Nilight Off Road LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit 12V Relay On/Off Rocker Switch ATV Jeep Truck – Ensure you are using the appropriate size fuse for the application

All the negative reviews about the fuse being too high of a capacity are probably valid but nilight must have heard the customers and corrected the issue. The harness i received only had a 20a fuse where the description was for 40a which was probably too large. I am running 2x55w lights on a 12v system so i have 9. (amperage = power/voltage) just to be safe i swapped out the 20a fuse supplied with this harness with a 15a one. For the price you can beat the convenience of a prewired harness. The lengths were perfect for an atv but they would bee too short for a car or truck without modification.

Made installation of the light bar very simple. The switch light is bright when the light bar is on. So, it may bother some inside a dark car. Place it in a spot where it,s out of your normal sight line when driving.

If you are just running one item, this is a good kit. It comes with relay, in line fuse, pre wired and terminated ends for battery and ground hook up and two sets of spade connectors spaced out to accommodate multiple connections in line. It is idiot proof with numbered tabs on the connections and decent wiring. It is a smaller gauge (probably 18 or so) but good for a low draw led set up. Mine became a donor for my overhead lights and i’m confident in it. If this is your first foray into wiring buy this kit. It will show you simply how to wire a switch, relay and light correctly with little effort.

This takes all the stress out of wiring lights. I wish i had done it this way years agowell made kit that had everything i needed. It all worked great except the lighted switches dont light. Two thumbs upi had 2 sets of lights wired and blinding in about an hour. No way i could do that piecing this together. I will be buying another for a lightbar.

This is a good idea to use this when installing night lights, easy to install and the red ‘on’ switch helps to locate the switch fast.

The harness is well made and the rocker switches are easy enough to mount using a stepped drill bit. I ordered 2 harnesses for two sets of lights, but found i had a relay malfunctioning in one of the harnesses. Called amazon on saturday and received a new harness on monday. Completely satisfied customer.

It’s only like 10 bucks though so what’d you expect?. Wire lengths seems like thet were not well considered (ground from main is very short, ground from switch is significantly shorter than positive to switch, and switch trigger is like at least 4 feet longer than necessary). However, this is cheaper than sourcing parts myself and it does work. The style included in the package requires incapacitating one of your lighter outlets (or drilling a hole that large somewhere in your vehicle/boat/utv), but switches are cheap.

I really am impressed with the quality of these wiring harnesses. Saves you a tedious trip to the electronics store, basically all you need minus the tools. Definitley would reccommend getting a different switch though, besides for that no complaints thus far.

What you see is what you get. It’s pretty straight forward. Everything is there, ready to go, plug and play. This is a great kit for beginners that have a rough idea on how wiring works. This kit is great to skip the headache of having to wire almost everything yourself. With this kit, you’re doing half the work for the same outcome. Comes with 4 un-crimped connectors for your auxiliary lights so you don’t have to go out and purchase some. Since the switch is hardwired to the battery, i like the switch that it comes with because the switch doesn’t have a light that stays on even when your car is off or when you’re not using the your auxiliary lights. The switch light only turns on when it is flipped on. That’s great because you don’t want a little light to drain your battery when you’re away from your vehicle.

Love this wiring harness, it allows hooking up two light bars at the same time while using one switch. Mounted an led light bar on roof and smaller one on the front grill. Plenty of wire for the roof light, needed extra for the front bumper led bar.

Bought this and the mictuning kit to compare in wiring led lights to a utv. Both kits were well made, switches, wiring, connectors, etc. I would like 2 changes which would make them even better. First, for the top of a utv, longer wires to the battery and shorter wires to the lights would have worked better. So a kit which allowed selected wire length options would be better. Second, i replaced, on both, the connectors to the lights with crimp on barrel connectors with seem more secure.

For some reason i thought the leads could be switched separately, in retrospect i’m not sure why. Regardless it was very good quality for the price and i’ll have the option of adding on to my light output in the future.

I picked this kit because it allowed me to use a different switch other than the one provided. I wanted a blue light switch to better go with the blue lighting in my f150’s interior. I was able to use my switches using all of the wires that came with the kit. Length was a bit short but i expected that given the size of my truck and the path i had to take to hide the wires. Here are the specifications for the Nilight Off Road LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit 12V Relay On/Off Rocker Switch ATV Jeep Truck:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • DURABLE SWITCH: The upgraded rocker switch has been passed test of 5,000 times pressing, more durable. Easy to turn on or off the light.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WIRES: The wire is of good electrical conductivity, outstanding bending performance, high temperature and melting resistance.
  • CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Power relay-safety protection and conversion circuit. Blade fuse protects the circuit when overcurrent or short circuit occurs.
  • TWO LEADS HASNESS: With 2 sets of connectors, the wiring harness can hook up 2 led light bars less than 180W at the same time.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 x LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit, 1 x Instruction Diagram

Very good quality, the positive battery wire is fused, and the relay is very good quality. The switch lights on when on, looks awesome. Have used a few of these harnesses and for the price it’s definitely worth it. Will continue to buy as i need them.

Very easy install on 2001 jeep cherokee xj ,i installed wiring in about 45 mins just need some knowledge about 12v car batteries. Great product with fast shipping and aweaome customer service.

Good harness, like the extra leads in case i add a couple of lights. The led on switch is ridiculously bright, which wouldn’t really be a problem, but the wiring diagram was wrong and it stayed lit permanently??. Flipped red/white (see pic) and now only lit in ‘on’ position. Only other downside is that the red lead to switch location (left of steering wheel) is too short for running across to passenger side and up thru surf rack. Probably could’ve flipped lightbar, but already had hole drilled. All-in-all, happy with it, and, it came with a fuse already in place.

Light wiring kit i did not need after all, but it is a good kit to have. Only problem is the switch is very large and round. Drilling a hole would be difficult in most vehicles. No bracket was included to mount it otherwise happy with the product. I will use it in the future but probably not the switch. Fuse holder and relay seem to be well built for some abuse.

I purchased this wiring harness to install a pair of led flood lights on our zero-turn mower. The harness does come with generous lengths of wire for this type of application, and i even ended up shortenig some of the leads to reduce the amount of wire i needed to tuck away. Most importantly, nilight provides fantastic customer service. I had some issues with the switch that came with the harness, and they quickly provided a replacement without any hassle. In fact, i contacted them on a friday evening, via email, and they responded fairly quickly. Anyone can make a wiring harness, but not many companies provide service like this.

This review is for the wiring harness. I bought a 50′ light bar and two spot light combo for my 2015 jeep wrangler unlimited that came with a good wiring harness but i wanted another one so i could switch the lights separately​. It was just long enough to cover the distance between my lights (maybe 50 inches or so). Quality made and even included crimp on spade connectors for my lights. The switch was decent but i wanted a blue light rocker so i substituted my own. This was a great deal and i recommend it to anyone buying a light bar spot light combo so you can switch them separately.

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  • Great for the price
  • Great for first timers, decent quality
  • Wiring Harness was top notch!

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