Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot, A smart item to keep in your bike kit.

Many people think this is a ‘patch’, and it is, but it’s for your tire, not your tube. You may not need to use one of these on most typical [email protected], but when you do need one of these, if you don’t have one with you, you’re not going anywhere (unless you want to try the paper money trick). They are easy to use, and i found them to make a great item to carry in my kit as a just-in-case item. Comes in a nice foil-type package, so it’ll stay in your kit for a long time without going bad. Will buy these again as i need them.

Haven’t had to use it yet – but it seems more than adequate for the purpose. Based on an article on bicycle emergencies i once read, i always used to keep the mylar wrapper from a granola bar in the bag for this purpose. The only time i ever had to try it, it didn’t work. I guess there is a limit on how big a cut that works on. I have tried patching a couple of tires with tube patches. Again, there is a limit on how well that works. I have two practically brand new michellins that got holes in the side walls of the tires. One hole was bigger than the other. Using a tube patch on the small hole (like a pinhole only bigger) worked extremely well.

In 2016 i raced ironman vineman, at mile 52 some jerk threw a bunch of carpentry tacks on the course and left dozens of cyclists at the side of the road, changing their tubes. I was one of the unfortunate ones. Since i literally pulled the surprisingly substantial tack out of my tire, i was happy to have these park boot sheets in my repair kit. I slapped one in the tire over the spot where the tack had been, changed my tube and away i went. Flash forward to 2017 syracuse 70. 3, a 4-day tour (dalmac), and countless im training miles this season (2018/19). This boot is still going strong and no flats. I forgot that i had even put it in there.Though i changed tires in april 2019, i’ve ordered another round of these park boot sheets for my upcoming im in june 2019.

Found these a while back before i cycled toured southeast asia. My youtube channel is ‘trektheworld. Tv’ and i used these because i obviously can’t carry a tire with me everywhere. They work like a charm yet now that i’m back in nyc i should get a spare tire but i’m spoiled with these now.

These are convenient to have on board. I used one on the road after slicing a tire with a shard of glass from a beer bottle. It barely fit in a 23 mm road tire. It nearly caused a blow out as the tire bead came un-clinched as i pumped it up, bulging the tire and exposing the tube. I let the air out and repositioned the boot accordingly. This type of clinch failure is unlikely to happen with a newer tire that was difficult to install. If your tire slips on like a sock, be wary and use less pressure to get home. Be sure to keep the boot centered – away from the edge where it can interfere with the bead hook. I create permanent boots from the sidewalls of old tires held in place with electrical tape for tires that are compromised, but otherwise have lots of life in them; with excellent long term results.

I had not heard of these previously either – wish i had about them a month ago when i got a hole in my old tire – could have kept it going. Had a flat the other day and couldn’t get the object completely out so used this to cover and prevent a new flat. The big complaint about these is that they aren’t sticky – at all – when you first apply them. I cleaned the tire with alcohol before using, but after pausing to get the tube ready, found the boot had fallen off of the tire. Tried again with the tube in place – the adhesive barely stuck enough to resist sliding a little bit until i got the tire in place. In fairness – if i’d stuck it on with the tube in place and immediately sealed it up, it probably would have held long enough to get the tube in position the first time. But that’s awkward and risks contamination of the tire with dirt – not to mention making it hard to place the boot perfectly over the hole. I opened this tire back up the next day to replace the large ‘boot’ with a small tire patch. The adhesive was now stuck very strongly, and like someone else said the adhesive stayed on the tire.

This is a must for every saddlebag especially if you are touring. Too many times i have had to use a dollar bill (or argentine peso, not so good) to limp home on a cut tire, not i will carry tire boots with me.

Key specs for Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot (Pack of 3):

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  • The TB-2 measures approximately 76mm x 45mm (3″ X 1.75″)
  • A super strong pressure sensitive adhesive assures the boot stays in place in any tire, road or mountain, high or low pressure. A true ride saver.
  • The all-new TB-2 is produced using a strong, waterproof vinyl membrane with fiber weave reinforcement.

