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Initially thought these and viking were the same, but they are different. Initially, ordered a viking by measured size (s) and couldn’t get my legs in them and they were super long. Ordered a medium viking and instead received something completely wrong (milwaukee women’s chaps). Gave up on the vendor and ordered these and very happy. These have a small webbing in the legs (not elastic) that gives a little extra room. Fit great over dress pants and weren’t too long.

I wear 30×34 and ordered the small. Another inch in length would have been better though. I would say if you are a guy and wear 34 inseam they will probably be too short.

Well made with good leather and the lining is in the right places. Easy to put on and take off. Wore them all winter and they gave me the necessary warmth and wind protection i was able to put in quite a few miles on my harley.

Great quality for the price, they fit perfect and they keep me warm. I wore these for a motorcycle ride on christmas day, 33 degrees, and was warm as toast. They fit great, feel comfortable and easy to put on and take off. I do want to mention the finish on these, they are not as shiny as my leather motorcycle jacket, (xxelement b7100 classic) so there not a perfect match there, but they function great.

I recently purchased the nomad usa classic biker jacket and the nomad usa elastic fit leather chaps. I was and still am absolutely blown away by the quality and price of this set. The leather is thick, the zippers are large and strong, and everything fits perfect. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for high quality leather riding gear that won’t break the bank.

Ok, so i am 5’8′, about 240, with 27′ thighs. I have always had trouble getting decent chaps because i am short with big thighs. I ordered a 3x due to the thigh size. They are actually a little baggy around my thighs, which is awesome. I had to trim about 8′ from the bottoms, leaving just 1 snap, because i have a 30′ inseam. Don’t worry about the length, you can just grab a pair of scissors and shorten them. Look at the waist (which is adjustable from tiny to massive), and the thigh size. These seem to be good quality, nice thickness of the leather, and the hardware feels solid. The fit is good, just have to break them in now, because they are stiff. I recommend them based on the quality, fit, and the elastic patch on the inner thigh for movement.

Nomad USA Deep Pocket Elastic Fit Motorcycle Leather Chaps (Large)

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  • Heavy Duty Zippers.
  • Adjustable Belt.
  • 2 Zippered Pockets.
  • Elastic Patch In Inner Thigh.
  • Top Grade Quality Leather Biker Chap for Men.

Nomad usa deep pocket elastic fit motorcycle leather chaps (medium)i purchased these for the cool weather. I am pleased with thickness of the leather ( not to thin and not to thick, just a medium weight leather. I ordered by using the size chart and wear a 33 waist, 23 inch thighs, ( ya ya i know skinny legs}. } point is, i ordered a medium, the waist fits good, the length is just right, and i have wear size 34 length. No need to hem them or cut them shorter, the thighs came a little larger then hoped for is like an extra inch. The elastic is nice for a guy with larger thighs, myself i can use the elastic area and to take up the slack around the thighs. The leather seems to be just right for me, not to stiff or to soft. The snaps seem soilid and may last a while thru use.

Barely can fit a hand much less anything else. Pocket zippers are super sharp.

If you have large thighs, these may not be for you. I went by thigh size and the belt is on the last hole small side. It’s still a bit loose around my waist. It’s also waaaaay too long, though not a big deal. It seems very well made so i’ll get the fitment perfect at my tailor.

I’m 5’8” with a 32 waist and a 30 length pants. Bought a medium and i didn’t have to cut the leather to length. Buy the size you normally do and it’ll work out.

I were a size 34/34 in paints.

These chaps are excellent for the price. The leather feels thick, strong, and well made, and the zippers feel solid. The fit is great, i’m 6’0′ tall and i normally wear size 33/32 or 33/34 in pants. I ordered the medium and as you can see, the length is quite good and i still have plenty of room left to adjust the waist. They have tear away buttons at the bottom of the leg and zippers above that so they can be put on and taken off without removing your boots. They feel a little stiff but that’s normal with real leather and should get better as i break them in. I’m very pleased with these chaps and don’t think i could have found anything better at this price pointthe jacket i’m wearing in some of the pictures is the nomad usa classic biker jacket (m) which i also highly recommend.

These chaps are pretty awesome. Now me and my husband can wear matching outfits as we ride together. As you can see in the pics, it’s a little bit long on me, which is what usually happens to me. I’ll cut off the bottom 3 inches and they’ll be perfect. Good strong, sturdy leather and sewn together with quality.

For the price, can’t go wrong with these. What i like is two zippered pockets because if you ever tried to get anything out of your front pocket while wearing chaps, you already know. Medium thickness leather is more than adequate for southern california and folds up nicely for your saddlebag. Hd leg zippers and bottom snaps and leg liners. A little loose on me but that’s my fault for losing weight and skipping leg day. Easily cut 4 inches off the bottom as they were longer than needed. Don’t have anything ‘bad’ to say about these. 000 miles on them through our ‘winter’ with no issues.

The leather is pretty stiff. That’s a good thing, but it also makes it harder to roll up. I’m sure it’ll soften up with use. The front zipper pocket is really nice. I have large hands that barely fit in them. I think those pockets will be ruined by my ham hands if i put anything in those pockets that can’t be pulled out from the top with a few fingers, like a phone. They are deep enough that i can put my fist in there a little past my wrist. The flap of leather that covers the zipper is a good looking, heavy duty chunk of material. The zipper isn’t ykk, but it is a very rugged design and i highly doubt i will have any problems with it.

I had the opportunity to get a pair of leather chaps from nomad usa. I have never worn or even tried on a pair of chaps before so this was something new. I ordered a large and they do fit but there is way too much material through the legs and i have large legs. The length is correct as i am 5’10, course if you are shorter they can be easily off to fit at the bottoms. The chaps are real heavy duty leather and they would offer a lot of support through all types of weather, or if you were to go down. The snaps are very well made and have ykk zippers. The chaps have two methods of closure- they zip shut first and then snap for a nicer look plus it allows them to stay together. The two legs are held together and tied at the back with a leather string. They have deep pockets made into them on both sides. Although the chaps look to be made well, i did not like the fitment on me.

I just got these chaps and they are great. For the money, i don’t think you can find better value. Since it’s kind of hard to tell based on the description and the pictures, here are some observations. I was slightly confused by the sizing chart. I normally wear size 32×32 or 32×30 jeans, but depending on the measurements, i either needed the small or the xxl. The correct way to figure out the sizing is to measure your thigh. That’s the only important measurement since the other two can be adjusted. Where you measure also matters. To get mine correct, i stood up and measured right below the groin, where the pant legs start.

Nomad USA Deep Pocket Elastic Fit Motorcycle Leather Chaps (Large) : Nice thick leather chaps for the price. Roads are getting crazier and jeans just aren’t making me feel safe anymore if i ride something to the pavement. Can you get something nicer, higher quality?.If you want to pony up the dough. 00, these things are fantastic. Measure and use the link to the size chart. , a 38 waist, 35″ inseam, and 24″ thigh.

I recently purchased these viking cucles nomad chaps. I have never owned chaps before. I ordered the xxxl because there was no xxl available. I am 6’1′ and normally wear a 38×32 jean. These fit well and will fit someone with a much larger waist. The length can be cut to size.

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