Orei European Adapter Plug : Survived a month in France!

Worked well for our family’s travels in spain, france, italy. Does not adjust voltage, just the plug type. Was used for iphone, android, laptop, norelco shaver chargers that automatically adapt to european voltage. Did not work for nintendo 3ds xl chargers that couldn’t adapt. Can plug 2 us devices into each.

I have an orei universal travel adapter that works great, so i went with these when i traveled to south africa a few months ago. One of them worked well, and the other one basically worked but the main plug for us appliances didn’t function on it. I had to plug the device into the side plug, and it worked, but it was awkward. I returned them with no hassle when i got back from my trip. I would have exchanged them but i’m not planning on going back to south africa any time soon. I think maybe it was just bad luck but let the buyer beware. And if you have a few devices, two is better than one. It would be hard to test them before you leave. Perhaps with a multimeter checking for continuity?.

I’m writing this review while i’m in italy using the adapters. They are perfect for converting american type plugs for use with the italian electrical system. Each adapter can handle two plugs, but only one with a grounding pin. For me this works fine as the plug for my macbook pro is a three-pin plug and the charger for my iphone doesn’t require a ground. I’d offer only one small piece of advice. First, and most important, these adapters do not convert 220v to 110v. Some appliances will not work correctly at 220v, like the hair clipper i brought along. Most computer and phone adapters will automatically convert 110v to 220v and visa versa, so no worry charging your electronics, or at least apple products. The second thing is that these adapters require a 3-prong italian plug, which is what you’ll find most of the time. Occasionally you’ll come across a two-prong plug (no ground) and these adapters won’t fit.

I bought these for a month long study abroad in france and didn’t have any real problems. It worked fine with a power strip and four or five things being powered through a single adapter. Because this worked, i didn’t need all four adapters and learnt two to my roommate. He said they worked great for him too. The only issue i had at all was that one of the four initially made a popping electrical sound when i’d plug it in. That freaked me out a little so i avoided using that one at first. However, eventually my roommate and i shared all four and forgot which one had been making the sound and it made no difference in performance. I had no trouble with overheating, sparks, blowing up my laptop, or anything else i’d been apprehensive about. For the price, i don’t know how you can beat these.

These worked as advertised on our trip to england. These are not power converters. They only change the us style plug to a uk style plug so your item will fit into the uk outlets. To find out if you need a power converter – look at the back/bottom or plug of your electronic. If it says it works at 110 / 240 v then you will only need these plug adapters. If it says 110v only you will need a converter + these adapters. We found that we could use these adapters alone on our laptops, phone chargers, tablets. We only needed the converter for hairdryer, straightener, electric toothbrushes. Most computers and higher end rechargeable electronics have a converter built in.

 these are probably my favorite adapter for asia (specifically korea). They fit very well and snug in the socket. That are only as wide as the socket they fit into so you can put them side by side in bar strips or outlets, unlike some of the other brands. I have never had one go bad and this is the 4th 4-pack i’ve bought. The only downside is traveling with them. I have to carry a few of them with me for travel to connect all the devices and that is more than i want in my backpack. One nice feature of these is that you can plug two devices into one adapter. They have another set of slots (no ground prong hole) on the side for a second eu/asia or usa device. Good engineering thought there. They are not as cheap as the other ones but i believe they are well worth the 2ish dollars apiece.

These are the perfect adaptors for switzerland, which has its own unique type plugs. Each one is also a double adaptor as it has a plug in on side of adaptor as well. They are plastic, but rugged enough and held up well for 20 days travel. They also did well in the recessed type of plugs you find in some bathrooms there. I didn’t really need all four, but price was right. Some hotels will loan you one, but many charge 5 euros to purchase one from them. They are also more expensive if you buy them individually in the shops there. Btw you can also use your europe two slim round prong adaptors in most of the hotels, but then they are not grounded. Was very happy with my purchase.

These are a purely mechanical means of converting a u. Plug to one that will fit in u. They do not convert the voltage. They are well constructed and work exactly as you would expect. If you are only wanting to charge electronics such as cell phones, camera batteries, kindles, tablets, etc. , then this is all you need — because those devices can be plugged into anything from 100 volts to 220 volts, at 50 or 60 hertz. They work with any international voltage, so all you need to do is have a way to plug them in to foreign outlets. If, on the other hand, you have non-electronic devices such as hair dryers, straighteners, or anything that only says ‘110/120 volts, 60 cycles’ then this is *not* the right product. You will need something that not only fixes the plug incompatibility, but also something that converts the voltage.