Comments from buyers

“Works great.
, Should be in every pack or kit.
, Could you save your ride!!!

I am usually always buying these boots. They work great to patch the inside of my bike tire when i get a flat. Nice, large patch spreads out the surface area so my replacement tire tube will get me back down the mountain or back home when a more solid fix can be made on the tire itself. These are always a lifesaver. Small and thin enough to keep in the handle of my bike pump i keep in my bag. If you don’t have these patches, a dollar bill, thin material, or even leaves would work in a pinch.

Used one after it had gotten soaked through on the backside and it was still sticky. Keep in mind you may have to sow these onto your bike tire if you cannot get them to stick. I used automotive gasket maker with my tubeless set up and they have held air for a full month. Makes repairing tears simple and easy.

Yeah i know it’s just three pieces of thick tape. But, these are super thick and really stiff. I’ve gauged big holes in my tires before and believe me the three bucks and the extra gram in your saddle bag are worth it to have one less thing to worry about.

I bought these tb-2s 2 years ago. After two years in my blowout bag it was little crumpled, had picked up some dust around the edges, and still worked perfectly. I had a cut in my tire with the tube bulging out which resulted in a instant flat. I was able to patch the tube and place the tb-2 on the inside of my tire without completely removing the tire. I was patched up and back on the road in just a couple of minutes. I was worried the glue wasn’t strong enough but the tire pressure held it firmly in place and i was able to make it 7 miles back home. There was no sign of wear at the patch when i got home so i’m convinced it would have held for several more miles. I’ll never ride without one of these again.

This is one of those items you buy because you don’t have it when you need it. But want to be prepared for the future. Got a sidewall gash through my tire & tube & unfortunately don’t carry a spare tire with me. Changed the tube & finished our night ride. But was sketchy & worried the rest of the time. This gives you some peace of mind.

A superior way to repair a bike tire if you develop a hole in it (tire). Sturdy material and still using the tire several weeks later. Does not take up much room and is light weight. I’ve helped folks who had flats on the chief ladiga and silver comet trails with these boots, does the job quickly. We keep several available for guests in need of them at the eubanks welcome center, piedmont, al, if you are through our neck of the woods on the chief ladiga trail drop by. Will definitely buy more and recommend you do too.

I got a giant screw in my continental gatorskin tire which ripped some cords. I stuck one of these on the inside, replaced the tube, aired it up to 120 psi and there was no bulge at all where the tire was injured. I carry these in my little wedge seat bag. They take up almost no room. The package says for emergency use only to get you home but i’m going to continue to ride on this booted tire. I’m confident that it will last. For a couple bucks i saved a 50 dollar tire.

These tire boots are perfect to carry for those emergencies when you get a tire cut that needs to be used to keep the inner tube from extruding out the cut allowing you to get home. They have an adhesive backing that keeps them in place.

After a friend had a large blowout on a ride last week i had given him my only tire boot so i needed to order more. Came across these park tool boots and wow they are expensive but having these could save your ride and a potentially expensive taxi ride back home. So in using these on my road bike i would highly recommend cutting them in half as they are too large for a 25 mill tire, unless you completely ripped your tire in half cutting these down should he okay and plus then you have six boots instead of just three.

These have worked to save my butt on two different rides. One was a cut sidewall on a mountain bike that save me from an 8 mile walk back to the car, and the other was a cut tread on a road bike that saved either a 15 mile walk back, or catching a ride. Worked fine with 100lbs of pressure behind it on the road bike with a 1/4′ cut in the tread. Tire was immediately replaced though. These are designed to get you out of a jam, not to be ridden as a patch forever.

I have used these in the past, they work ok. I think it would be pretty hard to screw up a piece of rubber with an adhesive on one side. However, i have kept them in with my bicycle tools for years and they don’t go bad.

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