O’Neal Rider Boots, I’ll say these are high quality boots that offer nice features that you would expect to see on more

I’m a new motorcycle rider, and feel these are a great value. 5 wide shoe, so i ordered the size 11. Initially they were tight and really stiff. I wore them around the house for a few nights to try and break them in and they started to get a little less tight in the foot areal. I’m got pretty big calves, and was able to close all of the clasps. After about 5 hours on my first ride, they were pretty comfortable. The only negative is that the clasps are plastic and feel like they might break off at some point. I can’t dock a star for what may or may not happen, so there you go.

I make my son wear these every time he rides. The last time he went out, i saw him leaving this his tennis shoes on and made him put these boots on instead. He came home about an hour later and said. ‘dad, thanks for making me put these on. I dumped my bike on it’s side and the foot peg dug into the side of the boot. Had i not been wearing these, i would have hurt my ankle or leg really bad, but with these, i just got up and kept riding. ‘ best investment i may have ever made.

A little clunky, but well protecting and durable for the price. Feel almost like snowboard boots when walking which isn’t an endorsement. You may have to adjust your shifter position to get under it reliably as the toe is much taller than my old sidi boots.

So i broke thee bones in my foot but considering these boots saved my foot from being crushed by the entire weight of my 300 pound motorcycle going 20 mph and hitting a wall with my foot in between i am a big fan of these boots. I probably wouldn’t buy them again because id just want a more expensive boot. They where the best quality boot but for the price and i got to keep my foot (even though broken but not mutilated beyond repair ) so i would recommend for moderate risk riding but will keep your foot mostly safe, the only reason my foot broke was because in essence, my foot simply slid forward and hit the front inside of the boot really hard, and that’s just physics not the boot and i think i accidentally ordered a size too big. If you cant spare the money for better boots get these boots they will save your feet if you crash and save thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills, not to mention recovery time if your job requires walking around.

. No bend at all in the sole of the boot. Like you’re walking with a steel plate in the bottom of the boot. . Impossible to get toe under the gear shift peg of my klr650 where you feel in control. And made well and i’m sure it offers great protection how well its made. Could work for other bikes but didn’t work for me.

These are good boots for the price, they provide good protection for a beginner but are not even water-resistant, one puddle and your feet are damp. They are not comfortable for any walking, but are a great entry level boot to keep a new riders feet and ankles protected. Boots are mandatory riding equipment and these are acceptable starters.

I was a little skeptical about these boots after reading some reviews but i am so glad i got them. Yes the first couple rides they are very stiff but after they break in they are great boots. I do a lot of trail riding and run into mud quite a bit and these are quite water resistant and can shield you from some heavy impacts with shin stickers out on the trails. They fit pretty much standard with your shoe size, the only thing i had to get adjusted to is the size of the toe box and shifting my bike, after you adjust to these boots you wont regret buying them.

Key specs for O’Neal Rider Boots (Black, Size 14):

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  • Injection molded plastic plates protect against impacts. Metal shank insert reinforces the shape of the boot and adds support
  • Easy to operate, Snap-Lock adjustable four buckle closure system. Durable Goodyear welt sole is properly balanced with no unstable rocking
  • Metal toe guard to protect the sole against delaminating. Moderate grip sole is great for track, trail and ATV riders
  • Air mesh interior, generous heel support and cushioned insole for extra comfort. Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage
  • Rear pull tab for extra leverage. Replacement straps and buckles are available. Fit tip-if you typically wear a half size, order the next size up as boots are only offered in whole sizes

Comments from buyers

“I’ll say these are high quality boots that offer nice features that you would expect to see on more , Better than the Fly Maverik!, I would have hurt my ankle or leg really bad, but with these”

These are my first pair of motorcycle boots as this is my first motorcycle. I ride a honda xr650l and i bough these so that i can ride in the dessert. I took them out for the first time and they are very stiff and it is hard to feel the shifter but i think that’s how these are supposed to feel. They are meant to really protect you when you crash and i didn’t rest them but i feel as if they would provide more than adequate protection. They feel comfortable for what they are and you feel safe. After a while i got used to how they felt and it became easier to shift but i wouldn’t use them on the street where you have to shift in traffic. They were great for the desert and i might relocate my shifter a little higher next time to make it easier to shift. I think all i need to do is rotate the shifter a couple of teeth and i should be good to go.

