Neewer – Set of 4 Hexagonal Screwdrivers Made of Titanium Nitride : Excellent set of hex keys

I had a hex driver set without handles and these are just so much nicer to use. They do have set screws on the side, but since each set screw can be tightened by using a different driver from the set this is not an issue. I use them for repair/maintenance of scientific equipment and i wish i had purchased them years ago.

I am using these for building hobby drones and i really like them so far. The are light and the look and feel like they are relatively high quality. I can tell that the titanium alloy used in the bit is harder than most allen key sets are because these tools have very defined edges on the hex tip and they aren’t rounding off or slipping with use. They fit into hex sockets pretty tightly so they feel precision machined to the correct size. They have a good reach so they can get into tight areas and the fact that they are semetrical like a screwdriver means i you don’t have to keep removing the tool and reinserting it to turn it a full 360 degrees if something is in the way. That’s a problem that’s been driving me crazy with regular “l” shaped allen keys and also with the pocket-knife, foldable style allen keys. These are really making life easier.

Why is there an allen set screw for the metal shaft?. It came loose one the driver that was the same size as the set screw, and i didn’t have an allen wrench on hand to tighten it. The set screw has came loose on all of them so far, pain in the butt to always retighten.

I was wary of the neewer name, in the beginning. Tried out their studio flash kit – loved it. Now i’m using these tools for my racing drones, and they are awesome. The little plastic cap at the back fell out of one, but it snapped back in and works like new. The tips are really strong and true titanium. Must have if you need a hex kit for racing drones but don’t want to shell out the big bucks.

Been wrenching with these drivers for over a month now, assembled two heli kits with them. The quality is good enough to get the job done without stripping hardware. These are no frills, but are quality tipped hex drivers. The tips are precision and can hold most of the screws in inverted vertical orientation without dropping, which makes working with small screws easy. The shafts can slip inside the handle, which i fix with a little thread locker on the shaft and the locking screw, haven’t had a problem with these drivers at all. I hope this helps your decision whether to purchase or not, if it did, please vote.

They work well but you will have to glue on the rubbery plastic end caps otherwise they will keep falling off. Also you might want to use some threadlock on the set screws that hold the hex shafts in place or they’ll come out.

Immediately used them to remove a stripped screw from one of my quads with no issue at all. The titanium nitride feels sharp and precise. Haven’t put more than a few weeks work on them but they still look brand new. I was initially concerned the tini would wear quickly but that hasn’t been the case so far.

Lost 1 star because, the color is not as defined as pictured. The blue one is blue the other 3 are almost the same color goldish with a slight shade variation. Does not affect performance but does make for grabbing the right size on the fly a bit frustrating. I corrected this with a couple cans of spray paint. They feel good and are extremely snug / sharp fit. Don’t think i will be stripping these or anymore screws off for a while. Well worth the money side note, the handles have end caps and make for storing extra screws /nuts / and small drill bits.

  • The quality is good enough to get the job done without stripping hardware
  • Well made, quality tool
  • Don’t waste your money on a larger set for the same price

Neewer – Set of 4 Hexagonal Screwdrivers Made of Titanium Nitride with Coloured Handles.Compatible with 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3mm Screws.

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  • Each key has a red alloy handle.
  • Set includes:1.5 x 1.2mm x 1, 2.5 x 1.3mm.
  • The handles have a Titanium nitride coating for increased durability

These were well worth the price. I was fixing some old equipment and need a small 1. I purchased three other cheaper tools from local stores and they all either broke (the tool itself broke) or they stripped the bolt. These neewer titanium tools worked flawlessly. Those cheap “l” shaped tools are ok for new and large bolts, but for old, or small, or stubborn bolts, i highly recommend these tools. The normal screwdriver handle gives you so much more torque.

These have worked out very well for my hobby grade rc’s. I had issues with 2 other sets of hex keys stripping. To the point that i started replacing my hex screws with phillips. I got this set on one of the lightning deals. I’m so glad i gave these a shot. I have had no issues with stripped hexes since. The color code definitely helps when digging through the tool box. I would definitely recommend these and i would buy them again.

Hands down the best set of drivers for the price i had a stripped-out screw on my tekin pro4 motor was not able to get it out for nothing it’s sat for 8 months pulled it out when i got these tools and it came right out no hesitation i work on rc cars and trucks on a daily basis and these are still holding up after a few months.

These have an anodized type finish and the shanks are magnetic. The tips are machined well and the tolerance in bolt heads is nice and tight. I’ve removed/replaced maybe 50 machine screws so far from my rc car. The tips don’t show any wear in the finish, but the hard coating will remove paint from screw heads. The handles are hollow and have cheap plastic caps that fall out easily, but i’m very happy with the set over all. I bought another set for a buddy who is into rc as well.

Used them many times already. I usually use my harbor freight allens, since my craftsman (crapsman) have rounded. But since getting these, they’re all i use. Others have mentioned spinning. Just tighten the set screw, and they should last a very long time.

I bought these before building a hexacopter, made putting in the 60 m3 and m2. Holds the heads on well enough to put the screw on then dip in a puddle of threadlocker and put in without needing to hold them on.

For just a few things to say great, awesome, a very nice set of hex neewer titanium nitride tini hex driversi ordered them with amazon for on this neewer hex driver set i like them a lot they work good in the hexscrew and not lose i will recommend to everyone who needs a very nice set of hex driver to use on thererc helicopters like me and there rc nitro buggys like me and also there drones like me and i have 19 rchelicopters, 5 rc drones and 1 rc nitro buggy for me rc tools are a for sure need this neewer hex driverset are to me the best i have used from my exi hex drivers?. Its good to get and use the neewer hex driver set by far to me of that i had used of many but neewer are the best to buy and thesizes fit just right in the screw and not lose in the screw no problem just right of the fit inthe screw for neewer i like them, buy them yes at amazon?.

High precision and high quality, very well made, for the price can’t beat them. For people complaining about the grub screws getting loose, come on. Nothing that a little drop of blue thread locker can’t fix, about the top cap falling off, nothing that a little drop of superglue can’t fix, now if these would bother you, then buy a $35 set lol.

The sizes are spot on and the material seems very strong. Even with the smaller heads, i have not had any problem of hex head stripping on me. I can see these lasting quite a while. Great for drone repairs and builds.

Good quality, compares to much more expensive name brand drivers. I use them working on traxxas products and they are so much better than dealing with the provided angle allen wrenches. As someone stated in a previous review, use some lock tight on the set screws to prevent them coming loose.

Work well, but you need another set to tighten the set screw 🙂 mine were tight and i have lots of tools just thought it was funny they use a hex head screw to hold things tight.

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Neewer - Set of 4 Hexagonal Screwdrivers Made of Titanium Nitride with Coloured Handles.Compatible with 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3mm Screws.
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