OREI UK, Ireland, Dubai Travel Plug Adapter – Dual USB – Surge Protection – Type G – (U2U-7) – Does Not Convert Voltage, Works just fine but be smart and careful. Unplug / don’t charge when asleep or out of the room

Worked like a charm on my recent weeklong trip to ireland to charge my laptop, camera and phone. My only (minor) gripe is that the secondary two prong outlet on the top of each adapter isn’t designed very well as you cannot fully insert a plug – the plug will be partly blocked by the white plastic lip of the adapter. No big deal though because 3 adapters was plenty for me, and i never had reason to use the secondary outlets. However, it’s a poorly thought-out design, hence why i didn’t rate it a full 5 stars. One feature i did really like is that the adapter has a small red light in it that comes on when the plug is powered. This was helpful because apparently all outlets in ireland (that i came across) each have an individual switch that turns the outlet on and off. I’m not used to this in america, so it was nice to have that red light come on to visually confirm that the outlet/adapter was powered on.

This adaptor worked perfectly on a recent trip to ireland & scotland. Tip: purchase one of these adaptors, along with a travel size power strip (such as monster mp otg400 wh outlets to go power strip (white)). Used together, they create five useable outlets and you will be able to use the power strip for domestic trips as well.

I have purchased so many of these orei adapters for all different electrical systems because they just work and work well. This is the 2nd uk adapter i’ve purchased. The first one lasted about six years before some spring inside started to wear out and wouldn’t properly hold the plug any more. However, that’s about 600,000 miles worth of travel and use, so, no complaints. I’ve also purchased these for my wife and kids when they’ve traveled with me to the uk. With multiple units no one has had any issues.

Great price; this item is more than double the price at walmart or radio shack. Works well for iphone and my dell laptop. I’ve been able to use it in my london hotel, heathrow airport, and corporate offices. Snug connection (no wiggling or falling out).

We recently took a trip to london to visit our son. Before we left i asked him if there was an adapter i should get as we were staying in an apartment and wanted to make sure we had our own. He told us what type to get and said orei were the ones he liked the best as he had lived there for over a year and had used several brands. He also travels quite frequently and used ories other adapters in europe. It worked great and our son asked if he could have it when we left so he could use it in his apartment. One thing to note, it works for two items to plug in at the same time, but the plug sits fairly close to the wall so the item you plug in on the top would need to be small like the photo. My iphone charger plug did fit this area without a problem, but a larger charger for an ipad did not. Next time we visit we will bring several adapters along as one was not enough without taking turns charging 4 items.

Visited london, england and swansea, wales, uk, from us. I used my rapid charger on it and i did find that the rapid charger got hot, and i think it is just good sense anyway to pay attention when things are plugged in and unplug when you are asleep or leaving the room. This was perfect because i could plug in the rapid charger for usb – charging, the computer with the three-prong grounded plug, and then an extra usb charging cable if needed. But i mostly just used the rapid charger because we were always in a hurry to go somewhere.

My husband and i purchased 2 of these for our honeymoon. We visited both the maldives and dubai and this product worked perfectly. It does take an extra second the first time you use it to get the american plugs in but just be patient and they will fit. Most of the hotels actually provided at least 1 adapter in the hotel room but in this day and age it was nice for both of us to also have our own for the variety of gadgets everyone has. No issues with our iphone/ipads plugging into this. We did bring a steamer that would go crazy every time we plugged it in but i think that had more to do with the higher voltage issue in other countries. I would highly recommend this for traveling overseas. It was a great price and had 2 places to plug in so you had plenty of plug options. Simple,easy and worked well. What more could you ask for?.

Key specs for OREI UK, Ireland, Dubai Travel Plug Adapter – Dual USB – Surge Protection – Type G – (U2U-7) – Does Not Convert Voltage:

  • Outlet adapter Type g Plug – works in countries such as England, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia
  • 3 inputs – This adapter accepts the standard USA n. American 2 or 3 prong flat pin Plug – dual USB charges up to 2.4a ideal for cell phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, & other chargers
  • Perfect for travel size – very compact – 3.15″X1.75″X1.75″ & max load rating: 10a/250V
  • High quality adapter – CE approved, RoHS Compliant. Full Orei limited lifetime warranty
  • Important: This is just a travel adapter, it will not work with devices that require a voltage converter. It will only work with dual voltage products such as cell phones, chargers, & laptops etc.

