Norpro Nopro Plastic Funnel, These are literally the best funnels I have ever purchased and the price cannot

These are literally the best funnels i have ever purchased and the price cannot be beat. Really, of all my funnels, these are the ones i cherish the most. I can’t really say how well they work, though, because they are so nice i typically use my older, uglier funnels instead of messing these up.

There is nothing thrilling about the norpro 243 3-piece plastic funnel set. It is a cheap, practical, durable set of funnels perfect for most of your funneling needs. It is important to note that these are not rated for funneling funds into offshore accounts. You will need something a bit stronger for that.If you are a funnel aficionado or a fancy chef this product will likely appeal to your desire to snooze. If you are a simpleton, savvy shopper, home scientists, or all around novice funnel-er than what more could you need?. Different sizes, maybe, but these should do for most of your funneling needs.

Let’s be honest, these are some of the cheapester funnels you can find, which in itself is great, but if you are expecting to use them forever, i’d try something else. That said, i bought these to use as a temporary funnel for some substances that i didn’t want to touch my other funnels. I threw them out after the use. These were great while i had them (for all about a hot minute). I’d recommend them to anyone for that purpose. Otherwise, somewhat flimsy and made of cheap materials.

I was in the market for a highly functional, well priced, piece of funnel engineering and came across nopro plastic funnel during intensive due diligence on amazon. It was on the pricier side, however i noticed it came in a set of 3, so i took out my calculator and crunched the numbers. At a non-weighted average of $0. 66 per funnel, i decided to proceed reading the reviews. I noticed that serval investors where raising concerns that the funnel is cheap in its construction, which i found puzzling considering the exuberant pricing point of the funnels per item in average (granted some may have received broken funnels). Nevertheless, i decided to take the plunge and ordered the nopro plasric funnel set of 3. Following a couple of days of waiting and suspence, the funnels finally arrived and to my great relief they not only arrived in mint conditions, but they function perfectly – you can with ease pour most liquid substances into the funnels and it will come through on the other side. If your into funneling stuff, this is the funnels for you – i give it 5 stars despite the lack of a manual.

It’s a set of funnels in different sizes, for kitchen use, from small to big enough, with a little tab on the edge that you can use to hold them or to hang them up. They’re not high-quality plastic, but they don’t really need to be. They won’t stand up to high heat, in case that’s important to you in a funnel, but i can probably wash them in the dishwasher if i want to. I think they’ll handle anything i need to use a funnel for.

I needed something that was inexpensive but functional for the purpose of funneling liquids such as cooking oils, liquid grease and other food-based liquids into either waste containers (for disposal) or back into other containers for re-use. These worked perfectly for the job. I did not try it with powders, spices or sugars but judging by the design, i would suggest using these primarily for liquids. Bottom line: inexpensive, decently sturdy and served my purpose.

I use these when i bottle my kombucha and add the fruit puree. They fit the bottles without issues. They’re such a great way to help quicken my second fermentand my 2 year old loves to use them as a horn ;).

Key specs for Nopro Plastic Funnel, Set of 3:

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  • Every home and kitchen will benefit from having these handy funnels that come in 3 different sizes! Large Mouth: 4″/10cm Stem: .5″/1.25cm; Medium Mouth: 3.5″/9cm Stem: .4″/1cm; Small Mouth: 2.5″/6cm Stem: .3″/.75cm.
  • A simple, yet helpful tool for transferring liquids/dry ingredients from containers to bottles while keeping the kitchen counter free from spills.
  • Each funnel has a perfectly narrow spout which fits into a majority of bottle necks, to avoid spilling.
  • Easy to store, can nest or has convenient loops on the side to hang in garages, kitchens or utility rooms. Great for auto care, cleaning, restaurants, schools and labs!
  • Top rack dishwasher safe.

Comments from buyers

“Top of the line engineering!, Cheap, simple, easy to use and dispose of, Good price for a useful product”

I have had a set of these before for cooking, but i bought another set b/c i can’t stand how difficult it is to pour the dishwasher rinse aid in that tiny compartment, so i use the smallest funnel to help and then leave it on top of the rinse aid bottle.

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