OPT7 Aura Truck/SUV LED Underglow Lighting Kit w/Remote – 4 Aluminum Waterproof Glow Bars – Item doesn’t work, waiting to hear from customer service

My wife got me these for a bday gift for my 2016 dodge challenger scatpack and install was not to bad and over all i have had them installed for about a year now and they still work great. They defentley aren’t the brightest but they do the job. I do have to say though the wireless remote is kinda a neat idea but at the same time it’s not reason for this is that some times it’s on responsive and when u turn them while driving you don’t always know if the lights are on or not. And the smaller remote that it came w never really worked for me eather it worked for like a day then stoped so i never really messed with that but aside from that they aren’t to bad.

Great lights i get so much attention i’m almost embarrassed at times. People stop on their tracks and point and i can see them mouth ‘wow’ or ‘nice’ the guy that installed them was impressed and asked me where i got them. I showed him the amazon product description. He was impressed with the quality and design of the product. And he works in a store that installs lights, stereos and car extras. Although in theory installation is simple and anyone can do it, i decided to pay someone. I had no idea how to get the wires inside the truck without ripping some panel or drilling a hole. I just got my bmw x5 and didn’t even know the battery was in the back until someone told me.

These lights are worth the money. I mounted 2 sets underneath my semi truck, 1 in my exhaust stacks, and they look awesome. I got the inside kit as well and it really makes my 2016 freightliner coronado pop with the lights that it already has and all the chrome.

 the lights themselves are great. However, reading many reviews, it seems not all the extensions actually are long enough to get them to work properly. Luckily, i had an extra extension from my interior kit that worked. Installation instructions are not so great but had a professional install, so not a huge deal. Remote works pretty well with a pretty long range when outside of the car. Remote provides many different settings for the lights from solid light, strobing, to color wheel and sound response. Sound response should not be the focus of your purchase though as it “kind of” works.

As you can see with the pictures, these things are bright and awesome. It comes with plenty of zip ties, mounts, bolts, ect. I’ve been using mine for about a week now with no problems. Also comes with two remotes. However a couple problems that could be easily solved:the amazon listing description doesn’t mention that the connectors for the led lights that extend the wiring, are not water proof. The instructions do and the recommend silicone beads or something like that (but they don’t come with the kit) this caught me by surprise and kinda slowed things down. Not enough length on the connectors or not enough connectors (or both) i ended up being one short, so i just saved it for later when i buy another one of these. And it appears opt7 doesn’t allow you buy the connectors separately which is disappointing. I ended up mounting the control unit underneath the hood underneath my airbox, on the frame, next to the transmisson. I made a cheapo, little heat shield to protect the control box from heat and water.

– this is probably the best led lights out there, they are very well built and didn’t used cheesy materials. One of the problems i ran into and several other people, the rear cable is too short. Solution, i cut the front passenger light cable since it is the closets to the controller box. I used the cable to spliced with the cable of the one i placed in rear bumper and it worked just fine to reach the controller box. The only reason why i not given a five starts, is ’cause the music beat is not working, every other function works except that one, it just wouldn’t turn on. I’m going to contact the seller to get some feedback and probably a solution to it. I’ll update this post once i talked to vendor. – update,after going back and forth with the vendor about the music sync feature not working, he sent me another remote. The problem is not the remote, is the deceiving description of the product. The lights do not have the music sync feature at all, the do need to come with a music sync controller box, these lights don’t come with it.

  • Always have wanted underglow, and very glad I found this kit!
  • – this is probably the best LED lights out there
  • Item doesn’t work, waiting to hear from customer service

After reading the great reviews, this item fell short. It is very bright, and the sound activation is cool, however both my remotes do not work. I’m not sure if it’s the unit itself, it only stays in green color, sound mode. I read another 1 or 2 reviews that this has happened. I emailed customer service last night and have not heard back, i also emailed again today, i am waiting. If it is a defect in the unit, or the 2 remotes and they make good, then ok, but this remains to be seen. It is most unfortunate because i have a truck show in 3 days now i cannot use this item. **still no answer from customer service, it’s been 3 days **.

 this is likely the best kit i’ve seen for this price range. Many other ‘ebay’ kits for this price or around it appear to be much cheaper quality and the wiring is too thin to last. However this kit’s led strips are very durable and secure. I’ve driven in heavy rains and rocky roads in my lowered car and they are still perfect. Install was super simple (although i did take a lot of time to ensure wiring was perfect and protected from any moving parts or areas where it could rub due to movement). Both remotes are very convienent and offer a range of colors/patterns to play with. Hardware included i would give a 9/10. Not bad for a universal kit, however i ended up using different bolts. The kit allows you to screw in small brackets in which the strips zip tie to and is surprising durable. Instead of using the small screws the kit came with to hold the brackets, i was able to use screws from a local hardware store that went into my factory holes that held my sideskirts.

Top of line lights, all mounting hardware is supplied and they are easy to install. You can either power the kit thru your fuse box or the supplied car adapter your choice. The lights are very bright and are buillt to last. I have purchased this kit, plus the interior and wheel well kit plus two expansion sets and i very pleased with the quality and brightness of the lights. For the price you can’t beat it. The sound function works great, just have the control box close enough to a speaker as it works off of vibration.

I purchased these lights because my brother has them and loves them. I received a badly damaged box from fedex, that looked be mishandled because the packing opt7 uses is very durable. Everything worked except for the controller box. I contacted opt7 custmer service and they went above and beyond to ensure the part was sent promptly. We love the lights, and great customer service.

 outstanding lighting system, especially for the price. Controllers are easy to use, and the numerous modes and color combinations make it easy to create a different effect every time. I chose the aluminum bars, as i felt they would be more durable than flexible strips. These bars seem very well made. All connections are sturdy, and the sealed light compartments look like they will hold up well to the elements, road grime and debris, etc. I liked this kit so much that i ordered the expansion kit that includes 2 flexible strips, and extra long cords and splitters. So far i have light bars mounted under the sides and under the nose, and lower profile flexible strips under the front edge of the hood to light up the engine bay. I’m still trying to decide where to mount the final light bar. Some reviewers couldn’t get music sync to work, but i had no such problems.

Features of OPT7 Aura Truck/SUV LED Underglow Lighting Kit w/Remote – 4 Aluminum Waterproof Glow Bars

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  • MAKE YOURSELF SEEN – Featuring vibrant Smart-Color LEDs with a full spectrum of colors and flash modes.
  • GUARANTEED FITMENT – With professional mounting hardware, two installation methods, and tested sizing dimensions, our underbody kit is guaranteed to fit your truck, SUV, or van.
  • BOLD FEATURES – Control brightness, colors, flashing modes, and even sound-activated LEDs with a push of a button from two wireless remotes.
  • WEATHERPROOF DURABILITY – Constructed of a rust-proof aluminum body and dense silicone to protect your lights from road debris and nasty weather.
  • UNBEATABLE LIFETIME – With a 50,000 hour lifetime, don’t worry about your lights going out. Even if you do, we’ve included a one-year warranty.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Kit is very easy to install and look awesome. I used this on my rv with the truck kit. The wires they provide are very short and will not be able to connect all 4 without central mount and drilling holes. I know i wouldn’t even be able to run it properly in my truck due to short wires. I wish they would have extensions to buy that would allow proper running of wires through existing body holes. I also had issues getting it hard wired. I had to use the the cigarette lighter adapter to get it to work correctly. I do love the remote provided and the color change is great.





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