Comments from buyers

“Great power adapter, Very high quality travel grounded adapter, Great product! Powered a Surface Pro 2 and a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone in Cardiff, Wales”

I don’t know how this could be improved upon for use in uk. Prior to buying this i had bought and returned two other designs. One, which was more than twice as expensive and marketed as ‘world-wide, was so poorly designed that i couldn’t get a us plug into the receptacle. Perhaps, i had a defective model – which is what their customer service suggested. Whatever, not worth my time nor money to fuss with it. After returning that i bought a real cheapy for about $6. That one was so light weight that it fell out of the wall when i plugged my appliance into the receptacle. This one – finally – was just right. Substantial enough that it can hold the weight of something plugged into it.

With many cheap products on amazon, i spent quite a bit of time trying to find a high quality travel adapter that also has the grounding. Since i’ll be traveling internationally for quite sometime, i wanted something that would not fail me. I needed something that wasn’t a multi-adapter because many of the multi-adapters have an amperage limit which actually meant that i could not use my laptop as it needed too high of an amperage. I ended up finding this and decided to buy it. I’ve been using this for several months now and i am very impressed by the quality of these adapters. I also love how it comes in a nice organizer bag. I am able to place it in my suitcase and keep my belongings and adapters nicely organized.

Took this with me on my recent trip to cardiff wales in the uk. Used it to power a surface pro 2 and a samsung galaxy s5 phone – no problems. My only wish for this item is that it came with a plastic cover to go over and protect the connector pins. But it has bounced around in my backpack all week without any problems. Photographed next to my full-sized logitech mouse for scale. The green and orange active lights also shine through the additional set of ports at the top. The usb port at the bottom also works just fine. It’s just blocked by the desk at this particular work station. The only upgrade i could ask for would be for the pins to be in a swivel so this plug could be more efficiently used in tight spaces like this.

Used this product in england for 2 weeks, where the standard voltage is 240 (rather than 110/120 in u. It is not a voltage converter, so be careful that the appliances that you plug into it can handle the higher voltage. For our iphones, ipads and mac, it worked great. Build quality seems solid, so should be ready for future trips. (and just for your reference if you’re traveling to the uk, it appears that all electrical sockets have individual on/off switches at the outlet, so if you plug in but have no power, look for the switch. And just as they drive on the wrong side of the road, their switches turn down for on and up for off. It’s no wonder they don’t have a space exploration program – could be quite a disaster).

Most of our devices use usb charger cables, but our camera requires a battery pack and we needed a uk converter for our trip to scotland/london this summer. This worked fantasticjust be sure to note that in the uk they have power toggles on each power plug. A *fantastic* power saving idea to stop ‘vampire drain’. No need to unplug, just turn off the toggle. Anyhoo, if you plug in and don’t get juice, just make sure the power plug toggle is open. I learned that the hard way after thinking the plug didn’t work (since i couldn’t test it at home first). :)if you’re not sure what i mean, this image helps.Com/assets/img/uploads/general/ireland_electrical_socket.

I am reviewing the charger with two usb ports only. Using a usb tester, i found that the port closer to the prongs is the one for an ipad. It charges my ipad mini at 2 amps. The other port charges it at 1 amp. My iphone charges at 1 amp in both ports. I also have this charger in the type c and l models, and the arrangement is the same. This information is nowhere in the listing, and the charger comes with no documentation. Otherwise nothing to say except the unit functions fine.

I bought two of these for a trip thru ireland, northern ireland, scotland and england. They worked faultlessly in all countries. All the socket outlets are the same and these are a perfect fit. I purchased two as i have two cameras that have chargers made for usa 110v outlets. I probably could have purchased just one and attached a standard usa 110v power splitter, but the photos were quite important and i preferred to have a back-up. Based on my past travels in other countries, it can take some searching to find these things at local stores. I suggest getting these before you leave on your uk trip.

I recently ordered two of these adapters for a trip i was taking to ireland. They worked perfectly in every hotel i stayed in, and i loved that you could plug two things into them at once (there is one plug on the top and then one that faces the front). I never had any trouble using them, and they didn’t get too hot even when i left my phone or mifi unit plugged in overnight (which is something i’ve read could happen with some adapters). If you don’t have a device that’s dual-voltage compatible you will need to get a voltage converter, but if you’re using this to plug in a phone, laptop, ipad, or dual-voltage hair dryer or other appliance (something that’s ok to use with 220-240v) then you’ll be golden.

