PAXCESS 100-Watt Portable Generator Power Station : Love it Great for camping

This is a versatile battery bank with two 110v ac outlets, two 5v usb ports and three 12v dc ports. 5a usb charging current is huge. Other chargers are rated 1a or 2a only. It can charge a smartphone or tablet over and over again. It can be a power source for most notebook pcs (many of them rated around 50w). I bought it also for another reason, which is emergency charging of my car battery in the coming winter. I already own an ac wall charger for car batteries. With this charger, the battery bank’s 100w ac outlet will be ok to charge a car battery for several minutes (or more if needed) and then re-start (see image). It will be convenient for my tractor mower’s battery too because the mower is in a shed far away from any other power sources. It can charge my cordless screwdriver with its ac output (see image). I have a portable ice-bag with electronic refrigeration. It has a car cigarette socket plug. This battery bank contains a dc to cigarette socket adapter, just what is needed for my ice-bag (see attached).

I never do reviews but as a cpap user i felt this one was important. I have used this product in conjunction with my resmed airsense 10 a total of 5 times. I used it camping and in my house. At full charge, with my heat and humidity off, i got 7:07 hours the first night and 7:24 hours the second night. At the conclusion of the first night i had used only two bars on the power meter. At the end of the second night there were still two bars left. So i got a total of 14:31 hours and had two bars remaining. I think it’s important to note that i was using the resmed dc connection adapter. I’m not certain, but i think the regular ac power adapter sucks more power. I would have attempted a 3rd night but i’m guessing it will fall short of a full 3rd night. Previously i had tried connecting to a costco powerstation and that failed miserably on the 2nd night. This little battery unit is very light. I used it again while camping this weekend.

I am a sleep technologist in the business over 15 years and finding alternate power has always been a challenge for our patients traveling, camping, boating etc. I purchased this generator for use with my husbands respironics airsense cpap and it ran for 2 nights. This is a perfect solution for cpap users as it is small (61/2x3x51/2) weighs only 3lbs and reasonably priced. A couple of tips to get longer use: remove or turn off your humidifier and use a converter. I used this one i purchased on amazon and its pictured below:foval 300w power inverter dc 12v to 110v ac converter with 4. 8a dual usb car chargernote: i also tried this with a fisher paykel icon cpap and it did not turn on so be sure to check the compatibility of your cpap. Happy trails, and remember to always pack your cpap.

Used the air pump for mattress and used simple lights to light up gazebo. At first i was like idk but i’m glad i bought love it.

I bought this to power the suaoki 220w power source and it works excellent. Buying and matching a battery power source with a solar panel can be confusing. The one thing this company did right was marketing — the picture showing the different batteries was all i needed. Plugged it right in and started to charge. Iphone charges fast in direct sunlight. I have no idea how often i will ever need these two items but it seemed worth the money for the peace of mind. I bought a little usb fan and usb light to go along with it. Great for emergencies, power outages, the beach or camping. Note: i believe a lot of these reviews are not for the solar panel but for the paxcess power source.

Ok, this is a ‘solar generator’ in the same way a deep cycle marine battery is a solar generator. This battery pack gets you two usb ports so you can charge your phone or whatever from it. It also comes with an adapter to drive 12v dc car cigarette lighter stuff. And it does have a very simple, basic, modified sine wave inverter that will let you run small 110v ac loads directly from it. Realistically, 100w is not exactly a huge amount of ac power, but you can run maybe a couple of your regular household lights off of it or something, but you certainly aren’t running a coffee maker or a hair dryer or frankly much of anything beyond a few lights with just 100 watts on tap. And since it is modifed sine wave, there are some things, like motors, that won’t much like running off it. There is also a basic led light on the side, which i am sure would last ages given the size of the battery. When it goes flat, you charge it with the included charger from the wall, or from your car, or from the separately sold solar connectors.

I got this in preparation for a camping trip to use my c pap (resmed air 10). I’ve tried it out a few times now. What i’ve learned:it only lasted for one night (8 hrs) with my c pap (resmed air 10). That’s with just the normal power plug that came with my c pap (resmed air 10). I invested a little more and got a dc converter for my c pap (resmed air 10) machine. After doing that – i’m able to get multiple nights (first night 9 hrs, second night 10 hrs, third night (that’s when it finally gave up) an additional 2 hrs). Mind you this is with the humidity on my c pap (resmed air 10) turned off. I’m not sure how well it would work if that was left on. Otherwise, i love how small it is and how quiet. It does take almost 8 hrs to charge though. All in all – i’m very pleased with my purchase. I hope this review helps someone else.

Wonderful little battery box. I use this with my cpap system one and i get two nights out of it with some power to spare. In order to get two nights i used the 12vdc connector from philips and turned the humidifier off. If i used the ac the inverter in the box would consume about half the energy and would not get a night out of it. The light is more of a night light than a reading light. Charging takes forever, the booklet said 8to 9hours i say closer to 10 when drained. The display can be turned off when you are using 12vdc. My unit is 150w not 100w as in the description.

