Orei American USA To European Schuko Germany Plug Adapters CE Certified Heavy Duty – 6 Pack – They’re watching.

In the past, i’ve used 2-prong adapters and always felt vaguely uncomfortable with their wobblines and the lack of ground. This year we tried these adapters and were extremely satisfied. They fit solidly into wall sockets but were also easily removed at the end of our trip. They’re a little bulkier than 2-prong adapters, but very light. Definitely worth the little extra space in your bag.

Will use on trip to italy in spring. They look like quality adaptors. We do not need a converter since our limited electronics (phone, cameras) can handle the higher voltage automatically. Update – post trip review may 14, 2017we used these on our trip to florence and vernazza italy. They work but the catch is these are meant to go into a round socket that has a grounding. I would recommend also considering bringing the standard two prong ones that do not have the grounding. The normal italy outlet we experienced has three holes and is meant for the smaller pins (non-ground). Most important is that prior to buying and using any outlet adaptor for europe you first discover if your equipment can handle 240v also. If it cannot, then you will 100% need a converter which will reduce the 240v european voltage down to a safe 110v. Many modern electronics (like phones, laptops) are now capable of handling american and european wall outlet voltage (110v – 240v).

Shipped and packaged fast and sound. Be sure whatever you plug into these are listed to run on 110 and 220 volts. I also took a travel voltage converter with usb charge ports that worked well but we didn’t need it. We took plenty of charge blocks that are 220 ready so we could of saved a few bucks. Worked out great having 6 on hand so if you break one no biggie but none broke and they are sturdy.

I travel to europe often for work and while most of my gadgets are 110-240v capable, they all have the us 2- or 3-prong outlet. I purchased these adapters, so i could throw one in my suitcase, another in my carry-on and a few spares in other locations. They work greatfirst, the thing you have to look for is whether the adapter has a lip or not. These are flat-backed, which means that any type of plug, including power bricks, which are normally large, will fit snugly into this adapter. There is nothing more annoying than trying an adapter only to realize that while your laptop plug will fit, your phone power brick won’t because a lip is preventing it from firmly connecting. Second, these adapters are grounded (the little silver side parts), which means that your gear will be grounded in a properly grounded foreign wall plug. Nothing says trouble faster than a piece of gear that gets an electrical short because you are traveling somewhere with power spikes. Finally, the actual 220v prongs are well made. I’ve purchased so many of these during my travels, until finding these, that would simply ‘snap’ off after some use, leaving you with a single prong (useless) or worse, a prong inside the wall outlet (dangerous), which means you now can’t use the wall outlet and should report it to prevent damage to the building. These will last and have thus farone of my favorite things is to buy/use a european surge protector strip (don’t try using an american – or 110v – strip in europe with the adapter, you could end up frying the surge portion if not careful) and then fill all the holes with these adapters, allowing me to use my us/110v items, which are also 240v compatible.

This company sent me an email asking me to write a review. I planned to write it, of course, but i kind of forgot. The email sat in my inbox for weeks. I didn’t hear anything else from them, they just patiently waited for me to answer the first. Time passed, and one day i was searching through my older emails and found their request again. ‘oh well,’ i thought, ‘guess it’s a little late now’ and i promptly removed the email to the trash folder, assuming they probably didn’t even care about my review anymore. Within hours, no minutes of me deleting the email, another email appeared amongst my unread messages. It has a simple request: review our product. How did this company, which hadn’t contacted me in weeks, with seemingly no other important reason to send the email on this day at 2:15 pm, a few minutes after deleting the first email, know to send me a repeat email. How did they know that i had lost faith in them, that they had to prove they cared. My email information is private, in theory, so it can’t be seen by just anybody. But bombay electronics isn’t just anybody.