Psa: most, if not all, phones come already equipped to travel to different countries with different outputs. All you need is a wall adapter for the correct outlet. No need to convert the voltage. However, check your phone’s model just in case. I used it for 2 months in england, and so far so good. I plugged my phone in every night with this, using my phone’s cord and wall charger, and all i needed was this adapter. I will admit, i was a bit hesitant, but no heating up and shorting out.Very happy with this purchase, and i will be using it again in the future.

Brought this with us on a recent trip to ireland and it worked like a champ. I plugged in a little monster cable 4 jack power strip (with us outlets) and it allowed me to charge my ipad, iphone and macbook air. When my wife needed to use the hair dryer, she used this adapter (without the power strip) and it handled the additional power load with no problems. Note that this is an adapter and not a converter. Make sure your devices support 220v (most modern ones do). The only drawback is that’s doesn’t support multiple regions (e. , it wouldn’t work in france, you need a french version for that), but as this was super reliable and the multi-versions usually aren’t. No regrets hereif you need to have an adapter for your devices to use in ireland, uk, etc.

The plug was great as an adapter for my american electronics when i visited hong kong. I felt my products were safe with the extra grounded metal piece that other cheaper adapters did not have (others had a plastic/fake ground piece). (type g) outlet which can be found in prior british colonies such as hong kong, etc. Look at the three prongs to see if this is the correct plug. If it is, be aware that usa uses 110/120 volts and britain uses 220/240 volts. In order to use this plug your machine must be able to convert the voltage from 120 to 240 or your equipment will burn up. Expensive equipments such as computers, tablets and cell phones are usually equipped with a converter which makes it safe to use this plug. Inexpensive equipment such as blenders, toasters, and hair dryers do not have a voltage converter, so you would have to separately buy one to plug between this plug and the equipment.

We used this plug on our recent trip to london and it worked. I did not plug more than one item into it as i am afraid of short circuiting the whole hotel. But if your question is does this plug work in london ?. It worked for my curling iron, iphone, ipad. I did not use my hair dryer because we had one in the hotel. However my cousins used their hair dryer with a different brand plug adapter and it burned their hair dryer. Just be careful with the hair dryers.

This is an adapter for the united kingdom (england, wales, ireland, scotland). Just plug your appliance into this and then plug this into the wall. It will accommodate a plug with three prongs or two, so it will accommodate a plug with a ground on it. Additionally, you can plug two items into this adapter at once. This is not a voltage regulator. If you have a hairdryer or curling iron (or anything producing heat), you have to have a voltage adapter or an appliance that will handle both voltages. I have a hairdryer that i bought in france so it has the european plug, this adapter accommodates a european plug in addition to an american plug. The shipping is free and i received it in three days.

I purchased several of these for a recent trip to europe and africa. All the adapters were from the same manufacturer and every one of them worked well every time i used it. If you are looking for information on what kind of adapter you will need for your electronics or whatever else you might plug in, here it is very simply:1) this is simply an adapter, much like the one you might use at home to convert a three prong plug into a two prong one for an older outlet. It does not convert the power supply in any way2) to determine if you can use this adapter for your computer, phone, whatever, look at the back of your device’s charging plug or power supply and look for the label with all the small print electrical information on it. Somewhere on the label, near the top, you will see the word ‘input’ with some numbers following it, usually (hopefully) ‘100-240v. ‘ if it does have those numbers (100-240v, sometimes 100-250v) you can use this adapter almost anywhere around the world without any problems because your power supply can handle any voltage within the range of 100 and 240 volts and if there is a place in the world outside that range, i don’t know where it is. Your device’s power source is handling the conversions you need to safely operate your device so all you need is this adapter so it will fit in the local outlet. 3) on some devices, especially older ones and things like curling irons and hair dryers, that ‘input’ area will only have one number, probably ‘110v. ‘ that devise will not convert correctly and you will immediately with nasty smells burn out whatever you try to plug in when the massive 240v power surges through your unprepared device. I wouldn’t even bother taking stuff like that overseas.

No way around it, adapters for uk/ireland are bulky and even though we had multiple things that would need power i did not want to buy several uk/ireland adapters as well as we were also carrying standard european adapter ends with us for the rest of the trip. This adapter works well by allowing one to plug in two items, either with usa style plugs or european style plug ends at one time. One plug can be a 3-prong grounded style end of many configurations and the other is only for a 2-prong usa or european style end. In older european buildings, outlets are often less numerous and not necessarily in convenient locations, so having options for multiple outlets was excellent. We went one step further and purchased from home depot a leviton 15-amp 2-wire white triple adapter-model # r52-00531-00w (you can also purchase a 3-prong leviton triple adapter). We then plugged the leviton into our uk/ireland or standard european adapters and increased the number of outlets available. This works great for phones, computers, cameras, tablets but don’t overload an outlet especially when using heated appliances. Service was very prompt on the delivery of this item.

