This kit is worth it just for the handle. It’s excellent quality and the swivel feels like it’s ball bearing like high end swiss jewelers screwdrivers. The pop out extension is nice but adds a little lateral slop which is to be expected. The machined knurling is very nice. However the bits are pretty poor. The 3mm slotted bit is fatter then the industry std. The edges of the tip aren’t even parallel. They are fatter in the middle.

If you are wondering whether the smaller bits are machined precisely. Here are photos of the smaller pentalobe bits. They are too small for unaided eyes or iphone’s camera to tell their machining quality. For a test, the pentalobe 1. 2 worked well with the back screws of my mbp. 8 does not fit the iphone 6 screws. The smaller bit does not seem to be machined precisely. Also the labels on the bits are very hard to read.

I have always wanted to own a precision tool set. After doing a lot of research, i’ve decided on this. It’s one of the best ones out there. I posted photos of the measurement so you will have an idea. I’d say the material is premium. The handle itself has weight in it. The tips are also magnetic when i tried them. I think this will last a long time since the tips seem made of very durable material. So the product picture has it a bit tilted. It’s either flat or extended. The cover can somehow stand vertically. But i’m still giving this 5 stars.

I must admit i was reluctant to get this kit due to the price but decided to make the jump after reading the reviews & i must say this is one good looking kit. The packaging alone felt like i was opening an apple product to give you an idea of the meticulous thought process that clearly went into making this kit. Moreover, i think this is easily a much better bang for your buck than the ifixit precision tool set for any diy person. I am no professional & this would mainly be for my time to time electronic tinkering (such as changing the ram on my friend macbook pro & swapping out hdd) but if i were a professional, i would trust in the reliability of this kit as well. I have attached some photos.

I’ve easily owned a dozen precision screwdriver sets over the years and this is the best, bar none. – unless you’re willing to may a couple of hundred or more for a professional grade set used by jewelers and watchmakers. I’m a watch collector and i bought this kit because the last kit i bought (and the one before that, and the one before that, etc. The screwdriver stems would break and the blades on them would chip and crumble anytime i would use them to size a watch band or adjust a pair of eyeglasses. However, these are near-professional grade precision screwdrivers that i believe will last for years when used for occasional repair and adjustments (cell phones, watches, eyeglasses, ect). The case also serves as a stand, and is also excellent. The price is very reasonable considering what you get too. You won’t regret your purchase.

The price is definitely rite. Only reason it gets 4 stars is because the bits that it comes with leave a lot to be desired. Even if it was just the screwdriver, the price would still be worth it. This driver has a very nice and smooth free spinning back end and it also has a few different surface areas you can grip depending on what you are trying to accomplish. It’s large enough so you can get some real torque out of it. You can also achieve very fine torque control with minimal effort thanks to the different grip surfaces. I bought this driver to work on a electric r/c truck and i just about threw out all my other drivers after using it one time. Having the ability to get major torque for things like backing out screws with lock-tite without having to revert to allen keys is priceless. This driver has a sleeve toward the tip that you slide up to release the extension.

I spent ridiculous 5 hours and made a trip to lowes to find a good precision set. My requirements were simple: 1) under $15-20 as i am not going to use every day but very occasionally 2) nice handle so i can apply some force when needed 3) a variety of bits, specifically wanted smaller phillips bit and flat one i could get so i can use it with notebooks, my quadrocopter etc. So after spending these hours (way more than i wanted to spend on this thing), i got very frustrated as i could not find anything good. A few brands came very close but the bits were not very long which might cause your issues with some electronics. Finally stumbled upon this set from nanch and instantly loved it. I hesitated because of the price because it was $10 over my budget but i am glad i pulled the trigger. The set is super nice and well worth it. In fact i kept it on my desk for a few days just so i can enjoy how it looks. :)bits are longer and magnetic (check), quality is great as far as i can tell (check), includes very small bits which i already used on my drone (check) and after using the smallest bit to unscrew/screw tiny 24 screws, the bit looks like new with no damage.