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100-Watt Portable Generator Power Station, 40800mAh 151Wh CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car with Dual 110V AC Inverter, DC 12V, USB Ports

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  • POWERFUL AC, USB AND 12V OUTPUTS KEEP ALL YOUR DEVICES CHARGED UP: Whether you’re looking to keep iPhone, iPad, laptop, DSLR camera charged up, or running lights, CPAP machine and small appliances in an off-grid or power outage, the Paxcess portable power station features a variety of outputs, including 3* 12V DC port(max 180W,with an extra cigarette socket cable) / 2* 110V AC outlet inverter(modified sine wave, max 100W) / 2* USB 5V port, to ensure you have the power you need at any time
  • EASILY RECHARGED FROM SUN, WALL OUTLET OR CAR: No matter where you go, keep Paxcess portable generator charged through 3 easy ways: Simply use the included AC adapter from wall outlet to charge up the Paxcess generator in 7-8 hours. On the go, use Paxcess 50w solar panel to charge it from the power of the sun and works as a portable solar generator(The compatible solar panel is sold separatly). Lastly, charging while on-the-road is easy with the included 12V car charger cable.
  • CLEAN ADN PORTABLE POWER, NO GASOLINE REQUIRED: Since there’s no gasoline required and no toxic fumes, the Paxcess generator is completely safe to use inside your house, tent, and car. It’s also silent which makes it the perfect generator alternative to have on hand for any event; Only weights 3.3lbs and ideal size for traveling, fits perfectly in the backpack or backseat on long road trips.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: Battery Management System (BMS) undertakes voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Paxcess, your satisfaction is our first priority, that’s why we offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 45 days, you can return with 100% money back. No hassles, no question asked. If your generator failed within 1 year time, we will send you brand new replacement. 100% Risk Free.

Used for cpap resmed airsense 10 and got 2 nights out of it. Total of just under 16 hours. Used resmed dc converter and had cpap humidity and tube temperature turned off. If you use ac plug it will be much less efficient. Another reviewer reported getting only one night that way. I already had the converter, resmed dc/dc converter – part #37003 and 55ah am deep cycle battery that i use for car camping. The deep cycle battery lasts longer but weighs 42 lbs. I didn’t want to haul that beast on an upcoming back country canoe trip. This item is a third the size and at only 3 lbs much more portable. The deep cycle lasts 3 nights until it drops below 50% charge.

I ****highly**** recommend this battery for cpap use. This battery was fantastic for my camping trip this weekend. Using the dc adapter for my cpap i got nearly 18 hours of use out of this. This was of course with no humidification or hose heating. This battery is small and light. I am starting with a 25watt to see how long it will take to recharge. I have been using a ups at home for backup in case the power goes out but this is a much better option.

My original motivation for purchasing the portable generator was to prepare for typhoon (hurricane) season, since i live in the marianas, which is extremely prone to severe storms and subsequent extended power outages. Frankly, i expected this to sit in a closet until the time came to use it in an emergency situation and didn’t see much need for auxiliary power in my day to day life. That turned out to be quite far from the truth. This generator is fantastic and i use it all of the time. Long days at the beach are a way of life here and now i don’t have to worry about losing power on my electronics while i enjoy the sand and surf. The generator has allowed me to become more mobile with my work as well. I’ve developed a habit of taking my computer to a nearby beach park to write reports, something i never would have been able to do without the generator. The moral of the story is, backup power isn’t just for when disaster strikes, but any time you could use a little extra juice away from an outlet.

During my test i used my drained 250w generator, and started charging around 7:30am under the hot florida sun. In 11 hours and 30 minutes it gave the generator a full charge. The weather conditions were perfect, sunny almost the whole day (around 2pm we had sun and a few clouds) but mostly sunny with 90’s. This means that in the event of a hurricane that knocks the power out, i can have at least a few led light bulbs and my internet router fully functional during the night time. Great quiet solution, specially when bought together. Highly recommend to those who camp and for emergencies.

This a great little backup battery. . A big stretch when called a solar generator though. . As it does not come with any solar panels, etc. Anyways, as a backup battery this is a fantastic little battery that lasts long. And is a great value for its price. I used it recently on a camping trip to capture pictures of the 2017 solar eclipse and it lasted three days without any recharge. I was able to carry it in my carry-on baggage on a domestic airline (had to pull it out and place in a tray like a laptop while going through security) and had no issues. I primarily used it to power a star adventurer mount (via usb), a canon t3i camera through a d. Coupler (usb) and a canon video camera (12v adapter) without issues.

I bought this because i was going camping and needed power for my cpap. I purchased the dc adapter for my respironics cpap and tested for a couple nights at home. First 2 nights in test charge went down one bar each night. Showing 3 bars left so i felt confident that i would be able to use for 3 nights and still have some charge left. First night camping charge went down one bar, second night same; one bar, but third night battery completely drained and my cpap shut off after 4 hours. I gave this 3 bars simply because it would be great for recharging cell phones. But for what i bought it for (powering my cpap on a camping trip) it disappointed me. Using one bar a night for first 2 nights then three bars in 4 hours on third not good. Definitely will need to get the solar panel to charge up so can use more than 2 days with cpap. ***update*** after writing this review, telesport contacted me within an hour of posting and offered to compensate me for my issues.

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100-Watt Portable Generator Power Station, 40800mAh 151Wh CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car with Dual 110V AC Inverter, DC 12V, USB Ports
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