Oakley Pro/New M Frame Earsocks/Nosepieces : Perfect fit

Making those m-frames last forever. Best sunglasses that oakley ever made.

I only needed the nose piece and was afraid to change out my ears sockets but a quick youtube video showing to use hand sanitizer took me about 2 mins to swap everything out.

This nose piece fit perfectly. After almost 12 years, my old one was about to fall apart, so i was glad to find the actual manufacturer’s replacement piece.

I have my sunglasses since 2000 and i’m so happy i can replace the plastic pieces.

Arrived in box as pictured in listing. Nose piece is a very tight fit on real lenses and shouldn’t fall out. . Didn’t need the temple pieces so i can’t comment on them.

I ordered the oakley pro/new m frame earsocks/nosepieces and this is exactly what i received. I was a little concerned as a couple of the other reviewers said they received the wrong product. These fit my m frames perfectly, and i am very happy with this purchase.

Oakley Pro/New M Frame Earsocks/Nosepieces

  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size
  • Oakley M Frame Frame Kit Sunglass Accessories for Adult

This fitted my oakley m frames that i’ve had for years. Very happy with quality and time of shipping. Great product for a great price.

Works great on my older m frame sunglasses.

There are a few styles of m frame oakley came out with that this does not work with.

Fits my old m frames perfectly. I’ve had these m frame’s for over 10 years, and this kit breaths new life into them.

I tried some aftermarket nose pieces. Only the originals fit and wear properly. Hope they never stop making the m-frames.

I purchased these to replace split earsocks on my 5+ year old oakley m frames. I was leery that these might be cheap knock-offs, like so many things now on amazon, but they appear to be just as good as my originals. I had no problem whatsoever with the fit of the nose piece nor the earsocks. Make sure when you pull off the old earsocks that you clean the frame stems thoroughly, removing any dirt, body oil/grease. Then use some soapy dish detergent applied to the frame stems. Push the new earsocks on until your feel resistance, then back them off, apply a bit more of the soapy dish detergent mix and repeat the process until they slide all the way on without a lot of force. Oh, and the earsocks are handed so be sure to attach the correct ones to the proper left and right frame stems. I’ll be ordering a couple more of these sets as it appears that oakley is no longer manufacturing their basic m frame glasses, along with the replacement earsocks for them.

As promised, arrived quickly. I had lost the nosepiece but switching out the earsocks provided a like new pair of sunglasses.

Oakley Pro/New M Frame Earsocks/Nosepieces :

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Oakley Pro/New M Frame Earsocks/Nosepieces
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