcs brass security keys.To replace the battery,you can use the mini wrench to remove the 4 screws at the bottom(see picture #6),then change the battery inside.

I loved it the second i put it on. It makes a loud beep beep when you close the locking mechanism to let you know the alarm is active. It’s cool because anyone around you can hear that you have an alarm on your motorcycle.This thing is solid as a rock and i love the handlebar cable to remind me that its on and to keep my helmet on my bike without worrying of theft. It has a warning triple beep to let potential theives know its armed when someone touches it. Then if its tampered again the alarm goes of. And it is gut wrenching, ear bleeding, soul scratching loud. Its sensitive enough to know when your bike is being touched but not too much to where noise will set it off. Loud thunder will set it off tho lol.

It has not been tested with someone trying to steal it and hopefully that does not happen, but the alarm feels solid and it’s very loud. When i go to remove my cover it triggers the little warning beep which is nice. It’s just a little 3 beeps to let you know if you keep messing with me i’m going to go off on you. There is a very nice carrying case that fits onto your belt which i love. The biggest adjustment to using a motorcycle vs a car is getting use to only carrying what you have on you and this carrying case makes that just a little bit easier.

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  • An Excellent Anti-Theft Device!
  • Best $ you can spend on your bike!
  • I used this baby in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua

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