Nuzari Ultimate Weather Proof Universal Motorbike Cover W/Quality Heavy Duty Material, Can’t beat this for the price & quality

It went perfectly over my 2006 harley davidson ultra glide classic with no problem and room to breathe. I love this cover good quality and it allowed me to lock it to the bike unlike my other cover that was stolen. Would definitely recommend this product. The wind is not a problem as the cover allows the air to escape. Another great feature is the heat shield on the inside for the pipes.

I basically like this cover; it’s very sturdy, and the elastics and center tiedown strap and buckle keep it (mostly) on the machine where it should be. I haven’t had it long enough to know how it handles rain or exposure to sunlight. It has a sprocket design on the left, to help sort out which side is which when wrestling it into place. Or it would, if my motorcycle’s drive chain was on the left. I have the m size on a royal enfield c5 classic. Overall length, between front and rear wheels, it’s spot on; possibly a tad tight, but not so much that it’s hard to put the cover in place. However, the cover is very baggy back aft, where it’s wide enough to cover side panniers which i don’t have. Similarly, it’s a bit baggy in the front; it’s probably intended to cover a small fairing or windshield, which again i don’t have. These baggy areas aren’t the cover’s fault; if i had a porkier motorcycle, the cover would fit fine. But the cover is cut symmetrically; left and right are mirror images. But that’s not the shape of a covered motorcycle. A cover like this is like having a pair of identical shoes, and expecting either one to fit either foot. A parked motorcycle has the front wheel and handlebars turned left, up against the lock.

First i’d like to say today is july 2nd i gave it five stars because it actually covered my whole bike from top to the ground , the material is just awesome , it’s nice and thick and texture is nothing like the other four i purchased from different sellers who claimed the cover to be 100% waterproof, so anyone who lives in illinois knows we get lots of rain and today is sunday the first day i just got the cover and it will be put through the test because we have storms coming, so after the rain i’ll give my review again but after speaking to customer service (daniel) about the material they are the only ones who assured me that my bike will be dry and they offer a lifetime warranty to where nobody else offered that , so for now i am very pleased that it covered my whole bike completely i have a 91 honda goldwing with saddlebags and trunk and it went over that very easy all the way down to covering my exhaust with room to spare, so again after this rain i will check to see if my bike is dry and if it is then i highly recommend this cover over anybody else who selling motorcycle covers anywhere on the internet or amazon. Followup: today is july 17, 2017 and i have to say that i’m am soooooooooo very pleased that this cover is keeping my bike dry, and it covers my whole bike to the ground and a recap my bike is a 91 goldwing with windshield and trunk w/saddle bags and i still have room under the cover, it has a strap underneath the cent of the cover to keep it from blowing off and has 2 small openings at the bottom of the front wheel so you can add a tie down there too, bottom line is if your looking for a cover that really keeps your bike dry then this is the company you wanna do business with, and they offer life time warranty which no other company has offered and nor is their covers 100 percent water proof, i highly recommend this cover to everyone.

If it lasts a fair amount of time. More elastic fromt and back to really pull the cover under the wheels. I was also happy for the strap under the chassis, came in handy during high winds the other night. Got this for a great price, if it lasts longer than my previous, it is a great value. 2014 harleystreet glide specialbought xxl cover.

Although i’ve had this cover for a short period of time, i’m convinced that it will suit my purposes perfectly. The materials and workmanship are excellent. Obviously, this company has a strong commitment to detail. The seams, fit and finish are perfect, in fact, it fits my honda st1300 like a custom glove.An especially nice touch is the reflective rib that has been used in the seams. The other nice touches are the aluminized lining material inside the cover, to protect the cover from hot mufflers and the soft material used to protect my windshield. Well designed, beautifully constructed, quality materials, perfect fit, all adds up to this premium product speaking for itself. If you value your bike like i do, then getting this cover is an excellent choice. Trust me, i’m a critical buyer, i expect value for my money, you will not be disappointed.

Sooooo happy i ordered this cover. Product and shipping was just as/if not better than written. I feel very confident in purchasing from them again and recommending them to my friends and family. Daniel is very professional and follows up w/customers even when not asked to. He checks if product was rcv’d on time and if i had any questions or concerns. He goes above and beyond what he has to – imhoi’ll be a customer for life. Picture below is what i’m using it on/for (1993 gold wing aspencade 1500),wish i had a pic with it covering it, looks awesome and the night vision (side striping/front. ) illumination is gr8 tim k.

Guys here’s a great fitting nice cover for under a hundred dollar’s. a+a+a+ i used their size chart and got a perfect fitting bike cover for my harley. i’ve always been cheap on covers owned at least a half dozen. But i wanted to get some quality for the harley without breaking the bank .Bingo nuzari, best price out there hands down kudos 🤓 ps, i ordered 1 size too big hence the baggy fit . Just wanted more room for my bags ect.

