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These are a pain to get on but that is because they fit so well. This is a perfect way to keep old frames.

I have owned many oakley sunglass and purchased the replacement kits before and all have worked perfectly. This kit is the same quality with the exception the price is much less expensive through amazon. I would highly recommend knowing exactly the style/model of sunglasses you own to prevent returning and wasting time. Also, if your eyewear is not carried/made any more to contact oakley directly and speak with a consultant. They will let you know if the replacement parts are available. If not oakley has given me a significant discount four times on replacement glasses. Oakley will require you forward the old pair to prove ownership/receipt. You can receive a free eyewear box for mailing from any authorized dealer, and only pay postage. That’s it and you have a new current style and pair comparable in price to an old pair.

My oakleys are very old half jackets that i haven’t worn in a long time. They rubber was greasy and nasty. Got these replacements and they are perfect.I should mention they say they are for men’s but my glasses are woman’s. Had a hard time getting them on. Used a hair dryer and then discovered they recommend squirting hand sanitizer in and that worked. Once you wrestle them on, you’ll be glad you did.

I bought this kit because while changing the lenses, i apparently dropped one of the nose pads. Since the sun glasses are a few years old the nose pads that came with the kit were different shaped then my original ones. The kit comes with 2 different size nose pieces so i picked the ones that were closest in size. The temple pieces were the same but a real pain to put on until i had to google it and watch a video. I’ll save you the time, douse the ear pieces with purell and the rubber pieces slide on pretty easily from there. The nose pads don’t really lock onto the frame as well as they should. It took a few tries to keep them from falling off. Long story short, unless you want to buy a whole new pair of oakleys, this kit works.

It’s much cheaper to change these parts out than buying new glasses. I bought it because i lost the nose piece on my half jackets and then my husband used the other pieces because his were looking a little rough.

Took forever to get these on, (i was probably doing it wrong). But once on , my oakley’s are as good as new.

Oakley – Oakley Sunglass Half Jacket Nose Kit

  • Composite frame
  • glass lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: One Size millimeters
  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size
  • Oakley Half Jacket Earsock Kit Sunglass Accessories for Men

I’ve had my original half jackets for almost 15 years. Rubber parts were getting worn and finally lost a nosepiece. This was just what i needed. Didn’t know there was a 2nd set of nosepieces in a bigger size. Installed that pair easily and love that it sits the glasses a bit further off my face. Haven’t replaced the earsocks yet.

I lost a nose pad and wanted an authentic replacement. This kit replaced all the rubber pieces on my oakley halfjackets and fit perfectly. As others have stated, finding just the nose pads would have been nice but honestly all the pieces were old enough that they needed to be replaced. The kit came in an oakley box and appears to be a legitimate oakley replacement. The only thing that made me question that was the lack of a usa stamp on one of the longer pieces. Regardless, everything fits and looks great. My oakleys just keep on going.

A little dish soap goes a long way putting the ear pieces on.

I’ve owned my oakley half jacket 1. 0 sunglasses for over 11 years now, and they’re still going strong. I’d almost like to replace them, but since they won’t break, why bother?. This rubber-replacement kit is good value for the money. The rubber doesn’t seem quite as good as the oem rubber, but for the price, it’s worth it. The new rubber seems stickier and less smooth. But again, they might be oem but at some point oakley changed the rubber compound. You’ll definitely need to watch some youtube videos to figure out how to put these on. Soap or some other lube is absolutely necessary, and even then, it’s very tough.

This is perfect for fixing your oakley’s instead of buying a brand new pair.

I bought this kit to revive a very old pair of half jackets. Everything fit perfectly and coupled with a set of new lenses, the old oakleys are like new. Use a little hand soap and water to get the new parts over the bumps and they go on in seconds. There are videos on youtube that are helpful.

My old ones were falling apart and these made the glasses like new again. Make sure you search the videos to learn how to change these pieces out if you don’t already know. I’ve changed them a few times and using soap and water to lubricate things makes a world of difference.

These replacement parts appear to be oem oakley products. A good tip to get the new pieces on is to use a bit of hand sanitizer as lube to get them into place. Otherwise they get stuck really badly and are nearly impossible to get on. These parts have completely refreshed my 10 year old sunglasses.

If any of you reading this are like me. When sun glasses get all scratched up, we just toss them in the trash right?. Even if they are oakley’s and we spent over $100 on them and had them for like 5 or 6 years, we still feel like there is nothing to do but chuck them in the trashi’m soooooo glad that i found these. I have a pair of half jackets that i’ve had for about 5 years. They have been through hell and back, and were a limited color/paint for military. I didn’t want to toss these because i cant find anything that is similar to these. With this kit, i was able to replace the greasy, ripped, worn ear socks and nose pads in a matter of minutes. Throw in a new set of lenses and for less than $25, i’ve got new shades that will last another 5 years.

I have the now outdated half jacket and these fit perfectly. My nose pieces are usually the first to fall off or get worn down after normal use and some 2 mile runs. I’ll have to get some more to allow my sunglasses to last a few more years.

Oakley – Oakley Sunglass Half Jacket Nose Kit :

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