Neiko 00239A Flexible Extension Bar Set : Well built, excellent torque transmission, perfectly flexible.

They work well for their intended use, but remember these are not designed for a lot of torque. They were plenty ‘stiff’ when new, but after a few uses, loosened up enough to work when bent up to 90 degrees. Applying too much torque through them made them want to kink. They are coiled in such a way that they will transmit more torque when tightening than loosening before they try to kink. This may be fine for most people, but for my use, i usually need a little more torque breaking loose a little bolt in a hard to reach place, than tightening. They want to stay as close to straight as possible, so for starting a bolt in a hard to get to place, put a dab of grease on the head to keep it in the socket, and use a screwdriver or o-ring pick to bend it to the angle you need to get the bolt where you want it. Turn gently until the threads grab. Works far better than my square drive u-joints because they hold their shape where the u-joints tend to ‘flop’ when you least want them to.

These extensions are very stiff and are designed for a lot of torque. You’d really be able to tighten/loosen something which was jammed with these. But, that strength means that it takes a lot of force to bend the extensions, and that makes them hard to use when you are, for example, bent backwards in the passenger footwell of your car trying to feel your way to undoing a bolt hidden way up out of sight against the firewall. If i knew i’d be needing these for frequent jobs i’d try and find a set which may not be able to withstand so much torque, but would be much more flexible and be easier to manipulate in tight spaces.

The flexible shaft makes it quicker to get some jobs done, but the same flexibility limits the amount of torque you can apply. Over somewhere around 20 ft/lbs, they get too wiggly. That’s not a product defect, that’s its nature. What’s with reviewers complaining about it?this is a time-saving substitute for piecing together solid extensions and universal joints, useful in many circumstances. It doesn’t replace your solid extensions, nor is it designed to. I’m happy with them and i find myself reaching for them more and more often.

These really saved me a lot of additional steps in the job i needed to complete on my bmw. Without them i would have had to order several additional tools or taken the entire intake manifold off to get to the bold. It is true that you should break the bolt free before using these because they don’t handle a whole lot of torque. However, they allow you to get the socket completely on the head of the bolt so as not to strip anything out.

This is essentially a very tight spring with male and female socket drivers at each end. At best, you might get a 120 degree bend. Could come in handy on rare occasions. Not intended for sharp angle reach. Given it is a spring, too much force could cause it to fail. One gets what one pays for here.

It does exactly what it says it should do. Construction feels solid and torque transfer is good. I bought these to replace ignition coils in my car, and everything i read said that #4 was going to be difficult because it was not easy to access. However, with this flexible extension bar and an extension bit set to chuck it up in my drill, i had it replaced in about 10 minutes. Even though the bolt was quite tight, my impact driver had little problem getting the bolt out and this extension bar did a great job of not only getting the socket into position, but also transferred the torque from my drill to the bolt.

Neiko 00239A Flexible Extension Bar Set (2 Piece), 1/4″ x 3/8″ – 6″ x 8″, Clear

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  • Automotive pros depend on flex extension bars to quickly loosen bolts and nuts at awkward angles and difficult to reach locations for light duty torque applications
  • Durable Chrome-Vanadium anvil and anvil-receiver with mirror chrome finish; Heavy-duty wound spring-steel; PVC sleeve
  • Maintains excellent rotational torque-transfer from ratchet to socket; Heavy-duty wound spring-steel provides flexibility to 45-degrees
  • Spring-loaded ball detents lock in to prevent parts from slipping into machinery; Square drive radius corners reduce tool and socket wear
  • 3/8-inch drive flex bar (8-inch length); 1/4-inch drive flex bar (6-inch length)

With my husband’s approval, i added these flexible extension bars to the tite-reach extension wrench he wanted for christmas. He’s convinced he can work faster and with less frustration, now that he can most of the nuts and bolts he couldn’t reach with his large hands and regular sockets and ratchets. Life is more fun with a happy husband.

I use this to get plugs in and out of subaru engines at the dealership and it works well with the one exception of spark plug #6 on the h6 subaru engines it does not flex enough to clear the frame rail. This is not stron enough to break the plugs loose bit once they are loose it can be run with a 1/4 impact or ratchet to quickly remove subaru plugs.

Not as flexible as i thought. You might get a 10 degree bend with normal pressure or a 15 degree if you strain harder. Will not loosen seized bolts. If you are looking for some thing to get around the corner, keep looking. If you need so get to so something that’s almost within reach, then this maybe/might work. Again don’t expect it to loosen bolts.

I needed to replace a crankshaft position sensor on my car, and needed to get the socket on the bolt to loosen it in a tight space. These extension were perfect to get the socket on and give me enough space to turn the wrench. Same thing was needed to give the bolt a last tightening turn. Would strongly recommend the product.

Although i am a bit concerned that it may last long. After the first use (only have used it once) some of small outer cables were bent out of place. Probably from the pressure applied, but after one use of and immediate signs of wear and tear are showing the question long term durability.

A necessary tool to have if you need to get into tight places. Saved me lots of time on some jobs where the straight extension just would not do. But this is not designed for a bolts that are overtorqued or torqued to a high setting. But they are great on smaller jobs.

Neiko 00239A Flexible Extension Bar Set (2 Piece), 1/4″ x 3/8″ – 6″ x 8″, Clear :

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Neiko 00239A Flexible Extension Bar Set (2 Piece), 1/4" x 3/8" - 6" x 8", Clear
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