Key specs for Ultimate Weather Proof Universal Motorbike Cover W/Quality Heavy Duty Material,Lockholes,Wind Proof Buckle,Water Snow Resistant Fabric 4 Harley Davidson,Honda,Suzuki,Ducati,Yamaha XXL Blk:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SIZING CHART MEDIUM – (SPORTSBIKE) Fits lengths up to 90 inches long (Tire to Tire) and 50 inches high (Ground to Top of Windscreen) LARGE – (SPORT TOURING) Fits lengths up to 97 inches long (Tire to Tire) and 57 inches high (Ground to Top of Windscreen) XL – (LARGE COURIERS / TOURING) Fits lengths up to 104 inches long (Tire to Tire) and 56 inches high (Ground to Top of Windscreen) XXL – (HONDA GOLDWING / HARLEY DAVIDSON TOURING) Fits up to 108in and 60in high (Ground to Top of Windscreen)
  • REFLECTIVE STRIPS covers more visibility for parking cars to prevent bumping of motorcycle covers outdoor storage. INNOVATIVE motorcycle cover design icon on sprocket side of the motorcycle winter cover, so you never have to guess whether it was installed properly to cover bike. SOFT COTTON WINDSCREEN PROTECTOR – prevents scratching the windshield during installation.
  • HEAVY DUTY ELASTIC BOTTOM and LUGGAGE STRAP, cover to motorcycle, for an extremely snug fit to ensure your waterproof motorcycle cover remains covered during high winds. INTERIOR HEAT SHIELD – prevents burning and melting of cover due to HOT PIPES. Your motorcycle cover has a HEAT RATING OF 150 DEGREES.
  • LOCKABLE motorcycle covers has DURABLY SEWN CUTOUTS for chains, wire and cable locks to pass thru freely, protecting your HARLEY, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, DUCATI, BMW, KAWASAKI, HONDA Motorcycle cover. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your cover motorcycle outdoor is safe and secure.
  • BREATHABLE MOTORCYCLE COVER waterproof air vents allows air to pass through preventing tip over from high winds. NUZARI’S product is an excellent fit for Motorcycle cover Harley Davidson and Cover for Motorcycle Harley

Comments from buyers

“Nice cover
, The cover is very sturdy with a material almost like canvas but more pliable
, It really fits like described

I purchased this cover in the red color (boomer sooner) for a yamaha majesty scooter in the large size. My windshield is 55” tall. It is a perfect fit and appears to be well designed and made. Just purchased, so i cannot comment on durability. I will update in a few months after a hot oklahoma summer has worked it over. At the risk of recycling an overused phrase, shipping was super fast. I highly recommend this seller.

Far heftier than the last couple covers, in a good way. From the weight of the material, to design, fit, and finish, this is a superior product. Fits my f800 with full bags like a glove – more so than a couple other so called xl covers. Interior is soft, and tied own options are perfect. Well worth your hard earned dough.

I have a bike being stored outside at present and this cover protects it from all the elements. Clipping fasteners and elastic bottom keep it from ‘ballooning’ or blowing off. Highly reflective– when headlights shine on it, it looks like a giant glowing motorcycle. Easy to put on, easy to remove, easy to fold, store and travel. Fits in my saddlebag so easy to bring on long rides in case of inclement weather. Couldn’t be more pleased with this.

Loving this cover – good gauge material, reflective stripes assure you the bike outline can be seen from a 100ft with headlights – strap that goes under is brilliant as are the slots at the edges of the front and rear wheels to run your chain lock through (prevents softie from stealing it) – keeps the dust off and keeps it dry – hope it holds up as others say through the winter. Went with the medium for my suzuki gsxr 600 – looks like it would fit any supersport or superbike (without extended trail arms and without luggage).

This is the 3rd nuzari motorcycle cover i have purchased. I do not have a garage so my 3 motorcycles are outside in the new mexico elements, mainly sun, heat, wind and rain. The most protective nuzari cover is only a few bucks more than their lower end cover and is definitely worth it. The covers do fade with the elements but they protect the bikes. This is the only mc cover i will buy.