I walked around in them a little before actually going riding. These boots are really stiff out of the box. I did some bending and twisting to semi break them in. I went out riding with them a little and was able to shift pretty good. I took them camping and after the first days ride they felt really good overall. By the end of the second day all of the uncomfortable stiffness was gone. I don’t really have much to compare them to as my last pair of riding boots were probably from the late 70’s. Exponential improvement in comparison with those old things.

As it’s my first mx boot i can’t compare the product but after few runs i really feel comfy with and looks protective. 5 eu i got the size 10 and fit perfect with thik socks. Update after 9 month use period : the boot it self is ok, the only issue i had is i got 3 strap broken and im only riding on week-end for few hours, i had to buy the strap kit from o’neal looks like they now about this deffects???.

I felt the quality on these were great for being an inexpensive entry level boot. I bent and folded them for a bit before riding and didn’t have too much of a hard time shifting/braking. I feel that these will be easy to break in. The latches seem to be made of a good strong plastic with a metal pin on the male end. Order a size larger than what you wear, especially if you have flat feet like me. 5 wide boot, and i ordered these in size 13. Had i ordered a size 12, they’d be going back.

For the price, you honestly cant complain about these boots too much. However, let me explain that the toe of these boots is fairly large and for some dirt bikes could really be a pain when shifting gearson my bike, a crf250r, a boot size 9, i struggled to get comfortable shifting. After 4 rides i looked down at the books and saw all of the stitching around the sole completely ripped and shredded as a result of the shift nob rubbing against it. Again, they are not bad by any means and are actually very comfortable, but maybe not the best choice for all platforms. I’d say they be great on an atv or something similar.

I’m giving them 4 stars based on the amount of protection they give with reference to the price. First, i’ll say these are high quality boots that offer nice features that you would expect to see on more expensive boots. They give very good shin, ankle and foot protection. They are comfortable enough to ride in all day while still giving excellent protection. Also they are durable and well made. I have about 20 hours of hard dirt bike trail riding in them and they show no sign of wear. Now the bad; these boots are not water proof at all. The first time you hit water your foot and socks will be soaked. I ride with over-the-boot mx pants and still come home every time with wet socks. There is a water proof liner, but the flexible part of the boot in the front on top, leaks water very easily.

Very nice boot for the money. I have a set of alpinestars tech 3s and side by side i see no quality difference. These o’neals fit very well, and have some flex out of the box. They definitely require a break in period before you can shift comfortably if you’re coming from non mx style boots but they definitely provide great protection and fit. Would buy again, and i would buy these over the equally popular fly maveriks.

I had inherited a pair of these when i began riding but they unfortunately had become dry rotted in my friends garage and didn’t last the weekend. I liked them enough to purchase a new pair and after wearing them around the house to break them in i wore them for a weekend on the trails. They protected my feet well for my clumsy riding. I wear a size 12 shoe but got these in a 10 and they fit perfectly. More water resistant would be nice but these are budget boots so sacrifices have to be made.

I just did 12 backflips, i’m that happy. Fit perfect for me and i’m a 9. A little stiff but stiff things are good. Theyre new boots, that’s gonna happen until you break them in like a wild mustang.

I’ve already had a strap on each boot fail which tells me this is not a fluke. The plastic they are using for it should be stronger. Fortunately i have the means to repair plastic at work and was able to salvage them but i don’t think this should have been necessary after using them 3 times. Other than that, the rest of the boot seems to be fine so far and i’ll update this review as new things unfold.

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