  • Worked well in England
  • Perfect for what it does, at a great price.
  • (Type L) Perfect for Italy

European Adapter Plug, OREI Travel Adaptor for Europe Schuko Countries 2 in 1, for Germany France Iceland Netherlands Russa Greece Spain – Safe Grounded Connection – Universal Socket – 4 Pack

  • 2 IN 1 : Accepts 2 Plugs in One, 1 Universal Socket which except plugs from all countries (except the Type M – big S. Africa 8.7mm Plug) and 1 Ungrounded Plug – 2 Pin USA or Round European Plug on Top
  • OUTPUT: Type E/F Schuko Socket Suitable for Germany France Denmark Iceland Netherlands Finland Russia Greece Sweden Spain and More
  • PERFECT FOR: Camera Chargers, Battery Chargers, Laptops, Chargers for iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6S, 6/6S Plus, 5/5S, iPad Air/Mini; Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Note, Tab; HTC; Nexus; Bluetooth Speaker Headset; Powerbank and Powered Devices
  • NOT A VOLTAGE CONVERTER: This Adapter does not converter Voltage. It only changes the Plug socket to which ever country you are travelling to. Make Sure your device is compatible with the country’s voltage
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – CE Certified, RoHS Compliant, Every Adapter is Tested. If any problems for any reason we will replace it at no cost

Great adapters worked well in za. Just use care when removing them from a socket as they can separate if you pull them out by the outermost 3 prong plastic part where you plug in. Mine fell apart but i was able to quickly put it back together. Instead, use your thumb and forefinger to pull it out by the middle section in between the prongs and the outermost part you plug in to.

As a first -time traveler to italy, i did a lot of research on which adapters would work for us in italy. And i ended up buying this set of 3-pronged adapters and a set of 2-pronged adapters to be safe because we traveled across italy & the many reviews were unclear about what would work where. It turns out that we only encountered 3-pronged electrical outlets in rome & in apulia (the heel of the boot, which i highly recommend investigating for an authentic italian experience) this adapter does allow you to plug in more than one device at a time. But it is kind of unwieldy so i suggest plugging your 2-pronged american devices into this adapter before plugging the adapter into the wall. The various plug locations on the adapter can be hard to reach once it is in the wall. Personally, i felt it was easier to bring along a small power strip. I typically used this adapter to plug in a power strip at each location and then the whole family could charge their devices at the same time.

I bought these plugs for my recent trip to italy. I had some 2 prong plugs that i thought would work but i wanted to be sure just in case. These plugs worked great with my iphone and my extension chord. The two prong plug that i brought along worked in some of the outlets in italy but not in all of them. I am glad i got them for the trip.

Updating my review to make sure other readers are getting reviews to the proper relative adapter (i’ve been asked about adapters i did not purchase or review. This review is for the oreo 2 in 1 usa to australia or china adapters. Adapters are stand alone black plastic, no switches along the sides. These grounded adapters have worked like a dream. My travels have taken me all over australia and these adapters traveled as ruggedly and tirelessly as i did. I did not have any issues with the adapters falling out of walls or overheating and losing connection. I’ve used them in at least 5 different homes and 7 different hotels, not a single negative experience. I was able to use the adapters to charge my phone and other mobile devices, an electric dental device, and a high quality flat iron. I think that is all, but that’s a good lot of devices. The adapters are lightweight. You will notice the space they take up more so than you will the weight. But even still, they are only about 1. 5 inches depth, height or width. They were a smart purchase and i recommend them to anyone traveling to aus.

I was able to use these adapters in manchester and london. It’s good to have a spare so it makes sense to get the multi-pack. A few of the plugs were a bit hard to insert into the adapter but after the first few uses they loosened up. My other orei travel adapters were a bit smoother. Overall, i feel these are much more sturdy than the multi-country spring loaded adapters as there is less to break.

I bought this set for a trip to italy, and they were fantastic. Thank goodness i brought all four, because the other members of the family didn’t bring any. Combined these with the https://smile. Com/dp/b00ot6yuiy/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_9, and had plenty of charging slots. Plus, each adapter has two, count ’em two outlets. So, we even had a charging station in one, and an apple device in the other, with no issues. Also used these for dual-voltage hair appliances (straightener, travel dryer) and they worked perfectly. They are a bit bulky, but not heavy, and sooooo worth the space in your suitcase. Also, i learned that you can use the two-prong adapters in italy, but these three-pronged adapters are grounded.

Review of usa to italy adapter plug (type l) – 4 packthese worked well during our trip to italy (rome and florence). They fit all of the outlets we encountered (save one odd outlet hidden inside a pantry). They plugged into the italian outlets easily; likewise, it was easy to plug and unplug american plugs into the back of these adaptors. The adaptors are solid, sturdy (you can put a lot of force on the tines without any noticeable give), and lightweight. Very happy with the purchase. Aside: i would recommend combining these adapters with a power strip / surge protector that is rated to europe’s higher, 240 volt outlets. Many accommodations have few and/or inconveniently located sockets. Instead of buying plug adapters for all of your devices (and hoping you’ll find an available socket for each one), buy a couple of plug adapters and a power strip / surge protector with usb ports and you’ll be set.

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