Ok i’ll start off with: #1) do your research before you purchase products to use overseas. There is one main thing that i learned working on and with electronics and wires, over the years. That is all electrical items need a small amount of smoke inside them in-order to function, and if you let the smoke out of them, they suddenly stop working for some reason. It is also impossible to put the smoke back in. I read so many bad reviews of schuko type f products because they did not fit in italy or israel etc. Many countries do not use schuko type f outlets. Israel uses an offset 3 prong type h and italy, primarily, uses an inline 3 prong type l (some schuko). What these people are doing is slamming a product for not doing what they are not intended to do??#2) i am in korea and they use schuko type f outlets like in germany. These adapters work great over here. I have over a dozen all over the house in many different brands of receptacle and power strips.

  • The perfect travel companion to Europe (where Type-F plugs are used)
  • Good Quality Feel – will fit Italy wall outlets. Not a converter, just an adaptor folks.
  • All 12 work great for me

Did not need the ground feature, but bought these because of it, just in case. Seemed very high quality and worked in all the outlets we needed. They are very easy to insert and remove safely, we forgot one at one of the places we stayed, so make sure you check.Glad we bought extras :)this only changes the plug, not the voltage. So make sure your devices you plug into this are rated for 240vthey do fit a polarized us plug (both ways). If you happen to have a device with a polarized plug though, take extra caution to ensure it is rated for 240v. Chances are if it really does need to be polarized (motors, heaters, appliances), then it will not be compatible with 240v.

These work great in germany. They fit snugly in the socket german socket, and feel solid when plugging in us plug appliances. Note that these are not totally flush when installed in a german socket, they have a lip that sticks out from the socket by about 3mm. This does however make them easy to remove, witch is a good thing. The only problem with these sockets is that they look so natural that it is easy to forget that socket actually still has a non-us voltage/frequency.

Took these to germany and they worked great. A lot of the wall sockets (at least in the hotels i was staying in) were recessed and these fit in the sockets perfectly. A lot of the other people i was traveling with didn’t have adapters shaped like this, and they had trouble plugging things in. Some even had to purchase different adapters. It was nice being able to have more than one adapter available so that i could charge more than one thing at once (phone, camera, ipad, etc.

On my last trip to germany and france some of my plug adapters would not work because i needed ones that were round to fit into the recessed outlets. I do have one converter, however, most of the newer electronics like cellphones, ipads and laptops do not need the converter, only an adapter. These seem like the perfect thing and they do seem very sturdy, however, i have not had the opporutnity to use them and probably won’t for some time. Hopefully they will be as good as they look.

Needed this on my first vacation in a different country. Needless to say, it worked flawlessly and i completely trust this product from my experience. Just be sure to read the fine print on your power supply to make sure it supports 100-220 volts because you may be in for a shock. . Haha this is simply just an adapter to easily plug american electronics into european electrical sockets that has compatible voltage requirements. I left the product at his house because he’ll need it more than i would if he has more friends visiting him. Defiantly recommend anyone to go to sweden. It’s so beautiful and peaceful to visit there and so different.

Features of OREI American USA To European Schuko Germany Plug Adapters CE Certified Heavy Duty – 6 Pack

  • Converts 2 or 3 pin American plug to euro/German shucko plug – 6 pack
  • This will not convert the voltage from 220v to 110v
  • Grounded Europe adapter – USA to Europe heavy duty adaptor plug German schuko (ce approved)
  • Grounded schuko prong plug, max rating – 250 volt, 16 a
  • Note: This is just a plug adapter that changes the prongs to round pins for European outlets

From the manufacturer

Travel adapter

Schuko Adapter

Will Not Work In Italy, UK, Ireland and Switzerland.


Dual Voltage

Schuko Type E/F Adapter

Suitable for Germany, France, Europe, Russia. Accepts plugs from USA.

6 Pack

6 Adapter Set. Note: This adapter plug will not convert voltage. Make sure your item is dual voltage and supports 110v to 220V.

Full Compatibility

Made with the highest quality materials. Travel with your essentials. Will work with all your cell phones, chargers, speakers, laptops and any dual voltage items.