Key specs for Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Set with 22 Alloy S2 Steel Bits,Repair Tool Kit for Laptop,Smartphone,iPhone,Jewelry and other Electronics Devices:

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  • Ergonomic Design Handle:Well made handle with anti-slip area and free spinning cap for precise turning and control with finger,telescopic driver for longer slender reach.
  • High Hardness Performance Bits:22 magnetic bits made from alloy S2 steel – HRC60±2, hardness heated treatment finished.
  • Multi-use Tool Set:small repair kit for small electronics,laptops,phones,computer,eyeglasses,smartphones,toys,iPhone,PC,watches,game consoles,Macbook air and most handheld devices.
  • Long and Slim Bits:with 45mm-length,the bits are much longer than you get with most other pocket screwdrivers.
  • Portable and Handy Case:Collected by a durable box with perfect weight & compact design for easy carry,bits and handle selected firmly in the box,not fall out even stand upside down.

Comments from buyers

“Very well designed kit w/ a quality feel.
, Almost perfect, T4 bit machined incorrectly
, Superior Quality Precision Set With TRULY Hardened Steel Bits

Pros:- great quality- all the driver bits you need for any small electronic device- heavy and durable- handy case- aluminum telescopic handlecons:- case made of plastic- can be pricey, but totally worth iti’m a guy who likes to work with his hands and fix things, i may even try to ‘fix’ things that might not even need fixing. But with all that experience of pulling things apart and putting them back together, this precision screwdriver set is one of the best that i’ve ever used. I’ve had numerous small sets like this in the past and they all have fallen apart or the bits warp in a single use. This set has proven to be durable and well made. The handle is made of solid aluminum with a telescopic headpiece that allows you to extend the driver about three more inches in length. The butt of the driver is free spinning for when you need to apply pressure but still need to have a smooth driving experience, the handle is also cross cut for extra grip when needed. This isn’t a cheap screwdriver set, the price isn’t the cheapest but if you want to purchase a set that you’ll use for some time, this is it.

I had to remove a pocket clip on one of my knives & deconstruct another knife for cleaning & restoration. Being that my knife tool was still being “borrowed” by my neighbor (8 months & counting) & he was out of town, i went to pick up a screwdriver set with the propperly sized bits needed to get the job done at ace hardware. The bit & all of its counterparts were made of a “metal” was so weak that should be pressed down to sheets & used to wrap food in. After feeding that set to the “helpful hardware guy” that recommended it to me, i went to my go-to hardware store, amazon. Unfortunately i didn’t take the time to read the reviews on the set i was attracted to (it was shiny & neon green, so it captivated me in my full-on adhd mode) & that it said the bits were hardened steel, i bought it. Upon attempting to unscrew two tiny t-6 screws the bit crumbled within the first two twists in such a fashion that i actually laughed out loud. Typically in these situations i absolutely lose my (expletive), but being drained of energy & running on pilot mode, i found it funny that two sets in a row couldn’t loosen this tiny screw & not only failed at doing the one thing it was created to do, but also self-destructed while trying.Rather than making a third mistake & striking out, i actually read the details and reviews of many “precision screwdriver sets” that i wouldn’t have to take a loan out to purchase & this one had everything i was looking for: actual hardened steel (this set actually explained the hardening process) & a rotating cap (something the first two did not have.

This is a fantastic little screwdriver set, with lots of great sizes that you can actually use. Tiny, tiny phillips head drivers that don’t strip and ruin screws or bit. Expanding chassis for screwdriver is great, and the long thin bits make it easier to get to deeply recessed screws like the ones in a video game controller or something. Only downside is the magnetic bits – i can’t remember if it says they’re magnetic or not, but if they are, it doesn’t work almost at all. I ended up buying some tiny neodymium magnets and sticking it to the bit to help catch the screws, but even then it doesn’t work perfectly. Other than that, this set is great.

Plenty of positive reviews for this nanch precision 22 bit set, (23 piece with case)very happy with this purchase from nanch tools, delivered promptly. The carry case is strong, reusable made from durable materials with a securely closing lid. The bit ends are visible for easy selection and can be returned to the case easily. The tool handle is amply sized, with a magnetic grip for the bit. 18 of the bits were labeled as s2 hardness4 of the bits had no hardness designation: 0. 5 triangle, unmarked triangle. The handle has a magnetic bit holder and a locking extendable shaft. Personally i am wary of using a magnetic non-locking bit in an inaccessable location requiring a telescoping shaft but it is still a nice option to have.