It’s sturdy and i like the fact that there are two outlets–one grounded on the face and one ungrounded on the the top. Note that this unit doesn’t do any power conversion, so all of the devices you plug in must be 120/240v. That is very little problem as you’ll find nearly every charger (from shaver to laptop to phone) converts power for you.

I bought three of these for a trip to ireland. I am completely satisfied with the product. The plug blades are solid and sturdy, not folded over sheet metal that might bend. The adapter can accommodate both the us style plug and the ireland type in the front*. As it has a us type on the top, you can either plug two us cords in to the adapter or as i did a couple times, unplug an existing cord, plug it in to the adapter, then use the top of the adapter so you don’t need an unused wall socket. I dinged it 1 star only because the you can’t always use the top. The clearance was tight for my fairly thin cell phone plug that is about the same size as my blue tooth and other small modern ‘bricks’. Just a little deeper plug or a slight shift in the socket outwards would help. I would recommend this adapter.

I bought three of these to bring with me to london, and liverpool. I was scared it wouldn’t work, but this seemed to be the best one i could find. I mainly needed it to charge my phone. My mom, my sister, and i all used them to charge our phones, and my mom used hers for her hair curlers. My phone charged in its normal time, it didn’t get super hot, or anything. I only used them in london, and liverpool, but i would trust the list of where it says they work. I don’t know much about the different outlets. But i was very please with this.

There is one thing that bothers me: it has to do with the large plug receptacle on the front of this adapter. It works fine with the standard us (110v) 3-prong plug, (perhaps the slightly longer round grounding prong releases the safety shutter so that the other two blades can enter the adapter. ) also the two-blade (non-polarized) plugs found on the small usb adapter-transformers used for cellphones, etc. Can be easily inserted into the front receptacle of this adapter. But a standard us (110v) two-blade polarized plug (where one of the blades is slightly wider) cannot be inserted into the front of this adapter. In summary, it seems the safety shutter allows the the two-blade non-polarized plug to enter, but it blocks the two-blade polarized plug. I’m not sure how or why it makes that distinction. (my guess is that the safety shutter was added as a result of comments about the danger of children inserting things into the front openings of this receptacle. And with 240v i understand that concern. ) btw the top-facing receptacle can be used by both polarized and non-polarized two-blade us plugs.

I bought two of these power adapters, as well as some cheaper ones for backup, for a trip to ireland in august, 2013. These cost a little more, but they worked perfectly, fit the sockets snugly without tending to fall out, which was especially important when two cords were connected to the plug. Definitely worth the moneythe 2-in-1 feature was really nice also, in retrospect i could have skipped the cheaper ones and taken just the two orei plugs. We connected laptop, phones, hair dryer, extension cord, and kindles to recharge on these, sometimes with four items connected to the two adapters all at once. As others have mentioned, this is not a voltage converter, you will have to make sure your device supports both 110/220. We did have to turn a knob to 220 on our older hair dryer, all of our other device indicated compatible with both 110/220. Two of these are all you need.

Solid, simple, inexpensive dual plug adapter is just what you need for a visit to the uk from abroad. The handy dual socket design allows you to plug in two devices simultaneously (one grounded, one not) with a single adapter which is handy and saves space. I purchased their similar design for a trip to italy and was so happy with them that i purchased this one for my daughter for her trip to the uk. Note that this is just a plug adapter, it does not convert voltage so be sure the device you are plugging into it can handle 250v uk power. However, many devices now, such as phone chargers and laptop power supplies, adapt to different voltages worldwide, often automatically but sometimes manually with a small switch. If it says something like ‘110-250v’ on it, then this adaptor is all you’ll need.

This is a good quality adapter. It connects firmly into the uk socket, and the universal side firmly holds everything i’ve plugged into it. Also, because i’m just that weird, i tested the ground receptacle with a multimeter, and can confirm that it *is* connected to the ground post on the uk side. Buy *this* adapter if you have three pronged us plugs to use with uk sockets.