Input Accepts 2 Plugs At Once Accepts 2 Plugs At Once Accepts 2 Plugs At Once Accepts 2 Plugs At Once Accept 1 Plug at Once + 2 USB Accept 1 Plug at Once Or 2 USB
Main Countries Germany, France UK, Hong Kong Italy Most of Europe Most of the World Grounded Most of the World
Other Notes Will not work in S. Africa, Japan & Israel
Will not Convert Voltage

Converts 2 or 3 pin American plug to euro/German shucko plug –

No frills, low profile physical converter from nema 1-15 (us) to schuko plugs. Note that these are physical adapters only. Your us charger/appliance/beard trimmer/whatever must be labelled to accept 220 vac @ 50 hz or these will not work.

Bought these for an extended stay in s. Korea has adopted the european standards and 220v. I had tremendously good fortune in their use. Small enough to fit in a pocket or a camera bag, inexpensive enough to not panic if lost or (god forbid) stolen. It must be noted that these items do not convert voltage. I used them exclusively with appliances with dual or multiple voltage input. Highly recommended for travelers to s.

I liked most the cost effectiveness of buying an outlet converter from amazon instead of at an airport. If you’re an american who travels to europe a lot (or expects to) i highly recommend buying a set of these. I got six of them while buying just one at an airport would have been more than double what i paid. Now i can power my laptop, smartphone, and electric razor simultaneously while still having some left over for my travelling companion. I believe this set of plug adapters is for the eu outside of the british isles and they also work in switzerland.

It attached firmly, but not too firmly at both ends. It also fit exactly in the recessed outlets i found across france and the netherlands. I did not know that recessed sockets existed, or that they were so prevalent, but i’m glad i bought the this one as it fit them exactly. Make sure your devices are compatible with eu currents and before use. Just because it fits doesn’t mean you won’t blow out the power.

I bought this pack for a trip with a bunch of friends to iceland. They worked great and they had no issues fitting into the recessed outlets. I especially like that these have a spot for a grounded plug as those can be hard to find.

I bought these to take with us to korea to use while we were there. I wasn’t sure how many we were going to need to i figured i would rather be safe than sorry and get more than i needed. These adaptors worked perfectly for what we needed them for. It turns out that i only ended up using them with our iphones and ipads. I would first plug my iphone charger into these and then plug these adapters into the wall. Then to take them out i would grab ahold of this adapter and pull it out before unplugging my phone chargers. These are highly recommended for anyone traveling out of the country. Very durable and heavy duty. **these are not transformers or converters so double check the voltage of what you are using before plugging things into them.

This will not convert the voltage from 220v to 110v

These worked for iceland, france, norway, austria on a recent trip. Had to bring a different set for the uk. These are very light weight and we just kept all six in the box for the trip with my family of 5. Checked on the specs for each device so that it would accept the volts and we were good to go (most laptops, electronics chargers accept the eu current values but check each device you have). Great to move from place to place. Were very sturdy and i noticed zero wear on our 3 week trip.

I read a lot of reviews on amazon and i finally decided to buy this six pack of adapters and i am very happy that i did. This is my first time flying out of the country so i wa unaccustomed to needing adapters for my iphone and camera battery chargers. I am extremely happy with the adaoters. They fit perfectly into the outlets in iceland and i love that you get six so i am able to charge more than one item at a time. I highly recommend this purchase.

These adapters worked really well – a nice fit for the outlets all over greece and presumably in the rest of continental europe. They are much more solid than the cheaper two prong outlet adapters and have the added benefit of providing grounding for 3 prong us devices, like my laptop charger. They fit flush in the socket but are easy to get out and, as other reviewers have mentioned, have a flat face that will accept all manner of wall warts and plugs.

Grounded Europe adapter –

Grounded schuko prong plug, max rating –

Note: This is just a plug adapter that changes the prongs to round pins for European outlets

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