I’ve had a couple of others in the past, one was super cheap and didn’t last. The last one i got was pretty good for about 10 buck less but not as nice as this one. The last one was large and fit my 05 hd deluxe with saddlebags just right so i got the large on this one. It’s a little big and does seem like it would work great with a full size bike with a windshield and trunk much better. I don’t mind it a little big because it’s a lot easier to put on lol. Overall it seems very durable and the elastic around the bottom is thick and strong and i like the adjustable plastic clip strap on the bottom. Update after using it for a few weeks now:if i had to write again it wouldn’t change a bit. I have been really impressed by the thick materialand how it doesn’t get blown around as easy as others i’ve used. I know nothing is 100% waterproofand over time i’m sure it will seep through in some places but so far i’ve had strong winds and raingoing in phoenix as well as several over 100 degree days and when i come out in the morning water isjust pooled up on top of the cover.

I was a bit skeptical of this product at first buying a unfamiliar brand online. But after reading the reviews and looking at the fitment. I decided to go ahead and give nuzari a shot. And on my 2012 yamaha raider it fits like a glove. And i’ve already experienced high wind and rain in the past few weeks. My bike was dry the next morning and as i was watching the cover in high wind being outside it never ballooned up like my other cover would. Hands down this cover does what they say it will do. Great product guys keep up the great work. I will gladly purchase from y’all again.

The material is thick and appears to be built to last. At least in the short term it has performed as advertised to keep water out and dryness in. The sizes are just a tad smaller than i am used to from other manufacturers but it wasn’t a problem fitting on my wife’s bike or my own. My only nit was that the colors i really wanted were not available and i simply did not want to wait to get new covers on my bike.

Excellent cover, very happy with the purchase. Very good quality material, and has good visibility at night. I have a honda pacific coast with a taller than stock windshield and just fits. Lots of consideration put into the design, like softer material on the inside where it covers the windshield, and heat reflector at the exhaust. The built in elastic helps keep the cover on so it is not flapping in the wind. Most of all the reflective lines as you can see in the picture. I don’t have a garage and was worried someone would run right over it, but i feel much more at ease now. I always like to see real pictures so you can get a better feel of the cover on a bike.

Ordered this compared to other covers out there. Initial reaction upon delivery: it comes in a zippered cover, then its inside a cover for the cover. Overkill to a degree, but i liked it. I opted for the camo color, dont ask why, just didnt want black, and the other colors were not my thing. I got the lg cover based on previous reviews and the suggested size chart they had. Thing was over-sized or my bike. Now, i am not gravitating to a negative over the size, as i prefer it actually. The size allows more coverage to full coverage of the bike with room for errors.

I ordered the nazari premium heavy duty motorcycle cover, but before i made my purchase i had a question about fitment for my 2015 road king; needless to say the seller ondaupswing answered my question most expediently. I placed the order on 1/24/2017 and on the 1/27 the package was at my door, being anxious i tore into the well packaged delivery any was pleasantly surprised at what i was seeing. The cover is very sturdy with a material almost like canvas but more pliable you can instantly tell you have a quality piece of equipment capable of handling the job at hand. Having to park my bike in a carport you can see how a cover is important and the cheap plastic cover i had on it before was too large a would blow off causing my bike to look like it was wearing a parachute plus being exposed to the weather. For the past few days it’s been raining and very windy and although my bike is covered it is exposed to the wind and debris blowing about. I placed the cover on my bike and my eyes lit up like candles for it was a perfect fit. I am so thankful to ondaupswing for their timely response and amazon for carrying the various nuzari covers. This cover should last for years to come but should i need another i know where to go (amazon and ondaupswing) thank you.

Over the last few years i’ve bought my share of covers. Where i currently house my bike, i have an enclosure but not a real garage. I researched this item, and it seemed to be what i was looking for. I have an older victory that has saddlebags and a trunk. Add a windshield to the mix and you need a ‘huge’ cover. I bought the xxl sized cover for my victory, and it covers it with room to spare, and when i say cover i mean literally down to the floor. I’ve just had it a few days, so i’m not sure about ‘long term’ performance, but the material seems sturdy, the seams sewn incredibly well, and so much more. I bought the black one, and it looks great. The fact it fit my bike with extra room, i’m very impressed. Even some of the’better’ covers just barely fit.

Fits perfectfirst off: i am absolutely thrilled at the quality of this cover. After shopping and reading reviews on all sorts of different covers for my bike, i felt that, overwhelmingly, the seller’s knew and portrayed just how well this product truly was constructed. Once opened, i first laid it out on the dry lawn to observe its construction. I was amazed and excited to put it on. Observation: all seams were intact. Installation: honestly, most do not need instruction on how to install something as simple as a bike cover, but sometimes it might help to know someone else’s technique.

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Ultimate Weather Proof Universal Motorbike Cover W/Quality Heavy Duty Material,Lockholes,Wind Proof Buckle,Water Snow Resistant Fabric 4 Harley Davidson,Honda,Suzuki,Ducati,Yamaha XXL Blk
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