Surprisingly high quality set. Bits are extra long and positioned in the case so that you can see the tips and they’re easy to remove. The handle is heavy and swivels smoothly. There is a pressure ring and bearing on the bit sleeve for retaining bits, rather than placing a bearing on each bit. There’s also an additional ring that, when compressed, releases a built-in extension with several stops for adjusting the driver to different lengths. I keep it at maximum extension, particularly when working on small electronics. It costs more than other sets, but it comes with a good variety of bits and is worth the extra money. My only complaint was that it was missing one, intermediate sized pentalobe bit that’s needed for disassembling a macbook air.

I have purchased 4 sets of these —for myself and gifts over the past few years. This has every small tool with every type of head you are likely to ever be looking for; flats, phillips, stars, triangle, pentagonal, s2s, etc. , plus an easy on/off ratchet handle —all in a case which stores each type of screwdriver in an individual holder. You are going to have a need for a precision screwdriver. The quality and price of these represent an excellent buy. I bought my first set several years ago. One thing to keep in mind with precision screwdrivers—-they are not useful for prying up or pushing out. Used as screwdrivers only they fit the bill at a great price.

Very solid handle and design, i like the telescoping shaft that allows the screwdriver to be extended. The handle looks to be made of machined aluminum, very nice. Bits seem to be well made with the exception of the t4 which as mentioned in a different review is machined incorrectly and is unusable. The plastic case is of good design, will see how it holds up over time.

Right out of the box i could tell that these little beauties are a clear winner if when you need small, precise techy screw drivers. The bits are magnetized rather than having a magnet embedded within the handle. I don’t know if this is an advantage or not. The slotted and phillips drivers are small enough to work on a smart phone and the larger sizes are right for working on a big ole dumb sansui amplifier or the likes. The handle is so cool and all that. It has the swivel on top and a rotating ring just below center so stabilizing it during use is made easier. The handle has enough weight to it that you know you are holding a superior tool but not so heavy that finger fatigue would set in. If your fingers get tired from using these, it’s time for a beer break. The case is strong, pretty well designed and snaps open and closed easily and precisely. I would have liked to see in the design that it props up for better viewing during use, but that is no deal breaker. (hint hint)one piece of valuable advice: don’t loan these out.When it comes to nice tools, you have no friendsthanks//(~_~)\\au.

4 stars only because of imperfect, less precise machining of the bit heads. So far, carrying this in my backpack every day, i have used it to harvest rare earth magnets and motors from 15 old (2. 5 gb) hard drives, to harvest laser diodes from 3 dvd/rw drives, remove lcd panels from promotional materials and laptops, disassemble and reassemble my vacuum power-head (twice), disassemble and repair a set of ancient computer speakers, disassemble a casio g-shock, open and repair a recording studio sound console, and to tighten multiple pairs of glasses, e-cigarette mods and rdas/rbas, reset the air conditioner settings in my office, and to change the battery in and repair my truck key fob. Then bits and handle haven’t worn down at all, and the case is very tough. Super comfortable handle with extension is greatthe imprecise machining of the heads, however, have a tendency to round off the edges of screw heads. That’s the only draw-back, and now that i am aware of it, some care prevents this from happening. I would definitely buy this set again. It’s invaluable, and i can’t imagine not having it in my pack. I would just wish for better controls and exact machining specs. It’s still totally worth the money.

Lets begin with the fact that this is a good bit of kit. It has almost every bit you’d require for cell phones, laptops, netbooks, tablets and even some desktop computers but not so much for game consoles. The quality is wonderful and built to last imo. And to me, as a computer shop owner, a major one. It’s says its magnetized – and for the most part it is, but just barely. It’s magnetized to the point of the magnet being inside the handle to hold the bits in. The bits themselves need to be magnetized as they simply don’t have the power to hold any screw on the tips of the bits. And this is why i removed 2 stars.

This might be the best quality set of security bit drivers available. I am responsible for keeping a fleet of computers and scientific instruments going, and purchased this kit because it had the rare tri-wing driver needed to replace macbook batteries. I spent a lot of time trying to find one with good quality bits, as they are hard to find. This one has really impressed me with the quality of the bits, and even more so with the quality of the driver, which is nicer than any other i have owned. It may look like plastic, but it is a solid block of cnc milled aluminum, and the knurling is milled, rather than stamped, providing a really nice finish. Bits install easily, and stay put. The rotating base turns so smoothly that i had to look to see if it was fitted with ball bearings. I really try to buy ‘lifetime’ tools when possible, and i was definitely impressed with this set.

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