I bought a few of these for a trip to the uk. Many of these inexpensive adapters are poorly made, but the picture looked good, so i decided to take a chance. These are well made with solid contacts that work well both with north american and european plugs. Uk sockets don’t leave much margin for error, but these worked fine at all of our hotels. The second outlet on top came in handy for a non-grounded phone charger. As mentioned in at least one other review, keep in mind that these are not voltage converters, so whatever you plug in needs to be able to run on 220-240 volts, 50hz. Most current phone/computer chargers are fine, but things like hair dryers, shavers, etc, usually need a voltage converter. Most hotels have a 110 volt outlet in the bathroom for low current things like shavers and toothbrush chargers (not hair dryers.

I will be taking these to britain so will update this review upon return. What i can say is they appear well made and are very solid – do not appear likely to fall apart. On other adapters i’ve tried there’s a tendency for 2-pin usa plugs to fall out of the adapter socket – this is because (often-times) the adapter is general purpose, accepting many different shapes and sizes of plug. The result is poor pin retention when you are trying to fit 2-pin american plugs. So i chose this adapter because it is specifically a us to uk/ireland adapter and (hopefully) less prone to this type of issue. Out-of-the-box the two sockets on this adapter give excellent grip so i am very happy with my selection. Time will tell if the sockets retain their grip after real-world usage. These adapters are fused (13a) which is typical for uk plugs. I believe these fuses are replaceable and commonly available in the uk.

This is a great power adapter to use on overseas travels. Firstly this is a grounded power adapter, meaning if you have an electronic cord with three prongs it will work perfectly. But, don’t misunderstand because it will also work if your cord doesn’t have three prongs. Second, the unit comes with 2 outlet plugs, 1 ground outlet, and 1 regular outlet on the top. This allows you to charge 2 devices at once if need be. And finally, the device is small and compact enough to fit into any carry-on, bag pack, or travel bag. This device does not included a voltage converter though, so make sure that the country you’re traveling to standard voltage is compatible with your electronic device. You can find this by looking at your electronic charger, it should say something like input: 100v-240v. All in all, i would highly recommend this power adapter to those who are traveling overseas.

This is more compact than most fixed-pin uk adapters. Nice rounded corners on sides and back too. Feels solidly constructed, though not heavy. The secondary two-pin inlet on top is a great idea—making use of the space—especially since there are so many non-grounded us power cords these days. However, the two-pin outlet is just a shade too close to the wall side to get an average plug in there. Most us two-pin plugs these days have a flange around them which is what is impinging upon the face of the outlet (i tried about four and none would fit—they’d go in, somewhat, but not all the way and would also be tilted away from the wall—definitely wouldn’t pass a fire inspector). If you were using the same plug predominantly then you could just trim about 1/16′ from the plastic flange on your plug and it would fit fine but that’s not practical for use with multiple different plugs (or someone else’s gear). The grounded outlet on the face side is obviously not affected and is fine. I think it’s a great single outlet adapter and i’m perfectly happy with it for this use—i bought two, have no regrets and would buy another if/when needed. In some cases it could also be used with an additional non-grounded two-pinner.

We used this easily in great britain. However, we never tried the usb port although we needed it with all our electronics-phones, cameras, ipad, itouch. We were afraid of how much power it was going to give. No problems except some hotel outlets were at the desk and we couldn’t use the underneath one. In some of the hotels you have to leave the lights on to activate outlets, but some are active all the time. Others there is a switch on the outlet to turn it on. If the item isn’t charging, make sure the outlet is live. Because of its larger size, it was easy not to leave behind.

I purchased two of these for my wife’s upcoming trip to the uk. The product appears to be well made. The front plug accepts both two prong and three prong us grounded plugs. The top receptacle accepts only two pronged plugs. I’ve checked out the plugs for all electrical items that will be taken on the trip; they fit snugly and securely. The product is not ul listed. It does have a ce mark (not the same thing as a ul mark. Read the wikipedia entry for ‘ce marking’ for what that means). Since the adapters haven’t been used yet, i haven’t rated the product 5 stars and can’t make a recommendation right now. , but based on what i’ve seen, it seems like a quality product.

I bought this for my trip to ireland. We used it every night with both an iphone and a samsung phone. We plugged a small travel power bar into it when we wanted to charge our kindle and ipad at the same time. It’s a little bulky but it work perfectly.

On my trip to india and nepal, the adapters worked perfectly each time. My roommates adapters worked only intermittently. The adapters are sturdy and well made. That means each can be used by for two plugs at the same time. My roommate with the so-so adapters plugged her phone into my adapter while i was charging my phone. You will not be disappointed.

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