OPT7 Show Glow 881 – Not worth it

To all those that wrote a bad review on this product due to being not bright enough or too dim, please read before buying. It is show glow with 225 lms per bulbif you wanted something to drive and see brighter at night, try 4000 lms and up or something. To give this product a bad review is just terrible. I used this for my 2018 accord high beam to replace my useless halogen bulb. Since the low beam headlights are bright enough, i only use these for show glow to make my headlight looks longer and it looked amazing. Perfect blend, on at all time and not blinding anyone in front of me or cars driving by.

I will tell you what this an amazing product opt7 sells the build quality, the looks and the quality light output is amazing. It changes the looks of lights, from headlights to interior lights, fog lights and any other light you can replace or add on to your vehicle. Then there is customer service i was amazed that they automatically sent me upgraded bulbs due to not having the ones i purchased automatically. That is a company that cares about its buyers. No questions asked the did what was right. Amazing technology from a company that exceeds in every way.

Great product and great qualitypurchased these lights for drls which are located inside the fog light housing in the 2016 nissan altima sr. The installation was very simple and resulted in a great look from these bulbs. They shine clearly with no flickering or pulsing, and have a beautiful blue glow.

Arrived on time, good deep blue effect, however this did not fit my hyandai elantra as advertised. It did fit my nissan pathfinder. I gave 3 stars because these led fog lights are no where neer bright enough for night time use in the fog.

Easy install process and the blue color that is created by these lights are fantastic. I have a blue lancer gts and it makes my car pop. I have only had them on for a day and i have had a lot of compliments so far on them. I gave them information on how to go about finding this product for their cars. The packaging that the bulbs came in was quite nice. They were protected in a bag that was inside a box which gave me the feel that the product is of high quality. If they took the time to package it right and have it appear great, then the product should (and has been) great.

I bought these led fog lights knowing that the light bulbs were not very bright, it’s listed in the description above that they’re only ‘350 lumens. ‘ now most people don’t realize what this value means, but it is the amount of useable light produced by the light bulb. By the way most decent flashlights are well over 350 lumens. The appearance of these bulbs look great and bright from head-on. I got theses to help match my hid headlights, i bought the white bulb color for my fog lights, and they go perfectly with 6000k hid bulbs. Overall the bulbs work great and truly a plug-and-play light bulb. Again these bulbs are just basically for looks instead of practical use to light up your surroundings.

Just installed in my 2004 pontiac gto fog lights last weekend. Have probably 48hrs run time so far and running excellent. Color is crazy bright, good distance and perfect uniform coverage. I have already received multiple compliments on how good they look. I also just got the red taillight leds from them and literally just got the amber turn signal leds yesterday in the mail. My entire car will soon be completely lit up by opt7. Thank you guys for good products and good customer service 😊.

Not bad and easily installed. Not as bright as i expected or wanted. Wish they had the lumens published. Update 9/3/14: just a little update. Was riding down the road innocently enough in nh when a trooper pulled me over. Seems having blue lights on your vehicle is a $500 fine. Fortunately, he let me off with a warning if i turned them off (which of course i did). Same law in several other states.

Well no more wimpy fog lights. I don’t use these very much like i used to use my old fog lights. They are extremely bright for fog lights ,if i use them at night other drivers will flash there lights at me because the light up everything so much. So i only use them when i am dark roads and no other vehicles coming.

Easy install fog lights on f350. Not really fog lights more like fog markers. Only 190 lumens -not much light projected. Another similar set does 350 lumens, also 700 to 1200 available. The blue is very nice, dense & rich.

I used it as high beam and it seems in good working order, not as bright as the hid h11 the i have for the low beam. I take off one-star because i have to enlarge the opening of the metal retainer for the h1 bulb or the bulb won’t fit in the high beam housing.

The lights themselves look great, but they don’t really put out much light. Unfortunately they are not a direct replacement to the factory fog lights on my 2004 pontiac gram am gt. I had to do a lot of modifications to get them to fit in the lamps also i compromised the integrity of the led doing this and one of the lights stopped working after a few days. I would not recommend them for someone looking to just upgrade the look of their lights. Pros:bright white/blue lightreally look great at nightcons:not a direct replacementdoes not function as a fog light.

I love the brightness of these fog light’s (6000 white) i am looking forward to switching out all my truck lights to opt7’s, anxious to finally coordinate both my high & low beam bulbs to match the clarity & super brightness. I’m in love & hooked on opt7. Thanks for an awesome drive light. Here are the specifications for the OPT7 Show Glow 881:

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    by entering your model number.
  • STUNNING SHOW LIGHTS: Achieve a clean, modern look with lights that power on to full brightness instantly. For show or off road ONLY. Fog light ONLY. Not bright enough for street use
  • EXTRA SHINE: Upgraded illumination technology and additional LEDs per bulb deliver 30% more impact than our 5050 model.
  • VIVID COLOR OPTIONS: Match your headlight color with 6000k Cool White, or flash a daring 10000k Deep Blue.
  • Drop-In Install: No ballasts or wiring means you can install on your own and get back on the wheel in no time. Before ordering, check your vehicle owner’s guide to confirm bulb size
  • LONG LIFE: Exclusively designed and rigorously tested, these zero-flicker, water-resistant fog lights can last up to 25,000 hours. Includes a free 1 year warranty when purchased from OPT7

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great LED bulbs, but only 350 lumens
  • Show glow great product. Please read!
  • Very Impressive!!

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OPT7 Show Glow 881 (886, 894, 896) LED Fog Light Bulbs - 13-SMD 10000K Deep Blue @ 190Lm per Bulb and Colors - 1 Year Warranty (Pack of 2)
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